Reviews For Art a GoGo Podcast

Past and present art world issues are easily delivered and easily received. Whether they are talking about current art in the news or their impressions of artwork they have encountered in the past, Kathleen and Doug are a wonderful combination of intelligence and humor that is unpretentious and friendly. They are never bored or boring and they convey anticipation and excitement for artworks in its many different styles and forms. ART-A-GO-GO is an uplifting and stimulating podcast that focuses on genuine observations with an academic appeal for art news and art in museums throughout the world. The hosts are relaxed and comfortable with their conversations and reactions to artwork and exhibitions in some of the finest art museums in the United States (and Europe too). They have profound respect for the artworks, the artists, the viewers, and the art institutions. I especially like the observations and comments while the ART-A-GO-GO hosts are actually in the museums. Their website is a terrific resource for art news, views, artists and those who just love art. ART-A-GO-GO is a wonderful podcast and has my highest recommendation. As they say, “Art is where you find it”.