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Wrote a bad review, but shouldn't have wasted the effort. Clearly not made for me.
With all the podcasts out there about webcomics, I’d skip this one. It takes them forever to stop making fart jokes and actually get to the content.
As I find myself deeper into webcomics as a replacement for the newspaper strips, Digital Strips keeps me up-to-date on the latest comics. I've "discovered" most of my most recent additions through these guys.
I found this show when looking for reviews I'd the Meek. I never knew a webcomic review show could be good.they try and expose the best webcomic has to offer rather than rip apart the low quality hacks. Steve and Jason play off each other and often have different opinions all of which I don't agree with , but that's what make the show so good. They bring much humor and insight to this growing artform.These guts really deserve more attention from anyone who wants to find great comments on the webs most promising comics.
I just happened across this somehow and was pleased to find a podcast about webcomics. The guys are aware of short attention spans and also try to keep thing on a positive spin. Also they seem to disagree as often as they agree. That's a good thing for listeners because you get more than a singular point of view. I would hope that if I ever did a webcomic this would be the audience.
From the original podcasting days of long ago 2005, this podcast has gone a long long way. Originally done by Zampzon and Daku, the show now features Jason "the Midnight Cartooner" Sigler and Steven "the Geek" Shinney. These two guys have the same personality types that mesh great together on the show, no mater they are doing a Zuda Watch or a Horizon's Watch. I would reccomend this podcast to anybody who wants an interesting podcast about webcomics; a podcast that is short and sweet, without any extra fluff.
Zampson and Daku are possibly the best two guys anyone could find for a webcomic podcast; there's one guy who's a seasoned veteran in the trade of webcomicry, and another guy who reads then purely for enjoyment. Having two different tastes and two points of view makes for interesting commentary and just plain good listening. Digital Strips has pointed me toward quite a few new comics that I've ended up really enjoying! Keep it up, guys.