Reviews For Croncast

Guys I stayed subscribed and have been checking from time to time to see if you came back. Glad I did. Welcome back. Looking forward to new episodes. Russell I have been laughing with Kris and Betsy for years and was sad the day they decided to stop doing the podcast. But I kept checking the website just in case and was happy to see them back in action. Happy to have you guys back.
Hardest working team in podcasting since podcasting started. LIfe is full of stories, and they tell it like no other.
This is one of the best & funniest podcasts of all time. The shows in the beginning without Betsy were a bit dry (too techy for us non-nerds--one of Betsy's words for Kris), but with her they are all worth the listen. They've been podcasting now for >10 years, many others have come and gone in that time, and it's really fun to hear how they--and their family--have grown. And moved. The Slowski shows were some of the best, but their recent adventures in NYC are also hilarious. Highly recommend. Not for listening with children around though. ;-)
I've been listening to Croncast on and off for just about a decade now, and I have to tell you, Kris and Betsy are still the very best podcasters out there. Nobody does it better. Every single episode is funny, entertaining, and occasionally heart-warming. It's amazing to listen to the growth of two people who seem to actually really like each other, even though they are both insane. I hope they keep the show up forever.
A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Its funny and interesting! Ive followed the lives of these 2 for a very long time now. its so nice to be able to find humor in lifes ups and downs. Great chemistry and love the extremely fluid style. These 2 have kept me company and got me thru alot of hard awful times when i thought i couldnt laugh. i love croncast! Please dont stop!! <3
I've been listening since the beginning and this is one FUNNY podcast with 2 great people at the mic. I highly recommend the show - you will not regret bringing Kris and Betsy into your life. There have been many days they've not only lifted my spirits they've also left me with the type of laughter that just makes you feel good. Don't forget to check out their archive podcasts. Betsy's trip to a colorado dude ranch is pure gold. Thanks guys for a great podcast and the many hours of entertainment you've provided me.
I have been listening for years. The only thing that would be better that Croncast would be more Croncast. I wish it were a daily show.
I absolutely love listening to these two. They are laugh out loud funny. **Addition: It gets funnier the longer I listen!!! Love it!!!
Hours of entertainment and barrels of laughs. I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! I just wish they made a daily 6 hour long podcast. That way, when I was at work I would be in a timewarp.....cuz when you're having fun, TIME FLIES!!!!!!
Kris & Betsy are a hip 30something couple, living in the burbs with a couple of kids.... they tell the funniest stories and bounce tremendously well off of each other. They are so entertaining, they make my commute a fun event to look forward to (often nearly resulting in my spraying coffee all over my dashboard). Listen, you will not be disappointed.
Love, love, love Croncast. Kris and Betsy are real and totally hilarious. And no. I am not a friend or an offspring. Just a loyal listener.
You'd think a married couple just talking about their lives would be tedious but these guys keep me entertained with every single episode. Amazing chemistry and quick wit make this show well worth the small subscription fee. I can always rely on LOLing at the show each week and I highly recommend you subscribe now.
I got sucked in to this show back in early 2006 and have been a faithful listener since. My wife also loves the show. This is the only podcast she will listen to. We often find ourselves sitting around talking about what Kris and Betsy are doing. This is the only show I pay for and it is worth every penny. Thanks for the great shows.....PhilipZ
I've been a long-time listener of the show for several years now, and I still love it. The New York Days episodes are as hilarious as the original Naperville episodes, but with the added big-city flavor of "hobos", as Elliot calls them, Jamaican nannies, subway rides, and women who eat tree leaves in the park. Listening to Kris and Betsy on your iPod makes any dull or unpleasant activity (for example, exercising or house cleaning) something to look forward to. I'm so glad they were able to get the show up and running again in NYC. And I'm also so glad that they're finally charging a (very reasonable) fee for the shows. It's way worth it to keep the shows up and running. So if you haven't been sucked into the world of Betsy and Kris Wayne, what are you waiting for?
