Reviews For MotoPod

I have listened to every episode since 2015. All the guys are great and it is fun to listen to MotoGP talk. They guys do a great job going over each race weekends event while providing new insights. Keep up the great work guys. I will never miss an episode. Best, Renee
I discovered this podcast a year ago at he beginning of the 2017 motogp season. I was starting to become a fan of that series but honestly didnโ€™t know much about motorcycle road racing compared to what I know of auto racing. This podcast hooked me with all the technical analysis and strategy breakdown. As of today I probably have listened to every episode for a year now. I am a giant motorcycle racing fan and after showing some of my friends both motogp and this podcast they got hooked and we are going to the Laguna Seca motoamerica race and next years US gp. I recommend this podcast for people who both want to learn about the sport and also are nerds for the details like I have become.
Itโ€™s tough to be a MotoGP fan in the US. This podcast captures the atmosphere of a discussion of the race with friends.
Been listening since the really early days. I always look forward to the newest episode. New hosts are doing great! Thanks guys!!
Great interviews and all roadracing coverage.
Great show with changing cast of characters. Cool inside the paddock info great interviews at all levels. Great sense of historical fact and story as well. Been listening to this show for many years. Thumbs up winner.
Long time listener but just got iTunes so here ya go! Love the show, the personalities and the in depth motogp and wsbk insights/race reviews. Er um uh er the love and respect these guys have for racing is bar none. If you are a total racing nerd like me and just watching all the racing is not enough then you come to the right place. Cheers!
This is one of my three favourite motorcycle podcasts. Great stuff.
I listen to virtually every episode for years. Consistently one of the best
I really like this show. My only complaint is Scott Bolen(spelling?) Please help him work on his "umming " I want to listen to his interviews and race reports from MA but it is painful. Honestly, I turn it off most of the time. Good luck to Skylar! Look forward to hearing his views.
It is about I give this podcast 5 stars. I have listened for quite some time and the presenters and the way they present the show. They are having fun and it shows. Definately check them out.
I've been listening to this show for a while now. This is by far my favorite motorcycle podcast. All the guys are very informed.
Fun and full of motorcycle racing news. These guys cover MotoGP as befits the centerpiece of global motorcycle racing, but they also give solid info on WSBK, BSB, and MotoAmerica. They occasionally reach out into other forms of motorcycle racing and do tons of great interviews with racers, legends, and other movers and shakers in the industry. Don't miss it.
Highly recommended for any serious MotoGP and SBK fan. Fun personalities, lots of info, stats, good interviews, and they cover just about everything including Isle of Man, BSB, and Moto America.
The Brit guys........ Not so much. But for MotoGP info and insight you can't beat it! Keep it up.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘!
There really is no other international motorcycle roadracing podcast out there. These guys do an extensive recap of the race weekends for MotoGP and give great insight with interviews and rumors from around the paddock. Looking forward to their Isle of Man coverage. A good podcast with some nice and long episodes that sometimes last up to three hours.
If you are a fan of motorcycle road racing then you absolutely must listen to this pod cast
I love motopod but hate to listen to Jim anymore. If i have to hear him say "kit" one more time...ugh. We know you raced, stop bringing it up in the interviews to try and bond with the REAL racers. The rest of the crew on the podcast is awesome. Keep it up.
Increasing my Star rating because #399 was very good indeed. This Podcast has suffered greatly since Bob Hayes left. It used to be a pretty tight program but now it rambles all over various topics instead of maintaining a focus on MotoGP which is what drew me to it in the first place. Now that it's veered into shows ~3hours , it's just too much. Tighten up the program, can the self-indulgent prattle Jules and Jim, you know who you are!), bring back Bob and focus on MotoGP. Pleaseโ€ฆ
If you want racing results and commentary, and the best interviews, this is your podcast, all wrapped up in bacon. and who doesn't like bacon? or Mark Miller?
Top insight! Great hosts, top notch guests, informative race reviews!
Like interviews best
For the life of me I can't figure out why people complain about the length of the shows. I can't get enough. Why would I not want more coverage and content. Theses guys have upped their game over the years and now put on a show better than anybody with great insider info and informed opinions. Highly recomend.
