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Number one podcast dedicated to Qliphotic Devekut ball stretching! Make you humble.
Like I said. It’s cool.
You fat cunts
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The guys Rubbert, Noah, Three Dee’s, and Bruno are always laughing and cracking great jokes about life and music, all while keeping the theme around metal music in a fun, lighthearted podcast. A very long subscriber, just ask my wife! My wife!
This is basically the Howard Stern of metal Podcasts. The hosts hold hilarious and engaging interviews with your favorite characters in the metal world. There’s an amazing back catalog of episodes, check them out.
These guys make me feel like I’m back on the east coast... f$&@) Arizona....


By Elroca
Dam good podcast. Been listening since episode 85ish when peter steel died. At first I thought they were hating on Jews, but listened more in depth and found they like talking smack about everyone. Great podcast to make u laugh. Momma Robba !! Momma Robba!!!
Just not in my wheel house couldn't get past the first 20 minutes of Dale Crover episode. Show has that total FM vibe morning zoo Howard Stern vibe but without good humor. Just way too much fake laughter with a bunch of voices going back-and-forth all over the place…


Rob talks like he has about 10 gallons of snot in his nasal cavity. Could be the most annoying thing to listen to.
This podcast is the real...
Don't sleep on the squared circle pit either.
Definitely in the top 30
Tune in if you have a sense of humor! Great weekly discussions that are not just about metal!! Topics range from wrestling, pop culture, politics and etc.. Current event commentary from a male and female point of view. What else can a millennial ask for?
Always funny, daily listen
I listen to this every week. I could be having a bad day and when I put this on it changes my mood. They are incredible people, hilarious, and have great personalities as podcasters.
Seriously the best podcast i've ever listened to. You do not need to even like metal to appreciate the comedy in every single show. I urge any potential listener to check out the injection crew, you will not be disappointed.
I listen to the show every week. Sometimes I listen to hear opinions about metal but mostly I listen for the crude jokes and awkward personal anecdotes.


Easily one of the Top 30 Jewish podcasts.
The Metal injection Livecast is really funny and entertaining.
Not just about metal. They are all really funny and crack me up. Listen to it if you like good comedy. Noa is the funniest, also Noa has allot of knowledge on metal music and pop culture- Rob is the king of metal interviews- also Syd is a huge Yankees fan, hehe-
Simply a must for anyone who lacks the fundamentals in the jewish ways.
There's nothing like the soothing sounds of Khia to help me go to sleep listening to you guys.
They are de intelligent jew. They are not like de Chris Benoit. Livecast number one! All other podcasts ACK POO!
Been listening for over 3 years, absolutely hilarious and fun. Not entirely about metal, but if you enjoy pop culture and memes, you'll love this.
Top 30 podcast I've been a guest on.
The Livecast is easily one of my favorite podcasts. My only gripe about that one is that its only on once per week. The other podcasts get old easily. Kind of the same thing over and over. The MSR podcast just sounds awkward throughout. The Relapse podcast they put on every so often is pretty good though.
I've been listening to the Metal Injection Livecast since episode 28, which was posted nearly six years ago. No podcast, radio/television show, movie, or book series has brought me as much consistent and significant joy. Everyone on the show brings something to the table, and the chemistry they've developed is absolutely second to none. The humor is mind-blowing, I can't remember listening to a single episode that didn't make me laugh out loud, to the point of losing my breath. Once the show starts there's a smile on my face for the next two hours. If you enjoy enjoyment, you should listen to this show. Liking metal is a plus, but you don't need to be a diehard metalhead to love the livecast. When you get four great friends in a room together, all with expert comedic sensibility and timing, incredible things can happen. This is as good as it gets.
The Metal Injection Livecast is not your average boring metal podcast. It's a comedy podcast that is hosted by metal heads... actually one of them isn't metal at all. Great guests and great conversations.
I'd tap that
Just listen to it, its great!!
This is by far my favorite podcast, isn't that right Darrinsky?!
Funny podcast with lovable hosts and just enough metal to be from Metal Injection. A must listen
Rob and everyone is nice. Very very good show to listen to.
Great podcast!! I always love to listen to it! It's very very funny. I always end up laughing like crazy and everyone in the room is looking at me like i'm mental or something. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!
Why you killed the Daniel?
The show is hilarious. Great chemistry between hosts. Great guests. \m/
You guys are hilarious and funny
Best so far! My brother is the drummer for iwrestledabearonce aka 'IWABO' & I love keeping up with the latest info. =)
From rob to noah there all funny in their own way!! They all gel really well together!
Needs more music and less ignorant racist commentary.
I just began listening to metal podcasts, and after trolling through quite a few casts, this is by far the best Ive heard. First, the podcasters are fun and have a great chemistry. The show never gets boring. The second more important thing for me is production quality. The show sounds good which is key if Im going to listen to it for two hours. If you are like me a couple weeks ago, and are looking for a good podcast that talks about metal and is entertaining, check this podcast out
Great podcasts for hearing metal new and old. Keep up the great work!
Thanks guys keep up the good work!!
AWESOME. This station is the one to listen to if you like your metal brutal and deathly grimy. BREEEE!!!
audio quality could be better, sometimes stuff is just best left underground where it belongs - unseen and unheard.
I would like to just say, despite their lack of popularity on the "popularity meter" done by Apple iTunes, this group of people knows what they are doing and they bring you nothing but great material. I have been a suscriber for a while now and i have to say I am very satisfied with their methods and what they choose to feature on their podcasts. 99% of what they broadcast helps me find what I like unlike other podcasts. I am confident that anyone stopping by to check these guys out wll be satisfied, so go ahead and check out some of their podcasts.