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My son, who has lived with me longer than anyone, suggested this podcast. He is right; Jesse and his crew and guest put on a great show and I have learned about creators who make my world more interesting
Great guests but Jesse Thorne makes every interview about himself. I don’t think he was fair to Mitchell and Webb and it was unprofessional to keep pressing a point when the guest asked him not to and told him he didn’t want to talk about it. Agree or disagree with guest but when they ask you to stop you should.
Also you can safely ignore any one star reviews from mid-April 2021.
Jesse Thorn is a great interviewer who goes beyond the surface level questions you might get on a shorter interview. His longer interviews usually get something new from the subject, and he’s always well prepared. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but is always respectful to the guests and takes them seriously.
Gotcha journalism, disappointing.


By Gompy
NPR should listen to this
Can a white man be any more self-righteous?
Not a fan
Jessie pretends to listen and communicate but he is just part of cancel culture...a bully bending to the vocal Twitter minority. Goodbye maximumfun! I’m done with you all.
i guess he hasn’t heard that women make up HALF the population...guess it would take up too much time to find ‘em...
My old favorite comedy guy interviewed by my new favorite comedy guy. So good.
The topics/guests are diverse and Jesse’s perspective is wonderfully personal. For example, in August there were three very cool interviews/topics: -Ruth Asawa, an amazing Japanese American artist, is discussed by biographer Marilyn Case -Stealing Home, author Eric Nusbaum, tells the displacement story of Mexican American communities that livers where Dodger Stadium stands -Ramy Youssef, comedian discussing his tv show about a young Arab Muslim living in New Jersey His unique perspective, son of activists, urban, love of RnB and Hip Hop, and not afraid to ask the hard questions. The conversations are lively and interesting. I look forward to them every week.
Thank you - great interview.
I love the interviews on this show as a general rule; Jesse does such a wonderful job. Linda Holmes knocked it out of the park on this one. Her questions and clips were so thoughtfully chosen, but the thing I appreciated the most was how well she listened to Giancarlo. She let him answer the questions and express himself in full, and it made for such a meaningful conversation. Thanks for a great show!
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Not the best interviewer. Just came for the Tina Fey episode, but this will probably be my last. Unnecessarily inserted himself into questions.
She thinks she’s more funny than she is. she thinks she's more attractive than she is. she thinks we should listen to her more than we should. I think I will pass over her next Netflix special. Not a fan of roast comedians - so take that into account… but this comedian comes across thinking she’s better than she probably is. Making jokes at a roast on people you don’t know - is nothing more than taking a check to be a jerk — And that applies to all rude (roast) comics. It’s easy to make jokes about people you don’t know. Let’s not call it talent. Call it being a bully with the bullied doing their best to accept the punch. Bad form Jesse.
The best of 2019 was just what I needed. What a great mix of comedians — thanks for bringing on the laughter- I’ve shared this with many friends.
Jessie Thorn is the best interviewer I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. I’ve been listening for years since this show was the Sound of Young America. He throughly researches, is very thoughtful, and genuinely interested in his guests. Amazing!
The last 11 episodes of Bullseye have been unbelievably good. I'm blown away by how good a conversation Jesse Thorn is able to have with such prolific artists. The episode with Renee Fleming is fascinating. I know nothing about opera, and was enraptured by their conversation. I listen even when I don't know who the interview subject is, because I know Jesse's going to ask thoughtful and insightful questions.


This host is drier than a biscuit.
I love Jesse and his interview style. I feel like he is my friend, as his style is probing but comforting. I listen while at the gym or when the nasty sting of insomnia hits me.
annoying with his fake humblenes. Otherwise Bullseye is a pretty decent show
Jesse Thorn is my favorite interviewer. He asks intelligent, thoughtful questions and is always well-researched before going in. He doesn’t let up when guests try to dodge or cop out, but constantly maintains a high level of kindness and respect. I think the interviews get deeper than a lot of the subjects expect and the value is far more substantial for the listener than most other chat shows.
.....Jesse is such a good interviewer, balances out intelligent and interesting questions with a bit a fan boy, but not too much. Really interesting interviewees - always a good use of time - I feel informed and entertained every episode. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this is the top of my list.
Jesse has a wonderful way of going down rabbit holes different from other interviewers with guests who might be on the talk show circuit, or someone whom he just knows locally whom he thinks the rest of us should know about. He has infectious laughter and doesn’t maintain some false fourth wall between him, his interviewee, and the audience. My only criticism is that they have changed and shortened the format in 2019, and I can’t say that I’m a fan. I liked the pacing of the longer shows and while I understand his explanation for eliminating The Outshot, I miss it. There really are some gems. Granted, I have years and years of old shows I can always go back to....
I heartily recommend that you listen to and/or subscribe to this here podcast. Jesse conducts interviews brilliantly with fascinating people. I’ve just learned so much about Tim Blake Nelson, for example, who I previously only knew as Delmar and Buster Scruggs. And the Outshot is about Police Squad, so I need to get back to the show. Check it out, please.
Such a great show. Smart and funny host and he’s really good at interviewing people. Keep them coming please.


