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Interesting, dares to cover short topics most other don’t. Good audio quality and length. Dr Karl is amazing! ABC is from Australia so to me in the US I love the accents :-)
Have been a fan for 20 years. Dr K is a pillar of science in Australia.
This has quickly become one of my must listen podcasts.
Science and fun facts.
I love dr Karl, how he has a very broad knowledge about stuff, even if he doesn't know the details, he's smart!! I also learnt the Australian accent from listening to years of dr Karl :) g'daay mate :):)
There is so much good science content and it is communicated clearly. I look forward to the podcast every week. Thanks
Look forward to new ones!
The best science podcast out there. Thanks!
Have listened to karl years dunno why i waited so long to tell everyone how much i have learned from him! Great show, keep up the good work.
Great Show. Fantastic to be able to listen to some Triple J while in the UK. Very informative and interesting show - very funny as well. I wish my high school science teachers were as informative and amusing as Dr. Karl.
I’ve listened to a number of these episodes so far, and I think the show is a good one. However, I’m not sure I’ll keep listening. The science is very good and well-explained and the on-air chemistry of the hosts is great. I’m just not a big fan of call-in-only shows. Because of the format, most of the topics are best suited to the science-curious over the truly science-literate. As a professional science educator in the media, I find that this gets a little old for me. I do believe that most people will truly enjoy the show and will learn something new in each episode. With these caveats, I recommend the show.For its target audience, it’s a gem!