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Without any unnecessary jabber, the host delivers a set of questions then answers them. He covers a wide variety of topics and, because the show originates from Britain, you are likely to get questions never considered on most U.S. podcasts. I look forward to every new edition!
This is the best quiz/trivia podcast. The set up (4 themed rounds of five questions) is excellent, and James does a great job of finding interesting topics. The questions are a good mix of difficulty too. I’ll admit, we’ve played this trivia game at parties and during long car rides over the past 12 years, and we keep coming back for more.
James does a really good job of keeping variety in the categories, while keeping the music category consistent for those of us who like knowing what to expect. Great questions and always interesting topics keep it interesting. I like the personal messages from listeners and the prize rounds. This is a great podcast!
Love James, love this podcast!!!
I have been listening to Podquiz from the beginning and I have always loved it. The quiz is fun and interesting, and James is a terrific quizmaster. Highly recommended!
Podquiz hits the sweet spot for my wife and me: it's just the right length (around 20 minutes), and just the right difficulty (we usually score 12-17, and in 250 episodes we've never gotten a perfect score, meaning it's never too easy or too hard and we always learn something). The podcast is superbly produced (e.g. smooth transitions, great sound), and the Quizmaster is very creative in coming up with new ideas for question types. He's also really open to feedback and ideas from listeners. Overall, GREAT podcast!
My 11 y.o. daughter and I never miss a week's episode. We find the variety of the subjects presented are always interesting and the skill level challenging. After listening to just one podcast, it will be obvious just how much time and effort James puts into his show. This is one podcast that should not be missed!
James has created what I consider to be Podcasting at its best. He never rambles, and has excellent production skills Podquiz is always guaranteed to be an intelligent, fun and often quite challenging way to pass time on my drive to work. Bravo, and keep up the great work!
I consider Podquiz to be well produced, fun, entertaining, and educational. James spends an inordinate amount of time preparing this, and one can only hope that it is appreciated. Keep up the great work!