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do yourself a favor and subscribe today. Great, original, and funny
This is a great podcadt. I have been a fand since it was just a 4 min comedy scatch. It is a very safe family podcast that boath my 9 year old girl and wife enjoy. Keep the story going Clinton. We really enjoy the podcast.


children's "humor" podcast?


I cringed at almost every horribly forced and unfunny line.
It's pretty funny but he needs a co-host.
I've been listening to Clinton's podcast for quite a while now and I'm long overdue in writing a review. Clinton's characters and storylines are very original and humerous. The time and energy he invests in each show is clear from its quality. Great job Clinton!
Usually funny always entertaining. Good for family listening. I also want to cogngradulate Clinton on 5 years of not being noticed by nor featured on itunes
One of my "can't miss" podcasts. I had to post a picture on my twitter feed today @tvkirby to show my appreciation. It is a picture of my iPod with comedy4cast displayed along with some Mickey and Minnie ears and a couple of light bulbs to commemorate TEA or T.A.E. (see episode 214) all sitting in a Little Wicker Basket. (My elderly mother was asking me what all this meant. I told her it would take too long to explain). Thanks for the laughs, Clinton! (I miss the 4 minute version, though!)
this is hilarious the first and only podcast i ever liked and i love to\ listen to and Clinton you ROCK!!!!!!!!!
i love this podcast this is the funnyest podcast that i ever had on my ipod touch and this is the olny podcast that i have that i can call in and put random stuff on the "table" i love this podcast
This is probably THE best series of podcasts that I have ever heard! Keep up the good work! P.S. The Talking Camera should return to the story plot again and to all who are giving bad reviews try listening to his earlier podcasts for a guaranteed laugh!
Comedy4Cast makes a bad day better. I laughed until I cried on so many different episodes. This is one of the few podcasts I've listened to where I had to go back and listen to ALL of the archived shows. I'm particularly fond of "The Basically Podcasting Show" segements because I'm a podcaster myself. Revised 10/2009 - To all of the folks who don't think this is funny, I understand. Obviously your type of humor is not dry, witty and smart. Comedy4Cast still rocks.
Some people don't like this show, but I have a theroy. They have no idea whats going on, or they haven't heard any of Danny Hillcrests movie reviews. Congratulations on a great funny podcast Clinton!
take my word for it. if you dont like it u dont really listen to what clinton is saying. it takes attention
I really wanted to like this but it is just not funny, or interesting or anything. delete, delete, delete, less than 1 star


