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Dawn and Drew are the best folks I’ve never met. You both have such good and beautiful souls! And it’s good to know you are out there (and also a little out there, which is the best part). Thanks for bringing the awesomesauce and the laughter... Always listener, LyndaW
I’ve been listening to this podcast since 2005, and I’ve been loving them for the past 14 years. Listening to them going through their life for the last decade and a half has really made a difference in my life. These guys rock!
I can't talk about podcasts without talking about PODCAST HALL OF FAMERS, Dawn Miceli and Drew Domkus. They've been going strong since September 2004 and I've been listening since mid 2005. A show about two crazy kids in love and their adventures in life, both exotic (they lived in Costa Rica for a year and a half and volunteered at the Sloth Rescue there, Dawn became the drummer for her favorite band Rasputina and went on tour with them, Drew has turned his love of skateboarding into his own company "Old Dude Skating") to the mundane (day to day life on their farm in Wisconsin, a simple trip to the Wal-Mart might be the focus of an episode). We've followed them through many ups and down. But, their sense of humor remains strong and is the hook of the show (whether it be the running long time inside jokes of such things as Dawn's fixation with the sound of the words "Buy American", or calling for reservations at the fictional Soylent Green cannibal restaurant, "Bubbling to the Top", "Interupting Robot" (and other phrases that I guess you've had to be there to understand)). Over the years, they've both become not just people on the computer but actual friends and I know that my life would be different without them in it. EDIT : The following I wrote on Apr 27, 2012: I almost can't believe that I've been listening to this show for SEVEN years...has it really been that long since I first discovered "Dawn and Drew"? This couple still make me laugh all these years later. The audio quality of the early episodes isn't nearly what it is now, so if you go back into the archives, don't judge them by today's standards. What used to be a show about a couple living on a farm in Wisconsin and their daily "adventures" around the farm has morphed over the years. Now the focus is on Drew staying at home on the farm while Dawn tours the country as a drummer with the band, Rasputina. They've gone through so many actual adventures with their multiple siblings, multiple pets, Dawn's nephews and both sets of their parents and they include us, the listeners all along the way with them. I've still yet to actually meet them (at their annual "Dawn-A-Pa-Drew-Za" party or elsewhere), but I consider them both lifetime friends!
Just when the world seems to be spiraling into a giant dumpster fire, Dawn and Drew are back to make it all better again! Still the funniest podcast out there!! Thank you for making more quality content!
So glad to see some new content from the true OG's of podcasting. I caught onto them about 100 episodes in and I burned all their previous episodes onto a data CD to listen to in the car, that's how long they've been around. Dawn is incrdibly funny with unique perspectives and Drew is the perfect balance to her personality. Witty, raw, language not for the faint of heart, adventurous, intelligent and plain fun are all ways to decribe the show. Been a member of the Fan Club (still have the ID to prove it) and Patreon page for years. Can't believe I have never left a review in all these years! JimH
I've been a fan of The Dawn and Drew Show since before they hit episode 100, while their production schedule has changed over the year it hasn’t slowed down their ability to create episodes that keep me in stitches and smiles. Be it a farmhouse in Wisconsin or a beach of Costa Rica I’ll follow the adventures of these two beautiful creatures forever.
Dawn & Drew are great wholesome entertainment and laughs, we love these two unique voices, their opinions and the balance they bring to each other and will always continue to support their show!! Glad to see new episodes being put up! 🥰 - Jarah & Ron (Ohio)
💚 from colorado!
Dawn & Drew are just apart of my life. Since first being introduced to them by Adam Curry (Dawn’s ex-bf). It’s has been a fun ride going with them through this thing we call “life”. Take a drink - it’s awesome.
Dawn, Drew and Showbiz Dad… used to love listening to their podcast until they went big-time. Afterwards, everything felt forced. I used to check in every now and then just to see what the gang is up to. Now, I get this annoying pop up in iTunes asking me to register at their website to listen to the podcast. B*llSH*t. No thanks D&D. Time to rid my Mac of the old podcasts I kept and hopefully it will get rid of the annoying pop-up.
Love the editing and pocast
They can do no wrong and never cease to keep me intrigued and laughing. It's like voyeurism into the life of a married couple that are in their own right unique individuals. Now podcasting for, like, a decade, they're monthly-ish episodes are a great treat when they pop up in my feed. Can never get enough.
Simply put, awesome show!
I wish 2D1F had its own channel.
I am listning again after I stopped listening in 2005 when I got rid of my Ipod, but now i have the Iphone 4S and they are as great as when I stopped listening! Glad to be able to hear D&D again, Thanks for the free podcast guys!
I've been listening since 2005 and just love them both. The podcast is a great mix of life observations, technology discussion, sexual perversion (in a good way) and tales of their lives on a farm in Wisconsin with their doggies and extended family members. Always educational and funny.
after all these years, the dawn and drew show still offers something you just can't find anywhere else in the media landscape - forget about "reality" shows - dnds is better than that - it's real
I'll never forget standing at the kitchen bar the very first time I pressed play and heard the opening of The Dawn and Drew Show. I started listening in July 2005, and I've follows the story of Dawn and Drew ever since. They are podcasting pioneers and my personal hero and shero. The show is funny and heartwarming. It's like hanging out with the coolest friends you can imagine. The first 1000 episodes have been fantastic and I'm looking forward to the next thousand.
but who am I?
Never ceases to not only make me laugh and smile, but genuinely makes me happy. Best ... Podcast ... Ever.
This couple forms one of the most entertaining group of people I have ever listened to. Ive been a loyal listener since show 100 and if Dawn and Drew EVER stop podcasting I dont know what ill do. I love them, theyre my entertainment. Thats it, best podcast ive ever listened to, only podcast I still listen to. Dawn and Drew Forever. They started it all, they are podcasting.
I have been listening to the Dawn and Drew show since episode 73. It is like two friends who call me up to talk about their adventures. Happy , sad, exciting, scary. Everything about them is on this podcast. It makes my day to hear a new podcast. I met Drew a couple years ago while he was waiting for a flight at Ohare. A very nice person and hope to meet Dawn someday. I hope they continue their show for years to come. Glad to see more episodes lately.
D&D always goes down smooth & delicious.
Can't get enough dawn and drew. Even years later can't stop . U guys are the best


