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The editors are deep in the automotive industry so have access to lots of cars and news. I love the spend your money portion. I can do without beer talk though 😀
Love the website, but I have to play this on 1.5x speed to make the mumble-y, “if you will,” and “like,” repetitive vocab sped up to normal conversational mode.
“Rich’s distaste for spending g money on taxes” Screw you lefty fruit
What’s the point of reviewing “Spend my money” if you don’t say what they bought! Covered that on the first one but after that forgot to mention it. Stephen PrioR Bristow, VA
Overall the podcast has recovered from some darker days. Not to be a spoiler but these are stereotypical automotive journalists and it gets kind of tired. IOW they gripe about crossovers, how EVERYONE on the road except them can’t drive, and think every automaker should build AWD manual diesel wagons that nobody would ever buy. Oh, and complain if a car has upgraded wheels or pretty much any options. “Base cars FTW!”is the motto. These guys clearly spend zero time commuting in the real world. The main host sounds like he has a perpetually stuffy nose with a Canadian accent, but at least keeps it moving, the “if you will” aside. I believe the other host gets paid based on his use of the word ‘like’. “LIke, driving that car was, like, really fun. The engine, like, had a lot of, like, power and the seats were, like, really, like, comfortable”. The ‘spend my money’ segment always ends up with a recommendation for a Miata, GTI or random overrated Mazda model and should be avoided completely. Anyone who gushes over the derivative styling of a Volvo XC90 like these guys do, should be suspended from podcasting for a listener-determined amount of time.
I’ve been hot/cold with this podcast ever since the Dan Roth hosting days. Roth was irritating, but was definitely a car guy and called out bad cars & stupid moves by manufacturers and the government. It made the podcast relevant and interesting to listen too. Ever since he left, Autoblog podcast has turned into the reaffirmation hour - all cars, all design choices, all government mandates … nothing is ever really criticized. Cost of cars going through the roof? Oh well! Noticing that creature comfort bloat is ruining the fun & skill of driving, as well as driving up prices? Don’t come here for any critique - that’s just how it is! Don’t think cameras everywhere, your car being internet connected constantly (providing quite the mobile hacking target), & the government trying to put mandatory tracking/reporting laws in stimulus bills is proper or good? It will never even be mentioned at Autoblog! You will get more talk about the weather and beer - I’m not kidding - than anything substantive (meaning, more than ‘I really liked how it drives’) about car performance or the corporate/political/financial landscape surrounding the industry. This where I might be expected to say I miss Innes Ireland, Csaba Csere, or Brock Yates. But you don’t need to go that far back or to some other media outlet. I miss Chris Shunk, Zach Bowman (ESPECIALLY Bowman) and yes, even Dan Roth.
Lol the first review I saw here matches what I came here to say — drink every time you hear “if you will!” (And please stay away from your car keys)
How about more technical analysis and minimal touch and fabric Interior reviews…
Your use of the word “like” is borderline abusive. I do appreciate your show and all of the information you give about vehicles. Old, new, future. Whatever the case may be, the Autoblog podcast has always provided good information about vehicles. As of late though, I’m very distracted and lose the information given because I’m focused on how many times I hear the word “like”. It’s as if an ear worm is burrowing a hole into my brain. I do not have the ability to resist it, and for that reason I’m tapping out.
I counted at least 10 times the host Greg used the phrase “if you will” in the most recent episode. I will not.
Get ready to hear none stop “yeah no” “you know” and “if you will”.
Every time Greg says “if you will” DRINK!!!
If you will stop saying if you will I may resubscribe.


By mts2500
If you could like stop saying like every other like word, it would like make you sound like less of a like idiot. I could not make through the first 20 minutes.
Greg and company really deliver a good hang. I always feel like I’m at a backyard BBQ, drink in hand, discussing cars with my buddies. I feel like loose format is so refreshing and authentic, not reading off a script. Keep it up!
The hosts (Greg) vocal ticks make it very difficult to listen to. “Like” “ummmm” “ahhhhh” is pretty much the entire show
Stop messing with mic/making extra noise. Hard to listen when all you can focus on is the scratching noises. AND PLEASE give the host position to someone else. Literally every other auto journalist other than Greg doesn’t ramble and is interesting/can carry a conversation normally. - no offense to Greg, I’m just sick of hearing umm and the fumbled conversations
Stop saying “if you will”!! Otherwise good content.
I listen to many auto related podcasts. Autoblog provides the best content. True informative Automotive review, interesting presentation. Simply a pleasure to listen. You have become my favorite. In October my wife and I are planning a 3 week, 4800 mile driving trip, you will definitely be at the top of our road going entertainment. Thanks LarryC
Get rid of the “if you will” and “yeah, no”.
This podcast has become opinonless advertising for the cars discussed. No objectivety used. Everything is great. Most of the podcast is random mumblings or backtracks on an original statement. Miss the days of Mr. Neff. Greg needs to go.
