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Been listening since near the beginning. The guys are like old friends for the listeners giving common sense advice to home theater fans everywhere.
I’ve been listening since 08’ ,back before my first 50” Panasonic Plasma purchase ,which they highly recommended. It’s still running to this day, and has found a new home in my master bedroom. I Also bought my LG 65” OLED at their recommendation as well. Whether it’s gear recommendations, latest tech news , home automation ( This is the year of ...😁 inside joke) or their banter back and forth about tv shows and other topics these guys won’t stear you wrong. Great show
Been listening since episode 4 or 5. Also a Patreon member. First, there are NO ads. This is just two guys taking about something they love and enjoy. Been fun to listen as the families have grown up and how home tech have evolved over the last 3 decades. Yeah, in its 3rd decade.
One of the best podcasts, if not the best, about Home Theater and Home tech, I am a long time listener and they have helped me many times with many suggestions!
They are such professional commentators and keeps me up to date with the latest in technology!
Great show I really enjoy your insider view insight. The only thing I don’t like is the home Automation topics. Great show
I’ve loved listening to them weekly for over a year now.
If you are at all interested in home theater or home automation you have to subscribe. This podcast is a great companion to AVS.
I’ve been a listener for over a decade and these guys never disappoint. The show has evolved from home theatre gear to a general home technology show. I always seem to pick up useful tidbits from their eps. Highly recommended!
A must listen for home theater and new tech lovers. The show is very knowledgeable.


These guys have been at it a long time. Listing is a great way to stay up to date on home theater and HDTV developments.
I’ve been a listener since 2009 because both Ara & Braden have remained current with the home theater, audio & automation scene. They continually evolve as time has gone by. Honest, professional, funny & grounded. If you haven’t given them a listen please do, you won’t regret it.
If you are interested in Home Theater or Home Tech this is the podcast for you. Braden Russell and his editor Darren will keep you updated on the latest home theater news, reviews, and new products too. Highly recommended, probably the second best podcast in the universe.
I think I must have been listening to the HTGuys for a decade now. Every Friday. Even during the 2020 pandemic when I wasn’t driving to work, I took the time to listen. The show isn’t as focused as it once was on home theatre equipment, adding home automation and other home tech, with discussions of whatever content one of the guys is watching, or updates on Ara’s wood working projects. Very gentle, friendly conversations. I appreciate the utter lack of politics. I’ve emailed Ara many times with tips or requests for help and he has always taken the time to reply. How he manages 10s of thousands of listeners emailing him a couple times a year, I’ve no idea. Anyway, highly recommended.
This podcast is a must listen to on a weekly basis if you’re someone who loves and appreciates home theater, big TVs, listening to music, tinkering with home automation or just picking up any handy tips/ideas around tech, audio and high def TV! Ara and Braden have a great history in the industry and a passion for HT and tech. They also got shafted by losing all their great ratings in an Apple Podcasts glitch, so don’t take the lack of ratings as a negative and give them a listen.
Have listened for years. Awesome podcast!! Thank you guys for all the effort put into the show!!
If you want a podcast where you get to feel like you are hanging out with other home theater and home automation enthusiasts, this is for you. Braden and Ara are very personable and entertaining to listen to. A good place to pick up useful information on these topics (news, product review) in an entertaining format. You may not always agree with their opinions but they are straight shooters.
Been listening for years and get all sorts of new and useful information!
They are nice guys but they are not experts , don’t take their advice,
I have been listening for years. It’s my go to pod cast for home entertainment and technology!
I’ve been listening to Braden and Ara since around episode 100. I love the show and the interactions between both of them. The show is no frills and you feel as though you are part of the discussion. I have emailed them a couple of questions in the past and they have not only been responsive but also extremely helpful. Please add this podcast to your playlist if you are into Home theater!
Been listening for years, just realized how to rate and comment. Enjoy your passion for the A/V world.
Listening to Wired vs Wireless home audio... is this just a long set of ad reads and product placement?
It's great to have a podcast with good content and engaging hosts. Still going strong and weekly after meny years.
Love this podcast. These guys talk with easy & understandable information. Always giving great tips & information!
This podcast has the three main ingredients that I look for: likeable hosts, entertaining, and informative.
If all you want is a review of spec sheets and having "experts" ignore key features and recommend outdated products then this is the podcast for you. I made it through 3 episodes, mostly in awe of the lack of information. These guys just read spec sheets. The AV industry is overrun by snake oil products. We need hands on, relevant information. Not these amateurs that did some spec sheet comparisons.
always good stuff to listen to each week. Thanks for your hard work. Can't wait for episode 1,000!
I LOVE all things A/V, but these guys are borrrrrring! Sounds like they are just sitting there, swapping back and forth as they read from some script. Skip this one.
Best hdtv podcast glad I found it
Ara and Braden consistently put out a very high quality weekly podcast. They cover the news in the industry, as well as touching on home automation features. They do a great job explaining how to setup your theater, and general suggestions to optimize what you currently use. Of course, they provide information on all the new home theater equipment to add to our Amazon wish lists! Keep up the great work guys!!!
This one a week podcast consists of current events in the electronic/home theater market, knowledgable opinions, and the always presents jokes and jabs. Listen for anyone who enjoys the behind the scenes current happenings of tv has a hobby.
You guys make me proud to be an american!! No matter when I listen to you guys its the right time. You made Poland bearable on those cold winter commutes…and now you make my early commutes in the states all the more awesome!
The HT Guys do an outstanding job of presenting the technical information about HDTV and Home Theater in an understandable manner. For years it was part of my daily commute. Now that I’ve retired, I find that I am missing Ara’s and Braden’s enthusiastic banter. Keep up the good work
What a great AV podcast full of great information and tips.
Awesome podcast. Very informative. The podcast has help me stay on top of current technology and build my home theater
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I love this podcast, gives lots of good information about home enteretainment. You can really tell they enjoy what the are doing. I have been able to find several new pieces of equipment based on their reviews and appreciate their good advice. Thanks!!
Great info and great guys ( I have emailed them on multiple occasions and have heard back from them the same day). I wish it was a little longer but that's not a big deal. Keep up the great work, y'all make my commute 100 times easier.
Awesome podcast
Just all out excellent.
Fantastic product and bluray reviews
These guys sit right in the middle of the beginner and the enthusiast. Perfect balance for a podcast on this type of stuff!! The BD reviews are great also!
I've listened to several home theater podcasts and this one is by far my favorite. The guys are well spoken, well educated, and cover a large variety of topics. Keep up the great work!
I love this show for the information,although at times it seems a bit too scripted from press releases. The Hosts have a great chemistry and keep the show fun and lively. Their passion for the material covered makes this a must listen if your into home theatre or just technology in general.
I've been listening to the HDTV & Home Theater Podcast since 2005. Great show with informative friendly discussion. I'm always drawn to podcasts that make you feel like you're hanging with friends and geeking out. This definitely qualifies as one of those. Highly recommended.
This is by far the best HDTV / home theater podcast on the web. Good reviews and well produced. Keep up the great work Ara and Brayden!
I only listen to this podcast and the john and jeff show. Unless you want to get hooked on home theater, don't listen