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I have really appreciated these podcasts, thank you for offering them. I feel they are hosted by very knowledgable yoga, reiki & healing practitioners who truly want to share their gifts & wisdoms with others. The beginning advertisements take away from the vibe just a bit, but are short, & I understand they are most likely necessary in order to produce the podcasts. They are very quickly forgotten as soon as the podcast begins. Thank you again for such a lovely service. I have had trouble finding podcast meditations that are well-paced, soothing, & spiritually attuned--all combined. Wonderful job & I hope to hear more. Best, Jennifer Oklahoma City, OK
I grabbed the pranayama podcast because I wanted some breathing exercises. I listen in bed and for the past week I have not heard the end of the first exercise because I've fallen asleep. After hearing it the first time, I skip ahead to the 10 minute mark to skip most of the intro. I'll have to try some of the other podcasts.