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wow there are a lot of fun and cool storys on here and some are well done. I to have nintendogs its really fun i have noticed that you have not done any since 2006 i beleve so my question to tara and walter is, when will you please be posting more? and something a really enjoy about this is, the games for dogs-podcast number 25 I do some of those games with our dogs another version of the, "find it" games I put a dog treat(s) in one hand or the other, and have our dog look for the treat by showing them both hands and which ever hand they sniff or touch first that is the one that I open and some times it will have the treat some times not, example: I put a dog treat in my left hand, put my hands behind my back (dont switch hands) then I put the dog on a sit stay, hold out my hands and they will tend to sniff them and say she/he sniffs my right hand I open it (no treat) I then open my left hand (treat) but I dont let the dog have it, then I repeat it, still keeping the treat in the same hand and the dog will then try to sniff my hands again and if it sniffs the left hand I give it the treat then I do this several times over switching hands so it is very fun and stimulating for the dog as well and they seem to really enjoy it.
I just found this podcast and just love it!!! I do clicker training, and just love dogs. I like that you share some of the issues that you have had with your dog(s). I will recommend you to my friends!!! Keep them coming...
I started to listen to this podcast about a month ago when they were on K9Cast #32 and ever since I began to listen to K9Cast I began to realize how little I actually knew about dogs. With the main point of answering questions, listener stories, listener picture gallery updates, and Walter's humor K9Cast is the perfet podcast for dog lovers.