By kael101
it could be way way better from what i've heard it might have had potential but basically, it's not very good. if u are between the ages of 5 and 10 u will find it funny... basically
Da Basicly podcast show should be caled like the basicly awsome podcast show and jake filbuster u stink and where can I get earler epesodes or videos of your show 4 my Ipod?
Very well produced. Nice clean comedy for the whole family. Go back to the beginning and listen to them all! Thanks, Clinton!
Who needs tv anymore??!! This is an awesome podcast. Incredibly clever but outrageously funny!! Check it out. Congrats, Clinton. That's it. I'm done done done done done!
I love this podcast and I listen to it all the time and if anyone doesn't think so they are MENTAL!!!!!!!
when i came across this podcast, i read all of the "great" reviews. after downloading five episodes, i found that clinton and his characters were extremely unfunny. I found it very suspicious that more than half of the reviewers rated them either 4 or 5. This podcast dosnt deserve this. worst podcast i have ever listned to. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS IF YOU VALUE COMEDY AT ALL!!
A great addition to any comedy collection. Go back and listen to all of the shows. You won't regret it. I'm looking forward to every posting.
I had already submitted one review but then the amazing coincidence happened. The TWieS episodes featured one named Patrick McAfee on the episode (also my first and last name) the coincidence had me in stitches. Then in a later episode, Mr. Alvord was kind enough to acknowledge my previous iTunes review and spelled out my user name since it was a challenge to pronounce. So this time, I'll just say "This is Shane" (I go by my middle name). In any case, you have to get this podcast.
Comedy4cast is a really funny show. I love it and anyone who likes those jokes you find boy's life that are like short stories. So basically, if you like funny short stories, Comedy4cast is the show for you. The only problem I have found and you can't really count this against Clinton but he had comedy mispelled on his homepage(comedey) which has since been changed since I told him about it. If you don't want to download songs because of lack of space, he has a player on his website which is a great touch. P.S. Does anyone know if Clinton's gmail photo is really Clinton
Comedy4cast is a funny, clever, and endlessly entertaining podcast that is sure to brighten anyone's day. Give it a listen in the mornings on your way to work or school, it's a great way to start the day. The show has great characters that will always keep you guessing, and Clinton makes a wonderful host. Subscribe today, and keep the laughter coming!
This is a fun little show. Family friendly, smart, chocked full of variety. Listen to this show NOW!
WTF? The titles not only lies about only being four minutes or less, it also lies about being funny. I wish it was four minutes or less. It's like a bad joke that just won't end. Yes, I did give this several oppertunities by suffering through every one, hoping that they would get better, but they didn't.
This podcast is the best and it repeatly uses the same people so you know what is going on
It's great to find a clean, fun, short, comedy podcast. I highly encourage that any new listeners go back and listen to all of the former episodes, it might make the current skits even funnier if you get to know the characters.
"Comedy 4cast" is definately one of the funniest podcasts around! Instead of being like other shows of this type which seem to go on forever (and not be funny), the comedy portion lasts four minutes or less and is definately hilarious!
As my title stated comedy4cast is simply the most enjoyable comedy based podcast on the interweb. I have been listening almost since the beginning and every show has been excellent, plus you add in that I have had the pleasure of meeting Clinton, a truly nice guy, and spending time with him on more then one occasion this all makes me look forward to each show. Sorry it took so long to write a review Clinton but I kept forgetting to.
Hi, This podcast is very frequently updated, unlike many other quality podcasts. I laugh everytime I hear it! It is very professionally produced, and I have had it in my podcast library the longest out of all of them! Paul
Yeah it's clean, but it's not even clever much less funny. You can be funny and clean. I don't know what all these other people listened to but there is something fishy about the positive comments. Very shady.
Clinton does a fantastic job producing his show and they are just hysterical. It's one of many few things that makes me laugh out loud at work and then I get the weird stare....:-I But anyways, love the podcast and keep up the great work Clinton. John Corigliano from the MouseTimes Podcast
I learned about this from the podcast awards website. This show was nominated for best comedy and I'm a 1st time listener! Near the end of episode #119 this guy Clinton, who's almost begging for iTunes reviews, is asking everyone to vote for his Disney friends that have also been nominated under the travel heading. I thought that was either a well crafted joke or just another reason not to subscribe. The irony is listening to this show reminded me of the times when learning was elementary- like when I watched Sesame Street before attending pre-school. So, 1st I listened to #120 & the voice of the guy @ the bustop made my ears bleed. Then I listened to #119 & was horrified to hear the same voice again. I was going to attempt a listen of the 118th episode but I think I'll just call it a best of 3 & save myself.
I knew Clinton was a funny guy long before he became a podcasting star, and he hasn't lost a thing. Short and clever, it's the first thing I listen to when one comes through the feed.
comedy4cast is a really great podcast. Its great for someone who doesn't have alot of time to listen to a podcast. amd best of all its funny!!
I love listening to this cast. Let's face it, sometimes you just don't have the TIME to listen to some of those LONG podcasts. this one is always short, and always gives you a smile. it's funny, OK? Especially if you listen to all of them, you follow the themes, etc. Good stuff.
It is rare to find a comedy show that is not crass and offensive. In fact, I heard of this podcast for more than a year before I started subscribing. I just did not want to subject my ears to the typical comedy routines that are heard on a daily basis. While this is not always the funniest stuff I have ever heard, I have really enjoyed it. Especially the parodies of other shows and current media. R U Listening?
Comedy4Cast is one of those podcasts I make sure to listen to as soon as possible, It pretty much always brings a smile to my face. R U Listening?
How about a bite-sized dose of silliness? Clinton delivers. I also love that he's added an "after the episode" segment to talk about stuff. R U Listening?
A easy to listen to, clean, and funny podcast. Fun for everyone. I personally recomend #69 (Groucho's Commencement Hijinks); the Groucho skit is pure genuis and sounds like him and something he would have done.
funny show!
I look forward to the weekly download of the show. I love the cast of characters that stop by and inhabit Clinton's world. Episode 103 was especially funny! I raise a churro to honor you. Now I'm done done done.
If you are looking for a podcast that is both Rolling on floor laughing funny and clean this is the one for you!!!! Comdey 4 cast is a good pick me up It quick. I love listening and happy 103!!!!!! you go guys


Funny show, great skits, short podcast and a great host. What else do you want??!! Just subscribe, and you too will be glad you did. Love this show.
I've been listening to Comedy4Cast since episode 26, and I have never gotten tired of it. I though I wrote a review way back then, but I look throught the reviews and saw that I wasn't on there, so I thought I'd post again. I'd just like to wish the show a good upcoming episode 103. For me, 103 will my the big 7-8. I'm so excited. Keep up the good work, Clinton.
This is a great podcast. It was the first one i subscibed to and the comedy is um...funny...yeah
This is a briliantly funny podcast. If you are a fan of 7th Son, you must listen to "7th One". Incredible spoof on the story. done done done done done :-)