5 Minutes with Wichita

Reviews For 5 Minutes with Wichita

This is the best podcast ever! He keeps it short and sweet - and FRICKIN' HILARIOUS... How does he get folks to be that goofy with him? If you haven't downloaded them all, what are you waiting for? Subscribe...NOW. And be prepared to laugh your a** off!
he his so funny. i wish he would be more weekly though.
This is a standout! He's very quick witted and charming. Try it! You'll love it!
He is the most clever and creative nit wit on the Pod. He is simply the best and a super nice guy too. You don't have to be a blue grass fan, although wo isn't, to enjoy it. Wichita is the Podcast King.
if you want to pee your pants laughing, and like to hear great musicians talk about music (and other random stuff) check out this podcast...and the NASCAR stuff is cool too. Love the bit about his dog, smarty (who is really a grizzly bear... To freakin funny!