Reviews For Look At His Butt! Podcast

A friend reccomended this podcast to me months ago and I just love you guys! I'm 17 and a huge fan of TOS and I love listening to you. There are moments where I find myself laughing along with you on all the little TOS jokes you make. :D
This podcast is a zany, fun romp through the world of Star Trek and all things Shatner. LT and JK are hilarious and wonderful ladies who will have you laughing and loving Trek in ways you never thought of before! I always look forward to the updates, and they brighten my days like nothing else! Whether you're a diehard Shatnerian or just a mildly interested person looking for a lot of crazy laughs, this podcast is for you!
If you're a TOS fan this is a podcast for you! I'm more Spock than Kirk but these ladies have helped me appreciate Kirk/Shatner more than I ever thought I would.
I have been listening to this podcast for years and I still love it. Many podcasts have come and gone over the years but this is one I wouldn't give up for anything. I am not as big a fan of Shatner as these ladies, but I still think it is the best Trek related chat out there... :)
..and JK and LT rule when it comes to all things Shatner. Hilarious, idiosyncratic, and very well informed commentary including (but never limited to) TV, movies, comic books, and collectibles, with rare and ridiculous sound clips. I only wish it came in a "plain brown wrapper" as I get a little self-conscious when the title comes up on my iPod, but this is a small price to pay for such excellent etnertainment.
I love these ladies. It's sooooo refreshing when you find people who appreciate what you do. I am hooked! I look forward to the fun everytime I read the blog and listen to the podcast. This is the only poadcast I listen to religiously. Give it a try you'll be 100% satisfied.
Lene and Jungle Kitty produce the most entertaining and eccentic Trek podcast on the net.
you know why
I randomly picked up this podcast looking for trek... now I am hooked. These two rock! The are obviously having a lot of fun and it is contagious. I am a fan of Shatner and now more so because of this cast. Keep it up!!!
The most entertaining Star Trek podcast out there. These two ladies, JK and LT, are so steeped in the long history of Star Trek Fandom, that I learn something new about Star Trek or Star Trek Fandom every time I listen. Set your phasers on Fun! ;o)