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The ad, “Love/Hate,” is a real stomach-turner. I stopped listening midstream and went elsewhere. I must be too old for Studio 360.
Anderson has great taste in subject matter as well as film. A weekly go to.


By LeelawW
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Kurt is a highly intelligent host who interviews people of all spectrums within as many subjects as your brain can fathom(maybe). There have been countless shows I share with my people and numerous times when I have learned something new.
I think this is the best example of Podcasting for any age, gender or race. I am an 84 year old grandmother who has been listening to podcasts for at least eight years. Try Kurt Anderson, the host's recent book, Fantasy Land. You will never be the same. I finally got my 87 year old brother to read it and he agreed.
Wide-ranging, sometimes eye-opening. Love Kurt's breezy, intelligent take and his guests run the arts and culture gamut.
I've played episodes more than once for friends. I love it. It's like listening to a down-to-earth, curious, professorial uncle.
So disappointed with so many NPR programs recently (why is EVERY program dripping with politics??) but Studio 360 has become my auditory refuge. My new #1 podcast!
Date: 2018 05-13 The same intro from the radio version does indeed start the current podcast, so that’s good. I know it’s disappointing that “everyone’s a critic,” and even fans like me make critical & negative comments. I’m sorry🙄! I liked the previous “sniffy” intro better. Otherwise, the show is great! Follow Kurt at @kbandersen on Twitter. We NEED men like Kurt! Date: 2018 05-13 Hardware: Bose Wave SoundTouch IV. Software: Up to date. I use my SoundTouch to stream Studio 360 via WAMU 88.5 FM from Washington, D.C., so this review is really about the RADIO version of the show. In my limited understanding of podcasts, often the intro and outro parts of the show are different, and I DO MISS the intro left off of many podcasts, vs. how the show starts on terrestrial radio. I’ll have to check the podcast version here and post a further review. I make no secret of my like of Kurt Andersen, so in that sense, this review is biased. Nevertheless, I do think it is a fine show, with some segments very compelling to me. My only criticism of the CURRENT radio version is they have changed the funny and comedic opening of the show, where an English sounding gent chides Kurt for sounding “sniffy,” and hilarity, or least smiles, ensue. The new open has no comedy, and I find it a little unfocused, by comparison. I don’t know whether either open is included in the podcast. Will review further. Thanks, Kurt👋😎!
Been listening for years. It's the rare podcast in not only informing, but inspiring. Love hearing the experiences, ideas, and motivations of the individuals discussed (artists, scientists, all types of creatives). And it somehow serves to inspire -and induce awe in- creativity. I regularly listen to 10+ different podcasts, and this is the one the gets to me most. Oh - and it can be really funny.
Interesting stories and perspectives. Kurt’s team is great.
Took me 12 years to finally write a review, but I have been enjoying this podcast since discovering it in 2006. My podcast library has expanded over the years, but this one has been a consistent priority listen and favorite. Great pieces on culture and art with zero pretension. So grateful for Studio 360.
Kurt represents the worst of journalism and humanity. He constantly uses the word “geek” to describe Star Trek fans - not only insulting but his dismissive comments reveal what his true character must be: a despicable person. Shame on you.
I listen to podcasts when I exercise, walk or run. I will add time to all activities just to finish listening to a show. It is an amazing show. I especially love their American Icon Series.
A surprisingly delightful exploration of various topics. Perfect for a life lived wide.
I am a podcast junkie. My wife is a high school English teacher who is not into podcasts. I always report back to her anything from podcasts that I think would of interest to her teaching. Studio 360 is 100% mentionable.
Kurt Anderson has such vast experience that I always look forward to this. It is excieint that he is now closer to Slate so I look forward to even more. Highly recommended!
Such a wonderful production! THANK YOU for a show I can count on to be ultra-enjoyable, every time.
Been listening to 360 on the radio for years. Unfortunately, it's been moved to a bad time slot for me so I've made the jump to the podcast. Love Kurt's observations on pop culture and the world in general and I especially enjoy his musical guests and selections!
Sadly, most Americans get their news (and politics) from The Daily Show or late-night comedians. Studio 360 seems to get their stories from movies and other pop-culture events. Pandering to an audience that is easily titillated by mentioning icons of their youth. There's a reason JAWS and The Exorcist isn't getting credit for foreign diplomacy in news: we're too old to believe this crap. A recent story suggested that Star Wars is the driving "force" behind all good and evil in America, if not the world. Which, is a lot like saying Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code is great literature. Sorry! You'll excuse me if I reach higher for my information. You should too.
Kurt is a great and informed interviewer often displaying great simpatico with his guests and a very personal take on the subject. A real "can't miss".
A great view of the media landscape with a grounded host.
