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Summer continues to be entertaining & informative as well as arrange fascinating people to interview. Many geeky topics are discussed but if for example, you’ve ever wondered how an indie & or horror convention was set up or how films get made on a budget this is a podcast for you. Conventions (& sci fi charities) of all kinds are reviewed, discussed & geeked over. Spock 🖖🏻, Freddie & Ivanova I’m sure would approve!
It's so good to hear my slice once more I really love this show, summer thank you for all your hard work
The title says it all. Keep it up Michael. Glad to hear Sam as well.
Focused mainly on media sci-fi (movies and Tv as opposed to books) this is an enjoyable frequent show that includes commentary an interviews. I pick whether I will listen based on the subject simply because I no longer have the time to listen to every episode. I enjoy the team that's been put together and I like the call-in show as well. Full of characters.
I used to love this podcast. However, rather than the hosts talking with each other and the listeners, and reading news stories; it's now filled with long, boring third-party promotional clips. To make it even worse, they're usually VIDEO clips in an AUDIO podcast! I now find myself fast-forwarding through episodes, or, lately, just not bothering. Too bad, this used to be one of my favorite podcasts.
I used to love this show... heck, I loved most of the stuff Farpoint Media produced. It inspired my own podcasting career. But something happened. The heart and humor is gone. Those who made this show what it was are now missed... (Evo and Brian). They seem to be trying too hard to be a professional mainstream sci-fi talk show and have become too sterilized. Whatever happened, please find what made this great, return to it, and embrace that. I miss my old Slice...
I used to listen to Slice of Scifi religiously. It was a good show, with a questionable Voicemail show that I tolorated to an extent. Heck, I even complimented them on the format changes how getting shows 3 days a week was a good move but it was the same show. Then something happened and it seemed like the hosts took the changes too far. Brian Brown was excused with no reason (I had to tweet the feed to find out why and I was glad they responded) given, and the worst thing was the show started going almost every day. I'm sorry but this isn't a show that needs to be every day. One of the nice things about being twice a week was it was the right enough dose of the wittiness and banter without being overkill. I started actually getting tired of this show and unsubscribed, and I didn't think that would ever happen. It's one thing to change the format of the show, but what really got me was not giving a reason on the air for Brian's departure, when he's been there longer than anyone there other than Michael.
This used to be a good, informative show about sci-fi. That was until they underwent some changes in hosts and format. Now it has devolved into delusional fandom and a cheering section for third-rate sci-fi shows, The squeeling and screaming from one particular host needs to stop!
This is one of the first podcasts I listen to every day. If there is a new episode, it's the first thing I listen to. Wish I had time to do the video podcast but they always make sure that it is an enjoyable listen.
This Podcast is intelligent, funny and manages to cover all the current Sci-Fi news you could need. Even the beloved 'Classic' shows of the past get their time. Managing to cover all these angles isn't easy but these hosts know their stuff. Everything trending in the Genre will show up here as well as everything you might have heard is on the way. From the 'Doctors' new 'Companion' to Which Superhero you may love, their all covered here at one time or another. Great 'Cast guys, keep up the good work! @bytewrite On Twitter
Great show and love the format. When you guys/gals suggest a show, that is how I find out about them. Through SoSF, i have seen Misfits, Being Human (prefer US version), Continuum, Eureka, 4400, Lost Girl and so many other shows. I guess it is time for another donation to the Magic Fridge to replenish the Alcohol! Arthur Henrick, California.
I LOVE listening to this podcast but the last several podcasts haven't gotten to me on time because of data usage issues. So many people are trying to get this podcast that the allotted bandwidth is being eceeded. :-((( 30 episodes :-(
Love love love the podcast. first heard it on XM radio several years ago and got hooked. Keep up the great work.
Just gets better and better
Great podcast. Like geeking out with my friends
Slice is one of my "go to" podcasts. Excellent production values, witty banter and good, solid geek cred among the host make this one of my favorites! Joe-Bob says "Check it out".
Best podcast I have ever listened to out of 80.They even play your voicemails on the feedback show.Written with an iPod touch, curse you iTunes app keyboard!
The regular news edition covers all the happenings in TV and Movies, with the strong opinions that geeks love share and still truly entertain the non-geeks. The interviews are fun and enlightening, while very fan-boy-ish, they still ask the tough questions. But the VoiceMail Show is even better... this wild collection of feedback, smack-talk, jokes, and some amazing listener produced comedy bits, really is worth the time. There is a community behind this show and the quality of the feedback reflects the variety and strength of the listeners.
I subscribe to many podcasts but to tell the truth this is one of the few that i listen to every week. every week they seem to have the most interesting guests, the funniest comments and the "other" news is just great. Do yourself a favore and listen.
Great interviews. Honest reviews. Engaging cast. What else do you want in a weekly podcast to be? Sure, most of the time the get it right and agree with my opinions but even when they are wrong the tell everyone the way it is. Not a podcast to go without. Great job guys.
I love the mix of news and reviews on this podcast, all relating to science fiction on TV or in the movies. Plus, they get some great interviews. The worst part is, they just keep adding to my "to watch" list!
I love you guys, the show, and everything you do! Keep it up!
For all of us geeks out there, this podcast is for you all. I laugh every week (twice a week with the voicemail show). This podcast is all about sci-fi, as well as real science. They have great interviews that will keep you informed about, or learn about all the sci-Fi you can handle. Not to mention the "multiverse" news. It is all in all a great show to subscribe to.
I have tried many podcasts and many podcasts have come and gone. These are the only guys I have been listening to consistently since 2006. Try them out.