By Souljoi
Great questions and nice conversation with people that I want to hear from.
Just listened to the Randy Newman episode and was looking forward to a good conversation with one of my greatests-of-all-time. Instead heard an interviewer spend more time talking and trying to point out what he knew about RN rather than let RN do the talking. The interviews over on BBC4's "Desert Island Discs" are entirely more revealing and probing and coax so much candid thought from the subjects.
Jesse Thorn knows what he's doing, it shows. Enjoy this podcast very much and appreciate it being available~
I love the interviews, guests, Outshots, Jesse... It's amazing. Not on NPR in my area. BIG MISTAKE.
Jesse Thorn is one of my favorite interviewers. He clearly does a lot of research on the guests and their work prior to each interview, which means that you get insightful and unique questions vs. run of the mill press tour stuff. I typically finish an episode feeling like I've learned a lot (and enjoyed myself while doing so), even if I started the episode having no idea who the guests were. That being said, there's usually a good mix of well known and lesser known guests. I especially enjoy his interviews with rappers/hip-hop musicians, who are consistently thrown by Jesse's impressive knowledge of the genres. Love this show.
Jesse Thorn’s interview style is unique without being zany or off putting. His outshot is consistently providing pop culture gems for me to check out that I otherwise won’t ever hear about. I admittedly was bummed when it changed names as being the same age, wasn’t thrilled of the reminder that we were no longer young Americans, but I have continued with the show from Bay Area radio to podcast and will continue long into the future.
Ever listen to an interviewer and find yourself rolling your eyes? That won’t happen here. Jesse Thorn knows the people he’s talking to and asks much more intelligent questions. Several Hip Hop musicians have been surprised and delighted that Jesse actually really knows there work (check out the Big Boi interview for example)..in other words he comes prepared to the interview. I’m sure he has a team but that’s even better; he’s taking everyone who comes on his show seriously. I like listening to him because it’s a nice escape from all the name calling. And I loved it when after asking a respectful and thoughtful question, his guest Forest Whitaker says to him “no one ever asked me that before. I have to think about that.” Check it out! And it’s also a great companion on walks.
The most recent ep with Edie falco originally featured a question about her reaction to Louis C K's self pleasuring crimes. Within a day the episode was reedited to remove the question AFTER already being published and removing her deep and meaningful answer. Jesse shows his lack of ever taking a journalistic ethics 101 class here and bows to probably Edie's publicist reaching out after the interview and saying hmmm could you strike that? I hope this gets him some really really good guests he can kowtow too in the future. Was it worth the loss of dignity and respect?
You can have your Terry Gross-and I am in no way dissing Fresh Air-but Bullseye is the most refreshing, tender, and truly lovely interviewing I have had the pleasure of listening to. Sure-sometimes he has on peeps who I just don’t know or get, but he has a way of getting to their best stories and really making the process a conversation with moments and all the good feels. I adore the laughter-Jesse definitely has one of the best laughs you’ll hear.
I have listened to many episodes. For me Jesse Thorn is my pop culture filter. I like his taste even when it’s not in synch with mine. I’ve learned a lot about funny people, music, and shows I’ve been missing out on.
Really, communism just needs to be looked at with a millennial eye to work. It doesn’t work. I think it’s been proven.
Endearing host and engaging guests!
the host Jesse Thorn likes to show off his vocabulary a bit too much. Kind of a turn off for me. Other than this quirk, or as Jesse himself would probably put it, peccadillo, "Bullseye" almost always hits in the center.
Jesse Thorn is a class act. Unpretentious smarts, personally transparent, it is Jesse’s sincere interest and care for the people he interviews, and the world he reflects upon in his Shout Outs, that make him the best at what he does. Go Giants. The Mission when it was Army Street. Santa Cruz Banana Slugs and keeping it weird. MacArthur Park. It’s all going to be alright. Thanks to all involved.
I really enjoy this show. Jesse is a great interviewer - asking tyipical and expected questions, He also surprises his guests and listeners by asking questions we never knew we wanted the answers to until after he's asked them! He seems comfortable in his seat thereby putting his guests at ease and open to his skillful prying. :-) I also appreciate that his guests run the gamut from musicians, actors, authors and comedians. but, I'd love to hear more interviews with with television actors, comedians, authors, musical groups and females from all of those genres, and perhaps even more obscure folks from all of those genres. How about Tichina Arnold, Kate Nash, Amy Poehler, Angela Davis, Hugh Laurie, Anjelah Johnson, Omar Epps, Nathan Fillion, Janeane Garfalo, Mindy Kaling, Cecile McLorin Salvant,Leslie Jones, Ray Romano, Jenny Slate, Yuna, Tina Fey, Kristen Bell, and Gabourey Sidibe...just to name a few. :-)
This is the best interview podcast out there. Jesse is an absolute gem and his guests are amazing!
Tried a couple with celebrities I was a fan Of then began listening regularly. Ever interview is great and I’m learning about people I’ve never heard of before.
Jesse Thorn asks fascinating people the sort of questions no one else asks, highlighting details of their life or history or general approach in delighted digressions that aren't really digressions at all. They're always on point, unfailingly interesting, very often sly or hilarious, and sometimes both at the same time. That he accomplishes all this with an eccentric mix of famous and obscure people makes it somehow all the more impressive. I've listened to Bullseye for years and try never to miss an episode.
There are a lot of "dude interviews interesting artists" podcasts, but none is better than Bullseye. Well, Fresh Air is better than Bullseye. Jesse's only human.
The show is smart, funny, poignant, relevant, handsome and pretty, all at the same time. For reasons that I don't understand, Jesse Thorne is flying under the radar. Some powerful person should change that. In the meantime, you should listen to Bullseye.
Jesse is a tremendous interviewer, full of compassion and empathy. His interviews are always a welcome companion.