I have literally scores of podcasts in my podcatcher with topics ranging from news to sports to culture, and even in the weeks when I am woefully behind, I manage to find time to listen to Studio 360. Kurt Anderson is a competent interviewer who really excels because he’s not afraid to let his own opinions and tastes inform the conversation. While some might find this to be objectionable, to me it’s the interviewer letting the audience see a little of himself just as you see the breadth of Anderson’s knowledge and interests in the topics and guests on the show. The “American Icons” episodes are consistently fascinating and often lead me to investigate or revisit the culturally defining art they explore. Basically, Kurt Anderson is that culturally informed New York friend that I’d love to have but that I’d be too afraid to invite over for dinner because of my ignorance of so many topics— not that I get the impression that Anderson would be anything but gracious about introducing you to something new.
...until you listen to it. Kurt Andersen et al cover a wide range of topics, and all of it is interesting. I've been introduced to lots of books, TV shows, and movies that I wouldn't have heard of or been interested in if they hadn't been covered on this show. And their "American Icons" series has given me a new appreciation for things I didn't know were appreciation-worthy.
An amazing show that loves and showcases the arts. UNIQUE.Goes into depth with artists,writers, musicians, actors and more. Great show to discover new stuff, laugh and get deep. Some of my favs include extra credit assignments, live music and Kurt.Listen.
Kurt and gang are the best. One of the most entertaining and educational shows on radio/podcast. My only wish is that Krista Ripple said her name at the end of the show with a bit more confidence. :)
This show is great at making me care about topics that I didn't even know about! It's part arts and entertainment (heavy on the arts) but also delves into broader topics. I highly recommend their American icons series where they explore and explain subjects as diverse as the Disney parks and the Vietnam memorial.
Studio 360 is a favorite of mine. I’m often inspired, surprised, or learn something new- sometimes all 3 in one show!
Always love this show. They have a great variety of topics in one show. It normally doesn't feel too long.
Studio 360 never fails to offer great interviews and conversations with the people I am most curious about whilst also introducing me to the art, pop culture, and ideas I can’t wait to know more about. Kurt Anderson is one of the best hosts and interviewers out there, balancing enthusiasm with insight, and humor with criticism. So glad a friend told me I should listen to this, sometime in 2004. Been devoted to it ever since. I wish I could note all the artists and texts this show introduced me to, but over a decade, it’s more than I can effectively parse out. (I do know for sure that this is where I first heard Simone Dinnerstein, and for that interview alone, this wins as my favorite podcast).
The podcast is always interesting.
Thought-provoking, fun, and authentic stories and interviews. Always excellent.
Every show has a variety of interesting topics! It is fun to listen to!


Informative, interesting, fun. I never miss an episode.
Kurt finds interesting guests and has a great interviewing style. A relaxed and educated approach that pulls you into the conversation.
I have learned so much from Studio 360. Andersen is a solid interviewer, the arts they cover are diverse, and the production is top notch. Never miss it.
Kurt Andersen has such a great voice. He is so inquisitive and creative. I am surprised what I learn during every show. And inevitably, I have to go to the website to look at the artist's work or the popsicle stick winner entry. I feel like I'm part of a very creative community curated by our overlord Kurt. And we all like it.
Love the format, production and diverse stories. What I don't enjoy is the occasional conservative bashing (hence the 4 stars).
I listen every Sunday night when cooking dinner (plays on my local NPR station--KUOW) Kurt always makes me think and usually makes me laugh. Listen!!!!
Kurt and his team are amazing. This is one of the most refreshing things on radio!
Thoughtful, compelling stories on culture and arts.
Incredibly engaging coverage of contemporary arts. This along with To The Best of our Knowledge have become the shows/podcasts I look forward to the most each week and I listen to almost everything produced by PRI, NPR and my local public radio stations.
Great podcast about arts, culture, creativity. I often learn about artists, musicians and others I've never heard of elsewhere. Lots to be inspired by. I especially love the listener challenges, even entered one!
Kurt always finds topics and angles that are fascinating in unexpected ways. Even if a particular show seems to be about something you won’t like, listen because you will be pleasantly surprised.
Studio 360 is a regular part of my week and once that cherished hour is over, I feel wistful until the next week's show. I rely on Studio 360 to enrich, to enlighten, and to expand my perspective. Knowing that all those amazing people are out there, knowing that art and science and discourse are alive and well in the world gives me such hope and joy. Thank you Kurt for making it happen. I 'push' episodes constantly on my friends, to which they then thank me for profoundly…well, yeah, duh. Its the best there is; from American Icon series to your artistic challenges…thank you!
To be so 'open minded', it's obvious that Kurt Anderson has no respect for interviewees who don't share his opinions, especially those who are anything other than atheist.
From Obama memes to racial diversity in writing to toilet toilet training cats, Yes, this is all one show. Sure, you get celebrities, but more interesting is the variety of concepts. The thing is there aren’t very many pub radio shows that deal with the arts in an in depth way. The artists mind is so varied, it’s great to have a place to explore the theories that come out if it. I mean, actually seriously, where else would I hear all these things, so well produced, all in one place? There you go.
I look forward to this coming out every week!
This is a great, light-hearted look at pop culture on the internet. Besides, how can you not love that end-credits tune????