They are just some cool folks doing what ever needs to be done to take care of what life throws at them, and keeping light hearted with this podcast. To those who have complained about him not keeping a job, what's it to ya'. Like it has had some effect on your life.
This podcast WAS excellenT. HOWEVER, Just as Kris cannot keep a job, These two can't even keep up with posting shows. A true shame.
I am currently pregnant an have to stay as stress free as possble and I have found that listening to Kris and Betsy has been an excellent way to do so I have been laughing my head off.. Thanks.
I think I already posted this, but it's time to speak up again! Thanks for being back, you guys. If you ever need to get out of the city, we're only 5 hours away up here in Vermont. I owe Tony Kahn big time, as it was his mention of these two on his late (lamented) podcast Morning Stories that got me addicted to Croncast. Once I was hooked, it didn't take long for my wife to become a fan. Her technical ineptitude is the only thing that keeps her from the clutches of the insanity!!! We love you guys!
you have NO IDEA how much I missed you! now i have something to listen to while exercising. I will fit in my pants again in no time! well. maybe not. but STILL!
I found this podcast by accident! The best accident ever! I'm trying to catch up and enjoying every minute. Kris, I love your laugh. I love your stories of every day life. Betsy you are fantastic, but you need to be nicer to Kris and watch your language. You are hilarious without that "word". Keep up the good work. I would have given you 10 stars if I could.
These guys are my podcasting guilty pleasure. My subscription list is full of snooty NPR stuff, arts, literature, science... and Croncast. They're just funny, that's all. To be more specific, Betsy is *hillarious*, and Kris-with-a-K has the most infectious laugh in history. After all the others, Croncast is like coming home, putting your feet up, and cracking open a cold one. Check 'em out!
I have been listening for a few years now, and it only gets better. They are like the neighbors I wish I had (cool, funny and a little over the top) but glad I dont have (vicious 1 eyed Shitzu's, Slosky the conversion van). Surburbia has never been funnier.
I can't get enough of Mr. B's laughs.
Just the funniest podcast ever. There real life is so relatable, yet just about every episode I'm saying WTF??? I'm currently trying to catch up on all the back episodes, they've been podcasting since the beginning of podcasting. Great vault of comedy gold.
Found this show by accident and have been hooked. I listen to their old shows at the beginning of my work day and make it through eight hours of work laughing the whole time.Love It!!!!!
Kris and Betsy have cornered the market on funny with pleasant down-home humor about their daily life. Too often I miss half of what they're saying because I'm laughing too hard.
My sister introduced me to this show, and after sort of half-listening to the first one or two I became seriously addicted without meaning to. Any not-so-pleasant task around the house or long drive is instantly made easier with Kris and Betsy along in the iPod. They turn everyday life with all the ups and downs into hilariously entertaining stories. Even with their recent struggles, they both project such honesty and "real-ness" that you find yourself rooting for them as if they were good friends. Hang in there, and please figure out a system for charging your listeners -- even if it's just PayPal donations or micropayments -- so we can reward you for all the work you do! I'm rationing out the older shows for myself...
They best script writers can't write stuff this good!!
This podcast is hilarious!!!!! I don't know how I made it through my boring work day before I found this podcast!!!!
I love this show.....but I can't give more stars because they are so inconsistent with their podcasts.
Kris and Betsy's ability to make even the most mundane events seem comical is at the very heart of Croncast. Since subscribing back in 2005, I've heard many ups and downs in the lives of this couple; their willingness to be open about life, family, success, mistakes, work, work and finding that perfect item at the Goodwill (or an occasional standoff with a crazy hoarding Russian lady) mantrums, vacations, fauxbermans and much much more is in store for you as you hear the last few years of this show. I may not "know" them, but I feel much better for knowing "them." Thanks a million.
I love croncast!!