Seriously! The critics of this show are not picking and annoying. Sound quality complaints? Then contribute to this FREE podcast & help them obtain improved equipment. Branching out from motogp to other racing series? Yea because motogp is really quite boring on its own & with riders switching series the overlap makes even more sense. MotoPod is free and put together by some dedicated enthusiast who are knowledgable, connected & very entertaining. Keep up the great work Bob, Jim, Martin & Jules. Thanks for a great product and doing it all on your own time. You guys rock.
I've been a loyal listener since the beginning, when it was truly great, in a very off-the-cuff way. Lots of stream of consciousness discussions between Bob and Jules, I loved every minute. When Jim came on board he brought a unique enthusiasm, not just for the racing (hell, we're all opinionated fan-boy enthusiasts) but also for opening doors for crew chiefs, riders, organizers, gurus, photogs, movie makers, team owners, fellow fans etc etc to have a place to connect with all of us. Over the past few years there have been so many fantastic interviews that podcast release days have become my favorite day of the week. And yet, still to this day the best segments are the ones where Jules talks about the last and next set of races with Jim or Martin. I don't know quite how he does it, but Jules manages to not only see things that I usually missed, he also comes up with historical context to make sense and see patterns. "it's just like Estoril in 2004"... when most of us are lucky to remember who even won last year! Jim is the mega-geek that somehow notices a 1 degree alteration in swingarm angle before the race shop admits it, and explains why they did it. Martin came on board last year and has brought an encyclopedic knowledge, and an intrinsically British way of getting straight to the nub of just what happened in a race. No PC stuff, and that's appreciated. Between them they make for fantastic listening pre and post race weekend. Also I'd like to show my appreciation for the fact that the show recording alternates between early and late in each timezone (California and the UK) so one or the other will audibly crack open a brew in the finest tradition of Bob Hayes. Absolutely compulsory listening.
More Dennis Noyes! I still like the sound of MotoGPOD more. I'll always call you guys that.
This is one of , if not the best motorcyle racing podcasts ever! shame they had to change the name and now are hard to find. If you want moto GP to BSB coverage, and the best interviews around, you found it.
I really appreciate all the hard word you guys do. Please keep it up.
Firstly, this is a top-notch podcast covering all the two-wheeled action you could ever possibly dream of. BSB? Got it. AMA? ok, maybe just a bit. WSBK? ding! IOMTT? Sure, why not? But, and this is a big but, very often the sound quality suffers and as well informed and in-the-know Jim is, sometimes his whistly "s"'s force me to turn down the volume when he is talking to the point where I stopped listening for a while (it's really awesome when your player of choice is in a backpack and the volume level jumps and it's so shrill...). Many of the interviewees are difficult to understand again due to either the master recording or the remaster/mixdown. Again - tops in content, meh in audio quality. I'd have given it 5 stars if I didn't rip my earbuds out in pain or abandon the entire episode because of the "s"'s and poor sound quality in general.
I've been listening for about a year. Jules, Jim, Martin and company bring great discussion, awesome interviews and a new dimension to my love and understanding of the sport.


Jim, thank you... This show is absolutely wonderful. You are providing audio content that is unmatched. I look forward to hearing you guys every week. I really get pissed reading the negative reviews, obviously these guys aren't "true" racing fans, otherwise they wouldn't complain about hearing some cool info about other classes. No one else is putting forth this much effort, I can only imagine how much precious time you spend each week to give us a show. Thanks to Jim, Jules and the newest addition, Martin. You guys ARE appreciated. By the way, I like the chirping S's. It's not a big deal. Don't worry about it, I'd like to hear the meatheads voices that complain about it, I guarantee they aren't as silky smooth as you are!!! Thanks MotoGp Od, I don't know you personally, but I feel like you are family as many hours a week I spend listening to current and past episodes
Used to listen every week but just not as good since Bob stopped hosting. Way too much superbike, i like super bike but this is Motogpod and should be about motogp. Like I give a crap about 600 supersport racing..........
The content is great but Jim MUST do something about his whistling "s"'s when he speaks. It makes this difficult for me to listen to. Use a mic filter, run it through an eq to eliminate the whistle, do something.
