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Great soundseeing tours - it's almost like being there.
I wish I could have found this one a long time ago! Very informative!!
Thanks Father Roderick for your amazing work in this new era of the Pod cast i enjoy very much everithing you have done. your time in Rome and everithing else. we would like to see more videos like the one when you came to Nuew york i am a deacon at Saint Joan of Arc Jackson Heights queens. May thge Lord continue to Bless you in your Ministry.
The Catholic Insider is what launched Father Roderick into international fame as a tech-saavy Catholic priest from the Netherlands. CI is not about Catholicism, but is Father Roderick's "sound-seeing" tours from his hometown, Rome, and once, his vacation to Ireland. His accent and quirkness make this podcast an engaging use of your time. But now that Roderick has his fame and SQPN network of other podcasts, CI is all but forgotten. Busy with 4 parishes, and nearly a dozen other podcasts, Father Roderick has only been updating CI about once every two months. CI is the only that gives you a look at his life and religion from an outside view. The other podcasts seem geared toward more specific subjects, and if you aren't Catholic or into Harry Potter, you won't be interested in them. The CI audience was what made SQPN possible. But now it's like the jilted first girlfriend that was used so he could get to it's best friend. But every two months, he calls up to say hi.
This is where it all began for Fr. Roderick. Catholic Insider is the one you want to subscribe to if you cannot listen to Daily Breakfast regularly. I look forward to him doing more of these because CI is one of the best mobile podcasts! And *mobile* is what podcasting is all about, IMHO.
I enjoy this show very much! Fr Roderick is intelligent, humble, cheerful and creative and these qualities shine through in his podcasts. He provides a taste of Old Europe and discusses modern movies, books and culture. I have never been to Europe so I thoroughly enjoy the "sound seeing" tours of places that he, as a native guide, takes us. No tourist traps here! Be sure to check out his website for past episodes!
This is a modern Catholic podcast that is fun to listen to and just makes you feel good!