Go Helo TC go!! great to see Drew posting again
Great video! That would be perfect for my cat (Perla) & dog (Dixie) to chase around the apartment. Love the control from the iPhone
I really enjoy listening to Dawn and Drew. I can truly feel their love. I look forward to each new show. Listen to a few and you'll be hooked!
This podcast is so addictive! I look forward to each podcast and am always surprised and often intrigued by the content! Dawn and Drew have their own minion army of followers, and I promise that it nowhere resembles a cult. Go ahead and subscribe to this podcast, I PROMISE you won't regret spending time with this couple! :)
The more things change, the more they stay the same. One of the longest continually running indie podcasts, Dawn and Drew are back at it again on a regular basis. If you've never checked it out you owe it to yourself! If you've been away, it's time you check in again. C'mon - you know you wanna!
You gotta love em. Can't wait for the new episodes!
If you like humor about donkey dicks
I was an avid listner of dawn and drew, I started listening in 07 and while waiting for new episodes listened to the back catalog. This podcast is the most real and entertaining thing you will listen to. If you haven't listened to dawn and drew before, start with the back catalog, listen to 5-10 shows and get hooked. They were the best duo of the time and had it down to an art. The sho w isn't quite as good as it used to be and with the sheer volume of other great podcasts out there, Im already listening to 3+ hours a day of content, so this one is getting cut. Love u dawn & drew, good luck in costa rica.
I've been listening to DnD almost since they started, and they're still first on my listening list when a new show comes out. The Costa Rica shows are another entertaining step in the evolution of their relationship with each other, and with their listeners. Keep up the great shows, kids !
What other podcast brings their listeners from around the world to their farm for a weekend of drunken debauchery, good music & good times? What other podcast has a true sense of community & family? No one but Dawn & Drew. These two crack me & I love them! Great people & good friends.
Can't stand Dawn and I love Drew
'nuff said. :-)
I'm not sure if they decided to start sucking and not caring or what...this used to be a decent show, but now they all seem rushed and elementary. good luck, but I'm done.
WHATEVER- you liked them before, they signed a contract, they became popular, now you are too cool to listen to them. Get over it. Things become popular bcz they are GOOD!


By bavb
Dawn and Drew are wonderful! I laugh out loud so many times. Definitely R rated but that's totally OK!
My title says mostly what I want to say. They are something I always fall back to when I want to listen to something. I really like classic dawn and drew where it is them, at home, talking about random, often funny things. I also very happy they are independent now. I was scared that they were going to go away after Mevio left them, but I was wrong and I am sorry. Screw you Mevio, they don't need you. I love Dawn and Drew and I hope they continue for another several more years, PLEASE! Also, I don't like KaTG, who needs to make fun of people all the time and be jerks to make people laugh? That is just lame.
I've been listening to Dawn and drew for like three years now, and I love the randomness of the show. If you have some spare brain cycles, then you should certainly give D&D a listen. They will challenge the mind and the morals in most every episode.


By sullz79
Dawn and Drew are not! I was embarrassed to listen to this.
I listed to this religiously since they started until about 4 months ago. I go back every now and then, but not funny. They sound like they are just phoning it in.
These guys genuinely care about people who take the time to listen to their show. After a few show it will feel like you know them and they are a friend down the street. Ridiculously funny and random, they are definately not looking to make excuses, say I'm sorry or sugar coat anything just to please anyone. Just down to earth people who most anyone can relate to! love them for making my work day go by so fast, keep it up!
This is the best show ever!
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The Dawn and Drew Show was one of my very first podcasts, and I started listening not long after they started. They're raunchy and ribald, absolutely, and I know that's not for everybody. Honestly, I wouldn't have thought it was for me. But they're also genuine, cool and sometimes just downright heartwarming. Plus, they've created a fabulous community around the show. I listen to a lot of podcasts these days, but the Dawn and Drew Show has remained one of my favorites. I don't think they've changed since Podshow, and I think it's great that they've been so successful. Rock on Dawn and Drew (and Showbiz Family, too!) -- I love ya!
Just the right amount of spice -- you just never know what to expect! D&D make a great podcasting team.
One of the first and best poscasts i've heard - listen to show 100 if you haven't subscribed'll get the idea