I first started listening when Bob and Jules hosted and the podcast was good (4 stars). The conversations were based on observations from a casual fans perspective, much like a conversation you would have with your riding buddies. Since Jim Race has taken over the hosting duties, I think the podcast has stepped it up to antoher level. I enjoy the interviews with the different racing personalities and Jim is able to provide a little more insight than Bob and Jules. I'm not slamming Bob and Jules, I really do appreciate what they did/still do, it's a little better now.
Timely, insightful, fun, and listens to feedback.
Great show love everything about it ! Just wish it were longer or more shows per week !! note to the shows !! Don't lissen to the complaints ! Keep the show loose with no rules ! We have to much of that in our lives as it is ! Keep it up and have as much fun with it as you can !
Overall i have enjoyed this podcast from the moment ive started listening. I am a big MotoGP fan, and when i began listening that is what this podcast was about. Since then Its delved into WSBK, which i like as well so thats cool, but some of the news going on in motogp or the current round goes overlooked. I have also found that its no longer a "MotoGP" cast, it has grown to a more eclectic mix of motorcycle exposure, which is great, but again i am a Big MotoGP fan, and ill keep looking for a podcast that can cure my itch for that.
Get all the MotoGP info you need, plus some Superbike, also some track talk from Bob who's out there learning - good for him! Great info from great people and the occasional interview. The style is as if Jewles and Bob are sitting and drinking beer in your livingroom with you, but that doesn't detract from the quality - adds to it actually. And when Liam a real life member of the MotoGP circus calls, life gets even better. Give these guys a go. Sure they can ramble, but even then there's some good bits of fun and info. Give them a listen! As spoken from a long time fan and racer now on an SV650 at Loudon NH.
Big thumbs up for this podcast. You will hear motogp, ama, wsb and bsb news and commentary. Often you get the news here first. Always informative and always fun to listen. Length can be long but I'm not complaining, perfect for commuting or background. Thanks Bob, I appreciate your work and look forward to it!
I greatly appreciate Bob and all the work he puts into this show. Week after week he gives you a well thought out, well produced show with quality content and informative/interesting guests. How much time he must spend to put these shows together...I would tell Bob he needs to get out more but I would suffer too much from the withdraws of not getting my weekly fix of MotoGPod. If you are a fan of MotoGP, motorcycles or just racing in general, you owe it to yourself to at least listen to a couple of these shows.
Bob has become the premier provider of MotoGP news and commentary. If you want the best, you found it here.
This is my absolute favorite podcast. As time goes on, the show just gets better and better. The guests are informed, well read, and can save many hours of blog trolling. If you're into MotoGP, and you have an iPod, this should be your first subscribe. It's simply incredible.
Bob and co. are truly passionate about two-wheel racing - great interviews and reviews of races and coverage. This is the show to get to stay in touch with what's going on with MotoGP and sometimes WSBK.


Some people say the shows are to long. I say the longer the better. From the calls with Moto Liam to Toby Moody its all great. Everything you want in a MotoGp Podcast. No BS, just tells it how it is. Great Insider info. Thanks guys keep up the good work. Justin Charlotte, NC
I have been listening for a long time and look forward for each episode. For those who love motorcycle racing, especially MotoGP, this is a great podcast. The production quality is very good and conduct is professional. If you are a motorcycle racing fan, download it.
This is a great show for the casual Motogp fan or the diehard. The interviews are always informative and include insiders in the Motogp industry. I have been following Motogp for a couple of years, but only started listening to this program a couple of months ago. It definitively has enhanced my understanding of the sport.
Bob Hayes is just like you and me; he's a huge fan of all things motorcycling and MotoGP in particular. The difference is: he spends God knows how many hours putting together excellent content for the rest of us. Thanks Bob! I love the show!
Bob is a class act and as a newbie to MotoGP I have to say that his podcast has been immeasurable in helping me learn quickly all the things that make this sport great. content, news and insight are what every podcast ascribes to but Bob's actually has it. If you have time for only one podcast, this should be it. If you don't have time, make some. Thanks Bob for the education, insight and information; you are a terrific addition to my MotoGP adventure and an invaluable asset in understanding it.
a great listen for those who are motogp addicted. shows hover around an hour in length (give or take), covering current motogp racing, rumours, controversy, and a few surprises each episode. hayes features guest interviews ranging from "motogp insiders" to those not so inside- both are equally entertaining. hayes has a passion for motogp.