I absolutely love getting to listen to Kris and Betsy. They are the real deal, and have heart. Their comedy is not some bit, but real life, retold by someone a lot funnier than me :) It is fun listening to their take on the cul de sac, (especially since we are in a neighboring one LOL).
This random topic, carefree, and halarious show will always leave you in a great mood!!! Thanks for that, Kris and Betsy. :-)
I look forward to hearing the latest episode of Kris and Betsy's life. They are a great team and make the mundane things of life funny. They both have a great laugh and play off each other perfectly!!


Betsty is good Kris is better :)
It is like listening to a well known blog - you follow a stranger’s life like you know them, even if you have never met or interacted in any way. Kris and Betsy become like your close friends - you just love hearing what wacky adventures they get themselves into (John Elway Dodge in Denver, CO anyone?). I can understand how new listeners might be lost or bored since they don't know the history or some of the inside jokes, but the series is worth listening to from the beginning to catch all that stuff. Their audio quality is great, although it may not have been in the early days. (And unless you are a computer geek, you might as well skip any that just have Kris solo, which isn't many.) Croncast makes cubical dwelling, workouts, and road trips all go by quickly. I go through withdrawl when they take a break. Thanks guys, keep up the great work!
Betsy and Chris are living my life in suburban Dallas but in a suburb of Chicago. Betsy is even married to the same man I am. It's downright spooky. Does anyone else see a future for these two in mass media entertainment? Fabulous webcast! Don't miss it. (Betsy, wanna be my BFF??)
I have been listening for about 2 years now and Kris and Betsy are the only podcast I regularly keep up with. They are funny and most of all, they are real. I never fail to laugh and it seems that ever since they switched back to Croncast after their jaunt into LITC, they are better than ever!
I have been listening to this podcast for a couple years now, and love that they have gone back to the old format. It is funny, entertaining, and makes my drive home from work better.
Betsy and Kris have an interesting dynamic - while consistently hilarious, their stories have the added delight of making you feel in on the joke. Croncast is worth listening to not so much for the laughs (though there are many) but for the wonderful dynamic between the two hosts. Listening to the podcast is almost like eavesdropping on a family dinner, where you're enjoying not just the stories told but the precise yet harmless ribbing from the rest of the table. There is nothing else like Croncast on the web, and you'll regret it if you miss out.
Been a long time listener to Croncast - and look forward to their podcasts each week! I even stayed subscribed after meeting Kris and Betsy in person back at the 2007 Podcast Expo, how's that for a great impression!? You must listen to Kris and Betsy, well worth the download/subscribe!!!
Laughs too long.....not me....Kris. Really. Very annoying. Good podcast. Funny. Listen to it every day but have to make myself do it. His motor boat laughing just won't stop. argh.
These two keep me laughing with every show..sometimes, hysterically. I stumbled across the show and was hooked after the first ten minutes. It's become a regular cure to the my crazy work day in the HR Dept pushing papers as a corporate slave. Kris and Betsy had me laughing so hard one day that I actually fell out of my desk chair....I have one of those high desks which means...a nice long fall. but hey, they're well worth the pain.
Hilarious! I never thought I'd like listening to people laugh at their own jokes, but I'm laughing right along with these two. The best podcast around, hands down.
Kris and Betsy are the best gift I've given myself in ages! Their sharp-tongued, sassy wit is tempered by what is obviously their immense love for each other. They are just flat out a total hoot, and great company on short or long trips. I am hooked...just like Betsy on Goodwill, and Kris on Geekdom! This is for you, Kris....13, 13, 13, 13, 13. Mwaaahahahahahah! Thanks for so much fun!!
Sorry Betsy but Kris is pretty damn funny too. This couple is sweet, charming and a bit nuts...making for very very fun podcasting.
I have listened to this show for years and it just keeps getting better. This couple have incredible comedic timing. They recount their world and put a funny spin on it. They are real married couple who love to poke fun at each other as well as the world around them. In the end they are truly a perfect match for each other as you will see.