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Listening to Mark is like listening to a one-man NPR, but with a much more personal and international flavor. Can't say enough good things about this guy and his podcast. His choice of music (new all the time) alone makes listening worth it.
A top recommendation! Fresh and lively, and totally non-corporate. Mark hits up some really disparate topics, which is a good thing. I skip some because I don't care about the subject, but he does a lot I love. Cool how he looks up history, talks to people on the ground, and brings up local issues. And his choice of music is great; I've bought 10-20 songs after hearing them played on his 'cast.
BM is a passionate guy...and he talks about it. You won't find honesty and drive like this in other podcasts, radio shows, newspapers.
I've been listening to Bicyclemark's podcasts for well over a year now, right when he first discovered the medium. He knows his stuff and the 'casts are always informative, funny, and well-made.
Bicyclemark's podcast is by far the most intresting and enjoyable podcasts I listen to. His personality added to his flare for converying relevant and often underreported news items makes him an important addition to any podcast listners library (unless of course you prefer brainless propanganda). His "podcast jounalism" is informative and progressive, his voice is often a relief from mainstream news outlets and shallow reporting.