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Way too chatty. More technology news please and less opining on the social implications in your opinion. Focus better please!
Gareth and Bill do a great job with this show. They must have a great deal of difficulty mAking sure the article is at the right level but gets full coverage. Brilliant. It reminds me of Tomorrows World and Blue Peter rolled onto a radio show.
"Digital Planet" is my favorite podcast. Thank you BBC and iTunes for making its way to my iPod so easy. I wasn't that much regular listener before the show started podcasting because I couldn't always listen to the BBC radio at the time it broadcasted. Now I don't miss a single programme of this show.


This podcast is cool because it brings all the tech news in a simple format great work. If you like the BBC's click program it's basically the same. Best Tech podcast around!
I've been listening to this podcast ever since it was originally offered as Go Digital, and it's been consistently excellent. Gareth is a perfect host, and Bill is intelligent and entertaining too. They offer the right mix of well-presented information on the digital trends that are shaping our world. Everyone who's interested in the direction that our planet is going should be listening to this podcast!
This is an excelent technology podcast that covers a very interesting, wide range of items, and manages to deliver its items in an interesting way for both those who are "techie-minded" and everyone else at the same time!
Been a regular listener to this podcast for some time now. Well done program that explores multiple facets of technology with an emphasis on the internet. Enjoy the non US perspective that the BBC provides. I highly recommend this weekly technology program. Review provided by John T O’Farrell
Always interesting, always informative and always well put together. Keep it up BBC and the Digital Planet Team.
I Miss Your Old Name!!!! Its Not Really The Same With The Whole "Digital Planet" Thing! Who Cares!!! I Miss The Old Name I Don't Realli See Anything Wrong With It Too! We Are Still Pushing It TO Become A Digital Planet But.......Well Its Your Podcast Do What You Want...I Don't LIke The Name But I Will Still Stay Subscribed To Your Podcast!!!
I like the BBC on the radio. But this is just one step better. I can take it with me where ever I go and have the news right there with me.