Love the podcast. Especially the “spend my money” segment. I want to be in the room to take part in the discussion. Only real downside is host Jeremy Korzeniewski’s constant “ums” and “uhs” in his delivery. It is almost unlistenable because it is so distracting, which is a shame because he is very knowledgeable.


Srop with the likeing
I really enjoy hearing these guys discuss cars. My problem is they’re sponsored by an anti-gay group (Salvation Army). If they had a different sponsor I’d give it 5 stars.
I really dislike how many times “super” gets used but the show is top notch and my favorite by far.
Good info. But I can’t continue to listen it is so distracting. No I don’t know!
The host and his compadres obviously don’t care to improve their presentation of this podcast. As many previous reviewers have stated, the ridiculous overuse of “like” and “you know” along with all the “umms and ahhs” ruins the experience. I challenge Editor-In-Chief and host Greg Migliore to instruct his staff to include this verbal flatulence in their writings on If it enhances the spoken message, then why not the written?
Get great industry news and rumors. The guys do an excellent job to help folks decide how to spend your hard earned money. If you’re interested in cars, then you should give this a listen.
Great podcast! 1988 Pontiac shelved the Fiero - it’s best year. I owned 3 Fieros. 85 2m4 auto 86 GT standard 87 SE 2.8 auto One rumored reason why GM killed the Fiero? Chevy wants to build a Mid Engine Corvette that long ago.
Only complaint is the guys say “like” waay too much...listen to it, every 5th word is “like” and the host who is the “green” guy went on a rant about capitalism...please I don’t want to hear your politics bro, there’s plenty of political podcasts, stick to cars!
I enjoy the conversation by the well-informed crew, but the constant use of filler phrases like “I don’t know” can make the podcast tedious.
I really like autoblog but man it is tough listening to you guys. Not sure who it is but one of you sounds like you have a sinus infection and can’t breathe through your nose. Its painful to listen too. On top of that there are so much “uh” “ums” like...etc. I feel like this should be rehearsed more to have a more fluid delivery.
Would expect more specifics; weight, torque, performance, etc. Also, would appreciate less “likes”.
Please stop saying “Like!!!”
If you enjoy being lectured on the evils of the internal combustion engine and what an primitive idiot you are for enjoying a vehicle powered by one, then this is the podcast for you girlfriend. Real men need not apply. And say “yeah” more. Awful.
I’m sorry, I’ve tried to listen for a while now but I can’t get past the host saying “you know” over and over. The information they give is good, but hearing you know over and over drives me insane. Could use the podcast for a drinking game, everyone would be smashed in the first five minutes.
This used to be one of the best Auto podcast around. Funny host with edgy, honest comments. It's now a politically laced work with the tone of PBS. Greg M is knowledgeable and has quality comments but he needs a better supporting cast.
I listened to this podcast years ago, and really enjoyed the old cast. Then, quite suddenly, it changed with a full overhaul. Dan Roth was the spirit of this show. Grumpy, opinionated, and sometimes verging on inappropriate, the show was just more fun back then.
As far as an automotive podcast, there seems to be good info. As far as a “like, you know” drinking game, if you can make it through half the show, you need to get help.
Nice topics and good audio quality but not ready for prime time podcasting. Slow, with long pauses between sentences and phrases, not one of the best automotive podcasts. One of this guy’s “main concerns about the new Miata” is that it may be overpowered. Wow, that’s not the insightful commentary I was hoping to hear.
Not sure why they took a break, but man I am glad they are back. My favorite automotive podcast.
Hi, I’d like to thank the crew for a very mature, fun, and informative podcast. Jeffrey
Like the show when it is available, but that seems like never. Show was much better when Dan hosted.
Todays episode was great. Straight to the point: the cars and a few of them (not alot of random banter that makes other episodes/podcasts linger)! Hope you guys keep it going. Seems like the podcast wained out for a while...i thought it was dead. Hope to hear it on a predictable, regular basis.
Before it came to this group is guys Dan and the boys had WEEKLY we’re lucky to get one per quarter - check that nothing for 2018. Totally disappointing. Can I give this no stars??
It appears they’ve stopped making the podcast; anyone know why ?
Don't waste your time. There hasn't been a new podcast released in the last 7 weeks.
For the tl;dr - it used to be old U.K. Top Gear, now it's American Top Gear. You'll notice all the great reviews are from years ago... back when it was a few guys that really TALKED and conversed about cars, sometimes for almost 2 hours. Now it feels like a 30 minute new car ad. Greg's voice and delivery are a bit too "pro" and it feels like he's reading a pre-written script. And what's with including the audio from video clips in an audio-only format?!? Unsubscribed after 8 years of listening.
The show as the worst at the time Dan left. The audio was horrible and it went on forever. It was best soon after he left and the other person took over. They added structure, solid audio, music transitions and it was a regular weekly release. I have now unsubscribed because it fell apart this summer. All the format is gone. It is just one long audio stream with mostly Greg talking. It has also been quite unregular with some weeks not getting releases at all.