I love this podcast. If I ever have to restore my iPhone, it wil be the first thing I add!
Love this show as they rant and have a great time. The information is good and the interviews are really amazing. Some of the inteviews could really be longer as well but hey they only have so much time.
This long-runing podcast is for dedicated fans of science fiction TV and movies (they cover other media as well, but the core focus is TV and film). The production values are solid, the hosts are funny, intelligent and steeped in SF past and present. And they are their own people; they don't watch all the same shows or love the same shows. This gives listeners a more honest view of what's out there as well as a broader view of the industry as --between them-- they see just about everything that comes out. Best of all, for me, are the interviews with actors, writers, directors, producers, etc., from current and upcoming shows and movies. Most of the time, the guest is NOT the lead actor...and I'm going to say that this is a choice the show makes. I like that choice. It adds another dimension to what I know about the shows I watch. Give this podcast a try. It's worth your time and you will enjoy it.
I used to love listening to this show. Now, it has become a whine fest where the only thing the hosts do is complain about everything.
This one of the few podcasts that consistantly amuses and informs me.The voicemail is a bright spot to my week and I find the crew hilarious.While I don't always agree with their opinions.I enjoy and respect their views
Although one of the better science fiction/fantasy/speculative podcasts out there, I feel as if the show has lost some of its charm ever since Summer stopped appearing regularly. Instead, the show kind of went off the rails a bit with a Wingin' It like mentality. Without Summer to rein in the others, the show tends to dwell too much on jokes and rants. I prefer a show that's a bit more thoughtful in its commentary. Don't get me wrong. The show is still entertaining, with its interviews and the friendly banter, and the Slice of Trivia to keep things interesting. But it's no longer a show that I anticipate listening to each week. As for the Voice Mail Show, the less said the better. I'll only said that, if I want to listen to a user submitted variety show, I wouldn't. I'd read a book instead. I was hoping for more thoughtful dialogue and feedback from the cast.
Love it, my favorite podcast, Voicemail show rocks. from Matt Babbling Brothers The Geek Show
This show offers everything related to sci-fi - news, reviews, speculation, and discussion - all mixed in with funny commentary. The voicemail show is also made of fabulous (except for #211) because as the voicemails play, the hosts add their own viewpoints and often mockery.
I like having one podcast that I can listen to so that I can keep up with the SciFi world, and Slice of SciFi is that podcast. Consistently good articles, guest interviews, and commentary make it one podcast that I HAVE to listen to each week.
I have only been listening for about 6 months and I am loving every episode. I especially love the Voice Mail shows.
Are you stuck in an office with people who don't know the difference between Star Trek, Star Wars and Star Gate? It's ok, put these tiny people in your ipod and the soothing knowlegable voices will inform you, entertain you, and make you wanna be part of it all. Come to the party!
I've been a fan for about a year, and look forward every week to their next podcast. Love their humor, trivia, reviews. If I lived near them, these would be drinking buddies for sure. Listen. You'll like it!
I tried to listen to a recent episodes. The episode literally started with a commerical for a software product, following by introductions, followed by vague references for a contest on their website, followed by a plug for a different podcast, followed by a commerical for this other podcast. Finally over 6 minutes into the episode, they lead off with a real-astronaut factoid. Not much sfici. They make it very difficult for a new listener to become a fan.
Be forewarned: DO NOT PARTICIPATE in their forums if you're an advocate of free speech! If they do not agree with you, they'll endorse calling you inappropriate names and then BAN you when you defend yourself, especially if the show's 'sugardaddy' gets wind of your politics.
I absolutely love this show and love the connections these folks have and the depth of knowledge they bring to the Science Fiction universe! Especially loved the interview with John Noble. Hertzog From the Dining at the End of the Universe Podcast
Really enjoy this show! Makes my day at work go much faster. Topics are great, news is interesting. Keep up the good work!
Not very enlightening or well-researched, it's basically a full hour of complaining about things sight unseen. It's more entertaining for all of the wrong reasons.
A great show with terrific hosts, Slice of SciFi is not one to be looked over! This show has amazing staying power with over 200 episodes at the time of this review. Their episodes aren't always the same, either-with a mix of voice mail shows, interviews, and the regular discussion episodes, this is truly the ultimate in SciFi podcasts.
I first started listening to this show back when i was twelve and just getting into sci fi. I am 14 now, and I am into Chuck, Bab 5, all kinds of books and movies. It's all because of these guys. That keep you informed, entertained and the news is the best out there. There is always something new and exciting going on in the shows. First thing we listen to hear at home, along with their other shows, Voices of Babylon, Dargon Page and With Class. All are done by the same people, and all are just as well done. Give it a listen, you will be glad you did. Darcy Low
This is an excellent of my favorites to listen to. They are obviously passionate about what they talk about. And they have a lot of fun doing it. It reminds me of how I sit around with my friends and talk about stuff that I like.
I don't think I could keep up with the myriad sci fi projects out there without the help of this show. I look forward to it and will miss it over the holidays.
Actually, to say this is just a sci-fi podcast does the show a disservice. The hosts cover a wide range of entertainment and do it intelligently. I couldn't get by without this show on my iPod.
This is a must-hear podcast. I download every Sunday and on the way to work/school the kids and I listen every Monday. It is always entertaining and often informative. My daughter, who is not a geek, enjoys listening and has been able to impress boys with her knowledge of things SciFi. Good job team!
Wow what can say.... U guys rock!!!!! Love this podcast. If you love SciFi then you must give these guys & Gal a listen!
The website, the production quality and the preperation for each show comes through on this podcast. If you are a scifi fan, let this replace one of the others you are subscribed to...