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Far out man. Like, way far out. One of the few podcasts I actually get excited about. Norm I'd die without you.
Nothing like it anywhere. Been a fan for many years. Norm you are the best!
Sadness, disillusionment and pure genius.
This guy should have his own late night am radio talk show. Just let him talk and stand back. I agree with what everyone else here says. Nothing like it anywhere. Thanks iTunes this show helps me make it through my week.
Very strange, odd, off in every way you can imagine, but very funny. You'll laugh your groove thing off. Keep my mates awake laughing at night. I'm addicted. Spoiler, this bloke is insane.
I listen to Norm while on the subway. Sometimes I laugh aloud, really LOUD. I've been stared down by other riders because of my laughing. They think I'm laughing at them. I agree with what everyone else says here. Norm you are a riot.
Real or imagined he's a facinating monologist. Lots of subtext, short sentences, repetition.
Thank you Apple for featuring this man. Norm you SAVED my life! Especially good to listen to if you work the third shift. Addictive, strange, dark but mostly hilarious.
I just found this podcast featured in the standup comedy section. This guy is either totally insane or a stone cold genius. I have subscribed because I'm scared not to. Maybe there's something to learn here. It's way different & right now I could use different. Five stars 'cause I can't understand half of what he's talking about, but it was fun hearing whatever it was he was talking about.
I am blown away by the mind of this man. Scary madness in a good way. Nothing like it anywhere. Steller, outstanding, truly original and flat out genius.
Nothing like it on the internet. Norm Augustinis is the greatest most inovative podcaster on the internet. I've been listening to him for nearly 20 years.
I've noticed that people involved in podcasting like to refer to themselves as "pioneers." If they're "pioneers" then Norm Augustinus is a podcast pioneering LEGEND.
The brillance of this dude is scary. No one has the ability to think like this guy.
Darkly hilarious! He deserves more exposure hes insane and strangely right.
Always hilarious, Norm has a totally unique voice. He is a great satirist, storyteller, and commentator on a corners/classes of America.
the most honest and intimate podcast ive come across... which is wierd cuz i know norm is a liar. wierd, vile, and utterly entrancing. idk. perfect for getting stoned and driving around with a loved one.
There's almost nothing I can say to add on to the other reviews, except to say that Norm is a genius. Everything the other reviews say is absolutely true. He is unique, and a treasure. The reviewer who asked about "why misogyny is fun again?" , is taking things too literal. That's like saying "All In the Family" was a terrible TV show about a bigot, instead of the cultural landmark that it is. Just Listen. You'll Get It. If you don't, I'm sorry. (and sad for you)
Maybe I'm just not in on the joke. Why is violent misogyny funny again?
This show is beyond weird. It's mind melting. The closest thing I can compare this to would be Joe Frank's Work In Progress. However, Norm breaks through all the boundries that keep others on conventional broadcasting mediums (i.e. NPR) shackled. No topic is taboo. No idea too weird. Are they just stories or is this the journal of a madman? Even after listening to it you won't be sure, but you'll be sure to subscribe so you can hear every moment of it.
Norm Augustinus is either a certifiable wacko, or one of the great American satirists of our times. Fact is, he is most likely both. And, WE are the ones driving him nuts. I can not get enough of this master storyteller. Listen. Several times.
Norm Augustinus is a podcasting God. This is the one and only podcast I can't get enough of.
Norm's show is the most refreshing, honest, and funny thing out there period. And by "out there" I don't just mean podcasts - I mean TV, movies and radio too. This show is the highlight of my week. Do yourself a favor: (1) subscribe, then (2) download every show.
Without podcasting, where would we hear people like Norm? Nowhere! He's irreverent, cynical, observant, tall, good looking, American, and hilarious. Tim Coyne The Hollywood Podcast