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By 76stpod
Awesome freaking show!! Highly recommend
If you have any doubts about getting this podcast, at least listen to it for the great English accents! I love this podcast, and if you give it a chance I'm sure you will too. They have interesting topics and their consant bantering back and forth os so amusing to listen to. Just listen to one podcast, you'll be hooked.
I have been following this podcast from almost their first episode. I enjoy this so much, and it mixes in a great deal of Brittish culture. It is also family friendly, and if it is not Jon and Rob warn you of what's up. I really love getting to know jon and Rob through their voices. I sometimes wish they would do less techy shows, and shows more often. Keep up the awesome job, and keep the podcasts rolling!
there is a reason there is only one bad review! this podcast is great. If you want some drawn out deep conversation however this is not for you. this is a great podcast if your bored and just want some amusement. keep up the good work rob and jon!
A great podcast covering a wide array of topics. These guys are a lot of fun to listen to.
these guys are hilarious, they try to do a list but talk nonsense most of the time and it has me in stitches at two in the morning - Push Subscribe Now -
Never have two "regular" guys, having a simple discussion, made me burst out in uncontrolled laughter. You can just imagine the fun it would be on a cross-country roadtrip.
to waste, it's phenomenal banter and is sure to have you with a smile on your face. Great stuff.
'Top of the Pods' was the first podcast I subscribed to after getting my iPod. Rob and Jon are two British podcasters doing top ten lists sent by subscribers or made up themselves. I'm not sure what's the most fun to listen to: their frequent diversions from the topic at hand, Rob's frustration at having to more editing, Jon's laugh (gets you laughing, too!), or the two of them trying to figure out Americanisms. Don't forget to check out their 'Top of the Pods Gold' show, too! (-blatant plug-)
I found this podcast about 10 days ago and have been listening to a couple of shows every day. Fun and sometimes even a bit informative! ;) Check it out.
I love this podcast. I've been listening to it for the last several weeks and finding it very enjoyable. It is almost always funny and interesting. Contrary to what they may think, I find Rob and John's random side conversations very entertaining.


By skan
this daily dose of top ten lists satisfies your taste for interesting , funny and well presented podcasts. it pleases me and it gives me stuff to relate too such as when they do "top ten annoying things that everybody does" you can relate to it! whether you agree or disagree with what they say it's funny none the less.
Just discovered this podcast and it is a gem. Jon and Rob do Top 10 lists and discuss. Doesnt sound funny? Check it out. These two crack me up. Love love love this show.
I dont know there just the best pod cast
I love Top of The Pods and I listen to it all the time. It's laugh out loud funny. No joke. People will think you are crazy when you listen to Top of The Pods on your Ipod because they are sure to make you laugh.
Jon and Rob thoroughly entertain me on my bus rides to work. The improvisational exchanges between them keep the show flowing really well. I like how they don't have to rely on foul language to make their listeners laugh. I also like how they usually incorporate the listeners into the podcast by using emailed top ten lists. This creates a nice host/listener relationship that adds to the show. Great Podcast! Keep it up!
If you're only going to bother with one podcast, make it this one. Hilarity will ensue, guarenteed. Well, except for the one about people with "le" in their names...that was a horrible one...
Top of the Pods is the most hilarious podcast around. Rob and Jon are the best! Everyone should subscribe to this awesome podcast!
There is no need to pay for british podcast style entertainment. This show is up to par with anything else out there.
hey john and rob this is conner and i just started listening to ur podcast and it is good and yesterday i heard u say write a good and nice reveiw so i am and i hpe u like keep making knew shows and stuff KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BYE
this podcast is the funnyest thing every it really get you laughing
Rob and Jon have perfected family friendly podcasting in an entertaining and informative way. There's a list or hundred out there for everyone, so if you haven't already, find it and listen for about 20-25 minutes. Much better than TV! Keep up the great work guys!
...while shopping for clothes tonight. I should know never to listen to Rob and John in public, since they always crack me up, but I can't resist. If they have a new show out, I have to listen. I think one of my favorite things about them is that they crack themselves up too. It's like sitting around with a couple of your friends, and talking about nothing, finding it hilarious, and having a great time together. Rob and John, you can Skype me anytime!
This show is generally very good, but every once in a while they just have an awful show. They'll usually admit it though, but that's what keeps it from a 5.
How these guys manage to maintain a consistently fresh interaction on an almost daily basis escapes me totally. However, they've captured a wonderful approach to podcasting that could even stand up to commercial broadcast....but no one would ever take on the concept. They have their slightly risque moments (such as a brief but hysterical discussion about why one "takes a dump" rather than "leaves a dump"), but by and large, they are "G" rated, which is a pleasant surprise in popular comedy podcasting.
My favorite show
No matter what the subject of the top ten list, Rob and Jon will crack you up. I never get tired of listening to these guys. Check out their Web site, too, where you can download even more shows from their archives.
The first time this podcast caught my eye was when I was looking through the whole concept of podcasts and I found one about 'Top 10 Japanese Animes.' I'm a total anime junkie, and I had to download it. I found it absolutely hilarious, and while riding the bus and listening, I burst out into random fits of laughter. The people on the bus must have thought I was insane, but it was totally worth it. I've yet to be disappointed with the antics of Jon and Rob.
Love the podcast of top ten amusing items. Clever rework of title top of the pops to top of the pods. This is first podcast I hear in the morning. However, I wish the show was on a more regular basis! Keep up the great work.
My friend Julia introduced me to this hilarious podcast a few weeks ago, and I'm certain my students are thankful that she did. Why? I have an hour commute to school, and listening to this podcast makes the time fly by and puts me in a good mood. I love their appreciation for correct spelling and grammar - every English teacher's dream! Thanks for the laughs, guys!
THis is a great podcast. They can make anything funny. You should deffenantly get it.
Great Pod Cast. I listen to everyone. I love how there is no script other than the list; they just go with the flow. I love it thanks John and Rob for such a great podcast!!!!!!!
this is really stupid. why would eneyone want this??? You should make one called top ten ways that this is the stupidest podcast. LOL
These two guys are funny, expectionally funny. Now if we could convince them to make a new pod cast on a regular basis.
This podcast is incredible. I searched the comedy section for a great, funny, and informational podcast. These guys are witty, hilarious and opinionated. Their personalities counteract eachother perfectly. This is a must for anyone seraching iTunes for a comical podcast!
This is the best non-video podcast I have seen in my short run with iPod. Very funny. Definately has a permanant spot on my 60 gigs. :P
A great example of the "Two Guys Talking" podcast genre that actually works.
I recently got an iPod Shuffle for my birthday. I even more recently discovered the wonders of Podcasts! I looked through all of the comedy stuff, and your show caught my eye. I really love it, keep up the listing!