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Wow. I’ve long since given up on regularly listening to this show, but I’ll occasionally listen to an episode (mostly during the winter, in an effort to scratch my boating “itch”). It never fails to disappoint. For example, I had to stop listening to the most recent episode (11/14/2020) 26 minutes in, because they hadn’t uttered one worthwhile thing about boats yet. Not once. It was almost completely filled with commercials, schtick, and inside jokes. It’s not worth the effort to download. It’s CERTAINLY a waste of time if you want a boating podcast. Look elsewhere. Do. Not. Waste. Your. Time.
Love the info, but getting a bit tired of all the arguing between hosts. Just move on and present info and commentary. Yes I want it to be entertaining, but the arguing and cutting each other off is really getting old. Stop hammering on each other over who was right or wrong.
Great show Lots of good tips Safety Maintaining boat Boating rules Places to try How to buy a boat (what to look for) Boat news O and Greg’s vacation spots Greg’s thought’s Greg’s other radio shows
Here in the Northeast where the boating season runs from May 1st to Oct. 31st, I listen to these Barnacle bums to help me get through the winter. They are somewhat informative and at the very least, amusing.
I found this podcast back when I worked as a swimming pool service tech. I'd listen to episodes while at work, because it fit the theme of my job, sort of. I've always enjoyed boating, so when not on the water, it helped to keep that desire satisfied. Now, years later, I listen to episodes while I'm at work as a long haul truck driver. Again, it satisfies my love for boating while I'm away. These guys are funny, but they do have good info to share as well. Expect a lighthearted talk show of sorts. I love the way it's laid out and how they do it. Since new episodes are only made once a week, I dread the day that my Unplayed Episodes list runs out at work. I'm only in 2016s shows now...I think I've got a good amount to go back in time still!
The guys need to spend more time talking actual boats and boating news rather than the useless rants with zero boating content. The stories are there and some episodes have decent content on the boating industry but for the most part these topics are not discussed. Maybe new show host?
Not much content for 30+ minutes.
These guys think they are a comedy act, but you must suffer through this to get any useful information.
This is the only good boating podcast out there. It seems like the casts maturity level is going down.


Listened to 3 episodes. Spend less time jerking around and playing commercials, and more time actually talking about boats. The one thing I was interested in, the E15 issues, you morons wouldn't shut the F up so the one guy who actually knew what he was talking about could talk. Worthless podcast.
These guys don’t talk about boating… Not impressed, not very funny either.
This show is awesome. I have been a long time listener. The show is refreshing to say the least . Boating is fun and so is this show. Greg and Bill are talented producers. Patrick adds an edge to the show was well as a ton of boating knowledge….and Rusty, is what every boater want to be. ( just a cool guy) Great Job Guys. Keep up the good work .
A fast paced fun show that runs the gamut of boating news from around the world. Throw in Greg's self absorption (funny!), Bill's ability to direct the show with news topics, Capt. Patrick's rant-n-rave style backed by 25+ years in the industry, and Rusty's deadpan demeanor makes this a a must listen to podcast!
The head show host has no interest in boating. He rather be flying a plane, or scuba diving and he just uses this show to talk about these other interests (even though he has two other shows relating to these). He has a couple of sidekicks who may know something about boating, but are never allowed to get into any deep discussion. Don't waste your time.
I listen to these podcasts many times over and still get a kick out of these. Bill ( the engineer) and C. Rusty are awesome.
These knuckleheads are a lot of fun to listen to! During the mid-western boating season, I like to listen to the podcast on my 2 hour drive to Waukegan harbor. In the winter months, it helps pass the time until I can get back in the water. The topics can be a little old as the podcast don't get put onto iTunes in a timely manner but I look forward to each episode none the less. Just the right amount of boating related topic and juvenile humor. Keep up the great work!
A nice diversion for those of us patiently waiting for the snow to melt. Slighty off beat. Timely topics of interest. Great discussions. Not your normal industry correct interviews. You will enjoy your weekly voyages with Captain Marlin Scott, First Mate Greg, and Bill the Engineer.
I've been listening to these guys for a couple of years now, and cant wait for the weekly podcast to get published just so I can get my fix. Fun conversation of boating issues of the day or product reviews or coverage of some of the big boat shows, interviews and more in a two hour weekly show. Love it! But hey what happened to Captain Steve!? Cant you make bail?
At least you can TALK about being out on a boat! Almost as good as really getting away from it all out on the water. I listen to these goofballs every week while I'm working on my computer. (doing financial stuff) They have a lot of great information for boaters of all types without getting too deep into the technical junk. Also, they often broadcast from some cool tropical destination that I would rather be boating at!!!