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Great production elements. Thoughtful with great narration. One of the best.
The new episodes are always worth the wait. Keep up the great work, Joe.


Joe you are on your way to writing your first book. A must do in my opinion.
This podcast is a gem! It is put together extremely well and the content is terrific.
I found this podcast late, during a prolonged absence. I'm so excited to hear from you again Joe! Love the format of your show, and hearing the things that go on behind the cockpit door. Keep it up Joe, Thanks a million


now i've been waiting forever...c'mon new episodes!
Joe shares personal stories and the stories of others who work in the airline field with him. Interesting stuff. I wish the podcasts came out more frequently.
Very informative, entertaining-worth subscribing to! Don't know why it's marked "Explicit" even though it isn't...
I love the stories Joe bring every time. They are super interesting!!!
Five stars all the way on this one. Joe does a fine job with this podcast. Learn the real stuff about pilots and flying. I love Joes take on aviation. Captain Cy Host to Trends Taste and Travel Podcast
I, like Joe, am an airline pilot. I've always considered myself somewhat tech savy so when podcasting first began, I started looking for entertaining aviation podcasts. About a year ago I came across Fly With Me. From what I have seen and heard, Fly WIth Me is by far the best aviation related podcast I have found. Not only does Joe give insight into the day-to-day life of an airline pilot, but he also includes entertaining and often funny stories and interviews which you frequently encounter as an airline pilot. I recommend this podcast to anyone looking for an entertaining and somewhat educational aviation podcast. Congratulations on the upgrade, Joe!
I downloaded two episodes because I had a long trip with long layovers and wanted to try some new podcasts. I hit the jackpot! These are funny, entertaining and just right when you need a break. When I returned from my trip I downloaded every other episode. Please make more!
I didn't rate it a five because, I think he should talk more about the plane he fly's and where he goes!
This is the BEST aviation podcast BAR NONE! Joe has the perfect voice for hosting a podcast and always comes up with intresting topics for the podcast.
My only frustration is that there are too few of them! As an airline pilot myself I can totaly relate to Joe's shows, and I find his insight spectacular. He's able to meld humor with a touch of seriousness in a way that's rare. Thank you, Joe, for your time and talents. And a very hearty congratulations on your upgrade. But hey, hurry up with more podcasts, eh?! :)
This has been one of my favorite podcasts to date! Joe does a great job and the editing is very professional. Episode #5 “Early Departures”, has been my favorite to date. It is a must to listen to. Great job Joe!
Joe's podcasts are professional and it's hard to believe he is an amatuer. Even if you aren't an aviation enthusiast, you will enjoy his stories. You'll be looking forward to every new story like I am. Where else can you get a glimpse behind the cockpit door?