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It's been years and it still bums me out this show ended. It's amazing how much the Frogpants network that came from this exploded. I remember how much I looked forward to this show. If anyone randomly sees this show and likes it, and by some miracle reads to reviews, please go listen to TMS- it's the spiritual successor to this show.
Don't bother. They are all gone. They need to remove it from here. The only podcast still left is the one saying they are discontinuing. I was disappointed that not even archives were available
WOW... the strange conversations and hilarious Episodes of ELR flood back to me. Miss you guys.
Great show, but does Randy Jordan (now with 75% more extra words) need to be brought along for all of Scott's shows as the pseudo intellectual?
Great podcast. The one to listen to for you game, movie and tv needs. The guys are hilarious, enlightening and just plain cool. Kepp it up Scott, Brian and O!
Scott Johnson! How do you do it? This man is amazing; he has App Slappy podcast which is awesome, this podcast which is equally awesome, and my favorite: The Instance which is unbelievably awesome. Not to mention he does the webcomics which are also awesome. How many times can I use the word 'awesome' to describe this man in one paragraph? I do not know, but however many times I use it it would not be enough. Scott, keep up the AWESOME work!
I love them better if they goes back to their 1 per week podcast ^_^
An excellent podcast that keeps my inner geek up to date on all things nerd. I serve on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt and for the past 7 months my saving grace from 12 hour work days, jet noise, and exhaust fumes has been downloading and listening to each episode every time I hit port. Thanks guys!
Obsidian, Brian, and Scott do a marvelous job keeping listeners engaged, laughing, and having fun throughout the entire episode. Their reviews are to the point, accurate, and objective. This show is by geeks, and for geeks; subsribe!
If you're into geek stuff, this is a good listen for ya.
what a great podcast OBSIDIAN FTW!!!