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it’s messy but it’s good
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Buttons and the Word W***e are fun, silly, drunk and hilarious. If you like fun silly banter, weird short stories and hanging out with fun and tipsy people, this is definitely a podcast you'll enjoy. I've been listening to Air Out My Shorts for years. Not only do they have a large and funny back catalog of material, but their current stuff still hits the mark every time. I'm really excited every time I see a new episode come in. :)
I stared in the air, listening to something cultural, literary. After a while I violently threw everything off of my desk in a sudden fit of rage. This would probably have been much more dramatic, if there had been more than an empty water bottle on my desk beforehand. I screaned at my computer to give me something I could drink to. And it did.
Morons. In case you haven't been smothered in responses yet, the "Watergate" is the name of the hotel complex in Washington D.C. where Nixon's henchmen broke into Democratic National Headquarters.


You may enjoy it. I felt it was a waste of time.
This show has the lowest standards you're likely to find. You send it to them, they read it, no matter how incomprehensible... but it doesn't matter, because they're drunk. Don't listen if laughing out loud will cost you. It's going to happen.
Occasionally the stories are good but if not it's still fun to listen to drunken reading and heckling.
Preston and tWW are an inspiration to drunks everywhere ... I think ... I don't know, my memory has some gaps from all this drinking. Great hosts that make the stories they read all the better. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts.


This is my favorite podcast.


By Bdoomed
Honestly this podcast should be in the top 10 of podcast alley and every other podcast website out there. This is by far my favorite podcast, inebriated as it might be, it is pure amazing-ness! I highly recommend it to everyone! (unless you find offense in everything...)
This is the podcast that got me into listening to podcasts....and made me an alchoholic.
A podcast not to be missed! I feel bad for Preston, so close to such an amazing woman and yet somehow so far. Even during the now rarer chances for my two favorite voices in my iPod to be recording from the same room you can tell that unless TWW has been clinking a LOT of ice in her glass that Preston has no chance. Both of you please continue to bring your comedy to the world, I for one greatly appreciate it. Hef
It's like Cliff notes for drunk people. Although they don't reveal any underlying meanings in the listener-submitted short stories they read -- they do reveal a lot about how long the Word "hore" can go without peeing. Not very. AOMS makes other comedy podcasts seem like they're trying way to hard.
The ONLY guy/girl podcast that is NEVER ANNOYING! Buttons and WW are two genuinely funny and real hosts. A fun combination of banter and storytelling.
This Podcast Is the Sh!t....Buttenz & TWH Kick Azz!!!!!!!!!
A fun podcast to listen too…
FORGET about the short story reading...I hardly pay attention to what they read. FORGET about that they are Canadians...surprisingly I can overlook that (their pronunciation of "hore" and "out" are downright silly). What makes this show a hit that they have a "GOOD" radio voice, somewhat above I.Q.'s (though being drunk MOST of the time, their intelligence somewhat seeps through) and are a great duo! Like Maddie & Dave (Moonlighting) and Bono & Cher (well, maybe not) but you get the hint. I can't think of any other podcasts shows really draws me in like these two do. My only complaint is the Angry Caller guy, downright irritating personality and voice. Keep up the goodwork!
This is a great podcast, it's been one of my favorites for a while now. Buttons, TWW, keep it up, you two are great and have a strong one for me!
Theres lots to say about this podcast. One is that its really funny and the other is that it has many immitators but none has been able to get to the crazy level that these guys get. This show could be talking seriously one second, then have you on the ground painfully laughing the next. WONDERFULL EXCITING FUN!!