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I don’t have any clever rants, trolls, snarcky witticisms to add to these comments. I just like Joe’s reviews and have read them for a long time. His reviews are thoughtful, often funny, insightful and, above all, humane. They shy away from the usual cinemato-speak of auteurs and genres. They remind me that humans watch movies to be entertained, not exploited, and that they can really add emotional dimensions to our lives. Even some schlock ones. But, whew! if your movie tries to exploit the good will of the audience, his wit can be a runaway slicer and dicer. If you read his review of, “The Sound of Music” (last century, guys) you’ll know what I mean. .
Like that you get a good review, in a short form. Great work!
Sorry but I think Joe is open-minded and tolerant, almost to the extreme. He is insightful and articulate and has given us useful reviews for decades. Giddy Griddy, you don’t explain your negative snark regarding Joe’s review quality although you do soften your stance somewhat after that. Why include it at all? Do you have some moral superiority high ground you’re trying to establish before you actually make a valid contribution? I appreciate Joe’s reviews so I can avoid wasting my money on the 80% crapola flung by Hollywood filmmakers against the public good and onto the theater screens.
Your review of Alita Battle Angel serves to express your age and "tired old grumpy man" status in life. Retire, go dust off the trinkets you've collected and allow someone with taste a chance to express themselves. I'm on your lawn with my dog, and I am not cleaning it up.
I wish Mr. Morgenstern got over some of his genre biases, but otherwise this podcast is a great resource for anyone who wants concise, witty (if dry), smart movie reviews.
So we're just going to skip over Black Panther and Love, Simon? Tsk, tsk. - 04/06/18
I enjoy the host's voice, but the reviews don't often tell enough about the film, and sometimes I can't even tell by the end if the critic is recommending the movie or not.
Joe Morgenstern is a true original, and I like that he takes the time to read his mini-reviews with his calm, collected, measured voice. THis one's for old school film lovers like me.


By ben_s7
Star Wars Sucked
Mr. Morgenstern has set the level so high, I am skeptical the post porky’s generation will ever produce a film reviewer of his caliber.
This guy has an irritating voice, and talks slooooooowly (I actually listened to his review at 1.5x speed, and that made it at least manageable). He tries to speak eloquently by using big or uncommon words, but it just comes off as forced. His reviews are only a few minutes long, so there's not much depth. Also, he is clearly reading from a script, which adds to his reviews sounding forced. Move along, there are much better reviewers out there. This guy clearly didn't win a Pulitzer for his podcasting...
You're better off forming your own opinions about films than listening to this bias film snob.
Mr. Morgenstern's reviews are succinct but very thoughtful.....I wish most film critics were like him.
And there you have it. Move along, nothing to see here.
If a movie reviewer has many haters who bash him for criticizing movies like Twilight then he has to be good. Seriously, do you want to read or listen to a critic who loves every big movie release or someone who is willing to emphasize things he doesn't like? I'd choose the second.
After listening to your rude and not so funny comments on anything Twilight it's obvious your just a waste of good space and time. You don't get Twiilght and it's not for you WHY THE HELL ARE YOU REVIEWING IT ? Review movies that your actually interested in and stop wasting time.
I think he's great; always gives me something to think about.
There are some great pearls in here, but they are buried under so much frustrating chit chat, it's hard to persist.
We get it Joe. You have a pulitzer, a long resume, and think most films ba-lowww. Most of his reviews are like Subplot...blah blah...nuiance....blah....union architype....character development....blach...intrensic value....blach blah...deviation from falls short. Please just stop how bout if you only podcast the reviews of the three movies a year you do like.
Thanks for deigning to join us in podcast land! You're the guy standing behind Woody Allen in the movie line in Annie Hall.
Is this podcast in reruns? Old festival films and things that are long out of the theaters...
not so much podcast put more movies
Simple, to the point and concise, Joe makes his reccomendations and warnings always clear. It's not very indepth, but for quick bite sized and clever reviews, this is you source.
With a voice like this guy's I hope I never get trapped in his basement. I'd be afaid he'd starve me so that he could go dancing around dressed in my skin.
Mr. Morgenstern displays his Pulitzer Prize credentials in every artfully prepared review. Joe serves up an amazing amount of detailed coverage (background history, descriptions of various nuances in the film, etc...) considering how brief and to the point his reviews are. KCRW's Film Reviews may be the best around.
I subscribe to a number of these podcasts along with producing a few of them myself... and I can't say that I can stand listening to Mr. Morgenstern's voice anymore! After hearing his review for the Da Vinci Code, while I did agree with the review...I think that I'll just revert to reading them.
I've enjoyed his well considered opinions and a warm, wry delivery. An excellent addition to your subscription list.
With Diane Keaton, Sarah J.Parker, Luke Wilson, Craig T. Nelson, Mina Suvino and a magnificient supporting cast, this is by far the funniest movie I've seen in quite a few years. With a mixture of pathos and touching scenes masterfully done, the Christmas season invites the prodigal son home with his bride-to-be. The siblings lay in wait to welcome and scrutinize the new flame of their oldest brother. The gay son and his 'flame' are believably portrayed with a mix of gender and color bias lightly basted with tongue-in-cheek. SJP is an uptight city girl trying to fit in with a family which is too closely knit to become unraveled with her idea of what is and is not proper. From kicking out one of the sisters so she doesn't have to sleep in the same bedroom as her fiance, SJP breathes life into her character throughout the movie. Luke Wilson as the younger brother falls in love with her kookiness and his older brother simultaneously falls for her sister come to save her. The plot thickens when SJP runs away and joins Luke at the local bar and they run into an old boyfriend of her fiance's younger sister and SJP invites the sheriff over for Christmas. SJP wakes up thinking she's slept with Luke Wilson and Dad (C.T. Nelson) accidently finds her in his younger sons bed assuming the worst of course. I could go on and on, but you simply must see it to believe it---don't worry though, most things come out happy in the end. Not recommended for pre-teens.