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Really solid podcast and official coverage...especially for a series that's not exactly the most popular motorsport in the US. But the ads are getting a bit unbearable. They're after every link and entirely too long. Also the sound quality isn't up to times. Producers of the show would do well in checking out Sidepodcast, a similar British-ran F1 podcast or the F1Blog podcast, an American-run F1 podcast.
This and 'Trackside Online' with Curt and Kevin are essential listening to IndyCar fans.
It is nice to see some attention paid to this incredibly competitive series. And "Dinner with AJ" is podcasting gold.


By ajh
This podcast is the best when it comes to racing. It covers the best racing in the world and Mike King is the best radio announcer in the racing business. If you are new to IndyCar racing this is the place to start.
Good information, great interviews, excellent stats, super sound quality and by far the best IRL podcast or for that matter the best IRL coverage out there. If you like IRL you will love this podcast. GO TONY KANAAN!!!!