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Rob Long cracks himself up but he’ll also crack you up! Highly Recommend. The best!
Five stars to you because I'm so pleased with myself for figuring out which actor couldn't play the piano (I Guareantee I'm right).
I’ve been a fan of Mr. Long’s work for some time now. He’ll transport you into the room or make you feel like your’re at the same table in his conversations. I hope his podcasts keep playing even after he stops making them - kinda like Car Talk (which still in 2019, I continue to listen to).
Im not leaving a review, but if it was a review it would be something like this ... Rob Long’s humorous insights on the “industry” were shared in his two brilliant and funny books - before the “sharing” and “streaming” of “content” took over the “business.” These podcasts are wonderful bite-size extensions of his life’s experiences and his hilarious perspective on Hollywood today. They are the perfect length; just the right depth and scope, ... but “Josh” thinks they could be a bit longer, and I don’t disagree. They will make you laugh and cry at just the right times. Subscribe... and maybe they will get longer - not that they have to. BTW, despite the effusive praise in this non-review, I am truly a fan of Rob and his work, and not a paid endorser or family member. Besides, nobody intelligent sleeps with writers in Hollywood.
Martini Shot is an insider’s wit and wisdom about the film industry but often its a lot more than that; It’s sometimes parables for life.
Rob Long is a genius storyteller. All you need is 4 minutes and you are hooked. I was. I’m a loyal listener of the GLoP and just found out about this at the end of the podcast. I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before today! The “Jay” episode is everything! Heart you Rob Long!
I'm always thrilled to see a new Martini Shot come up on my podcast feed. I immediately move it to Next Up to listen to it. "Jay" has to be my new favorite. I lost my father in late 2017 and it sent me all the way back to my childhood like Ego in the scene in Ratatouille. Thanks for the memories.
Long gives an insider’s insight on entertainment production in quick bursts. Plus, played at 1.5 speed, he sounds like Alton Brown in “Good Eats”.
Rob Long is insightful and funny and entertaining. I love his podcast. Snippets into the life of a Hollywood Writer.
Always informative and interesting, but short.
I have been following Rob's podcast since I was living in LA. He is the best.
Rob Long is always on point.
Have you ever thought or fantasized about moving to Southern California? Be warned-- if you move in a particular area and west side zone you will be surrounded by this kind of show business twit who thinks the whole world cares about his views, thoughts and insights. Even worse he truly believes he has something to say and subjects you to it. Worse than that he thinks he is witty and clever. This person lives in their own self perpetuated spin machine of superiority and self aggrandizement. 'Tis a pity he's a bore.
It's one of those podcasts that I'm very happy to find the latest episode has come out and it in my shuffle for me to enjoy. I look forward to it every week. Witty, interesting and very frank glimpses through the lens into the world on the other side of what we're all watching. Please keep going strong Rob, we love your podcast!
Good stuff. A bit story telling a bit commentary. A contemporary version of a minute with Andy Rooney. Always thought provoking.


By nmmad
A great weekly nugget of wit and insider wisdom.
Love your "voice" and your insights. Bravo! At last, someone spouting reason in an unreasonable milieu!
Martini Shot is great. It's an insider-yet-outsider's look at the inherently humorous business of show. A must.
It's one of my favorites try it out you will enjoy, I just wish it was longer
My favorite 4.5 minutes of audio every week. Delightful. Insightful. True stories from a profoundly unique perspective.
Rob's pieces are brilliantly entertaining yet brutally honest. He surgically - and courageously - exposes the truth about working in this business. I am amazed he still has a thriving career. Either he is so talented they cannot ignore him or - more likely - the people "running" the business aren't the kind who listen to public radio!
Rob Long's stories are always funny, interesting, and insightful. He's a great observer of common behavior, and has a real way with relating what he sees in a humorous way.
Love these. But the only way to hear the older ones from 2004-2006 is to click on them one by one, each time waiting for various stages of download (on KCRW). Because they're short, it's impractical and pretty much takes the enjoyment out. Any chance that the archives can be put into an enjoyable format? I'd happily pay. How about on Itunes? pay per episode. Again, not just the more recent past programs, but the whole archive.
Simply Awesome.
Witty and well observed. I have little to do with the entertainment biz, but I see the same problems of administrators and money-men trying to advise creatives, and creatives being impossible to manage and the trite little "kabuki" moments that is much workplace interaction. It was the hard-drive failure episode that hooked me however. Nothing else has ever been that sublime.
Having recently discovered Rob's show, I find that when his three or four minutes are up, I have unconsciously ceased working and I'm staring at my monitor not seeing it, sucked into what ever vivid little moment Rob is creating. Thanks for shutting down my visual cortex on a weekly basis! Wonderful, wonderful podcast.
Great podcast with an engaging host. I wish it was more frequent!
I subscribe to 36 podcasts and Martini Shot is my favorite. Great writing, great delivery, very very funny.
Count on Rob Long to deliver some very interesting and funny short stories about what life is like as a writer in Hollywood. R U Listening?
Rob Long writes and performs a most excellent podcast! Through him I can vicariously live my lost dream of writing for television.
I love Rob Long - great timing and great stories. But I keep getting glitches - currently they all quit with about 45 second to go.
I don't completely hate Martini Shot--Rob Long will have a funny line every once in a while, but in between, I curse myself for not changing the radio (I'd never actually use the bandwidth to download this). I wish KCRW would use these three minutes for something else.
The writing is fairly decent and that's about all I can say. Mr. Long's delivery is affected and a bit too self-satisfied. I think I'd rather read these as sidebars in a magazine if at all. The material sometimes seems willfully stripped of any real edge. And there is a strange sense of self-promotion even though his employers, co-workers and colleagues are never mentioned by name. In fact, it is only the author's bio that seems to categorize this as Arts and Entertainment and not some rather shapeless audio blog.
Cute, "zingy," but offers no insight into the showbiz world that hasn't been explored better somewhere else. Seems to be motivated by self-promotion more than anyone else. And Mr. Long's delivery is really irritating!
Rob Long gives us that spectacular tongue in cheek view into what we are all thinking day to day.
smart and funny commentaries on hollywood
As someone who lives and works in this industry, I love this podcast as a truthful and humorous look at the "biz". The only thing is that they need to be more often and longer. Thanks Rob
Clever, funny, and insightful! One of the best on the web.
I really do, I love this pod cast. I grew up in this business if you will, and I am endlessly ammused with Rob's take and description of all of the meeting, the gifts or lack of, the hidden messages masked here and there. I am waiting for the next with wild anticipation.
Rob Long almost always hits the bullseye in his take on life in "the business." I only wish this was a daily podcast so I could hear it more often.