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A great podcast. I love that they also cover my favorite upcoming game, spore, often. Steve is always on top of the newest gaming news.
If u like to get u video game news late by a month, then this is the podcast for u. Steve is full of himself cause he works in the video game industry. The only people that like this podcast are kids who think steve has a magic way to get them in the video game industry. Wake up people the only way to get in the video game industry is the same as any other job hard work and connections.
Steve's a brilliant guy who knows quite a lot about the gaming industry inside and out, which is not surprising at all as he has the experience to back it up, also in addition to the fact that he has several connections with professionals. My only gripe with him, however, is that he comes across as a bit anti-Sony, especially in regards to the mega-corp itself. If you're the type of person looking for objectivity, then Steve may not be the best reference for that sort of thing.
This is the best gaming podcast out there, everything is great about it. Steve is really knowledgeable about the games industry.
This guy knows what he's talking about when it comes to gaming. If you're looking for gaming info without the fanboy tosssed in then this is the place for you.
Excellent presentation, news, and other goodies lie within.
Gaming Steve is billed as "a vortex of gaming knowledge." Is he ever. This man knows more about games, gaming, gamers, game companies, and game systems than anyone I've ever heard. Only the Will Wrights of the world could listen to Steve's podcasts and (perhaps) not gain enormous amounts of information and insight into the gaming universe. Gaming Steve's listeners have the opportunity to gain the perspective of a prolific, intelligent, and studied gamer. Gaming Steve covers EVERY kind of game on EVERY gaming system known to man. Everything from World of Warcraft to Need to Speed to Legend of Zelda is reviewed and discussed in depth. While details regarding Steve's background are scarce, he is an industry insider who has owned and operated his own gaming company and has served as a consultant in the game industry. He has many friends and contacts within the industry and seems to be very well respected. He schedules interviews with key personnel at major game studios on a regular basis and executes those interviews with grace. Steve's production skills are second to none. His professionalism is second to none. His knowledge is second to none. His podcast is second to none.
Stephen Glicker has all the necessary experience, talent, and willpower it takes to put out a podcast of superior quality. His news coverage is surprising and fresh, his reviews are nonchalant and honest, his analysis provides a valuable insider's perspective, and his segment introductions are frickin' catchy. If you only have time to keep up with one gaming podcast, please, by all means, make it this one.
Full of news, reviews and information, these podcasts are a must for the gamer who wants to keep up to date with the gaming world. With a 20 year background in the gaming industry, Steve knows what gamers are anxious to hear about and always delivers. He also has a great website and forum to go along with his awesome podcast. Check it out!
Steve has over 20 years of professional gaming experience ... and it shows. From his amazing interviews with gaming legends, to his deep insight as to why game companies make the decisions they do, not to mention his many cool contests, this is the best gaming podcast out there, period.