Reviews For Calvary Church with Skip Heitzig Audio Podcast

I literally listen to each message multiple times.
Thank you Skip for the years of wisdom, education and faithfulness. I was introduced to your teachings by my mother and now share your lessons with my children. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.
I live in Albuquerque and Calvary is my church home. I work on the days that they meet, but I listen through this podcast. I love the way Skip teaches the Bible scripture by scripture. May The Lord continue to bless this ministry.
Love the down to earth Basic Bible teaching that is easy to understand and makes you want to listen on a daily basis, Blessings to this Church and it’s Pastors
Skip is one of the best preachers. I have ever listened to. God has blessed him with a deep understanding and ability to communicate Gods scripture to his people!
This man has truly found Gods calling. Very knowledgeable and puts the word in terms that are easy to follow. So glad I found these pod casts, they really help me study and understand some of the meanings and the history of the Bible. Its great because I can listen to these while at work. Thank you Skip and may the light of the Lord always shine upon you.
Accuracy, biblical, conviction, logical. Too many pastors preaching feel good sermons today. All fluff and disco. Thank you Skip for the teachings you do, quite the education, conviction and study material.
Dear God, Thank you for Pastor Skip.
Thanks skip for doing the work of God . I love how you brake things down and make it easier to understand , cuz some stuff is confusing. Thanks so much for your service.
Good messages. Real answers for life.
Just stumbled on Shock Therapy and Calvary ABQ and the two combined are christian teaching and podcasting done right! I'll make a donation on Static Radio to support your ministry. We could use this here in Los Angeles! - 06/09/14
So many pastors are compromising in this day and age, and not preaching from the word of God without twisting it to their own advantage. Pastor Skip preaches straight from the Bible in a very easy to understand manner and holds my attention from start to finish. I have learned so much from him just from listening to his podcasts and audio book sermons. Other than Dr. John MacArthur, Pastor Skip is probably the only other pastor that I truly trust to preach the truth.
I can't tell you how blessed I've been having this podcast. I began at Calvary Costa Mesa (my parents did marriage counseling w/Chuck, I was dedicated & baptized by him) Then we moved to Calvary Downey (Jeff has been instrumental in my growth) but there's something about Skip, his teaching is perfect for my style. With each MSG you get modern parables, lots of Jewish history & practical applications for living in today's times. And it helps that he was a former Catholic being that my husband is Catholic & for the 1st time he allows me to listen to my podcast on road trips & really enjoys them! Praise God! Ive been listening on the radio for years but Its great not having to wait for the broadcast & listen (pause & rewind for taking notes) on my own time. Even though he's many states away I consider him my pastor. My only complaint is there aren't enough studies! I'm almost caught up w/the latest sermon already, I WISH he would post some archive podcasts, in fact I'm going to pray for that, lol. My other fav is Alistair Begg. i also am growing to love Melissa Scott, you can stream her on the net but no pausing so it hard to take notes. God Bless our pastors!
Living in Southern California, we are blessed to have so many wonderful pastors and teachers. Yet, Albuquerque has the best of them all! Skip blends the best of interesting facts, trivia, humor and sound Bible teaching. Listen and learn and be blessed!
Unfortunately I moved away from Albuquerque last year so these are great because I really enjoyed hearing Skip. Thank god that Calvary of Albuquerque does these podcasts!
Skip Heitzig is the greatest Blblical teacher of our era. The Lord has truly blessed this man. Thank you Skip for showing me the way!
Skip never puts his own spin on what he teaches; rather he teaches straight from the bible. And that's what I like in a pastor!
I find pastor skip easy to listen to and keeps my attention from start to finish
Great, I enjoy them.


If you're looking for solid bible based teaching, Pastor Skip delivers. He thoroughly takes you through the scriptures and teaches you that faith and intelligence go hand in hand.
I really enjoy listening to Skip teach. He teaches the Word of God in a very practical and applicable way. He is definitely one of my favorite Bible teachers and I think he is one of the best Bible teachers out there. This is a great podcast. If I miss a service at Calvary, I can quickly listen to what I missed by listening to this podcast. Great quality audio and small file size for a full length sermon.
I love how the services are always bible-based, and easy to apply. It also helps that the podcast is clear and understandable. Overall an awesome package, my iPod wouldn't be complete without the word of God, and Skip does a great job delivering it.