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It's great to have a podcast with good content and engaging hosts. Still going strong and weekly after meny years.
Love this podcast. These guys talk with easy & understandable information. Always giving great tips & information!
You guys make me proud to be an american!! No matter when I listen to you guys its the right time. You made Poland bearable on those cold winter commutes…and now you make my early commutes in the states all the more awesome!
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Great info and great guys ( I have emailed them on multiple occasions and have heard back from them the same day). I wish it was a little longer but that's not a big deal. Keep up the great work, y'all make my commute 100 times easier.
Just all out excellent.
Fantastic product and bluray reviews
I've listened to several home theater podcasts and this one is by far my favorite. The guys are well spoken, well educated, and cover a large variety of topics. Keep up the great work!
I love this show for the information,although at times it seems a bit too scripted from press releases. The Hosts have a great chemistry and keep the show fun and lively. Their passion for the material covered makes this a must listen if your into home theatre or just technology in general.
This is by far the best HDTV / home theater podcast on the web. Good reviews and well produced. Keep up the great work Ara and Brayden!
I have learned a lot from these two guys. They are interesting, funny and informative. Recently I ditched my Direct TV subscription and am actually watching the TV I want to watch without paying for a zillion channels I don't want. Listen to this show...you'll like it.
An excellent home theater podcast I look forward to listening to every Friday. Good mix of news, reviews and witty banter.
Even when these guys discuss products I don't remotely care about, they still make it worth listening through. Appreciate thier dilligence for every week, coming back with another great show.
lots of great information from the HT guys. they strike the perfect blend of geeky details and real life requirements (e.g. part of a recent episode was devoted to how to acquire HD components for the household without your wife/CFO catching on) . the podcast comes out frequently, and is the perfect ~30 minute length so I can listen to it during my morning workout.
If you are a fan of HDTV and/or home theater then this is essential listening. The HT guys cover all the latest news, address listener questions, review equipment, as well as doing extremely entertaining and informative feature stories. I really look forward to every show.
Great show, listen to it every week. Good tips for your Home Theater. Saves money and keeps me in the know. Keep it up HT guys! Don H
One of the more informative podcasts regarding this subject.
I have been lstening for at least a year. I find it useful and entertaining. I learn about new products that are coming out and how I can incorporate them into me home theatre.
Excellent coverage of multiple interesting topics. Excellent coverage of each topic. they don't chatter endlessly saying nothing like the competition. Great work! Please stop talking about sports...couldn't care less!
One of the only podcasts I've enjoyed enough to not only be continuously subscribed to for over a year, but to listen to every episode. I think we have all seen podcasts that look good, then we subscribe, and our care to listen goes by the wayside -- not the case here! I can't wait for every new episode -- keep up the great work!

By mk778
great show


By eappell
I've been listening to this podcast for about a year - mainly because I'm interested in home theater and there's just not many other podcasts on the subject. I'm a fairly well-informed consumer - I built my own home theater PC, I've wired my home for ethernet, connect my own components together, etc. So maybe this podcast just isn't targeted at me. There are two hosts for this show - Brayden and Ara. Brayden is charming, well-spoken and seems to be fairly well-informed. But Ara is, excuse me for saying, an idiot. He constantly interrupts Brayden, or doesn't even listen to what he says. He is frequently wrong about common home theater information, and he is clueless about even the most well-known technologies and popular culture facts. Perhaps worst of all, his feable attempts at humor amuse only himself. When he does reviews it's so obvious that he is reading off of a written page that it's distracting. I excused this for a while, but it's been too much lately, and I found a MUCH better podcast on the subject... The host of this other podcast is intelligent, well-informed and the HT info is "real"... (do a search, you'll thank me) So Brayden, dump Ara! Maybe then I'll come back to the podcast...
I found this podcast a few months ago when i was getting back into HT, and these guys are the real deal, they love what they do and it shows! They feel like there are just two guys who want to help others, and they even answer their emails! Awesome!
Very entertaining and informative.
The guys have a great chemistry together and are very knowledgable. if you have questions they respond very promptly. i don't miss a show and you shouldn't either.
This is my fav HD podcast Bar None. Keep it up guys. Gavin
I work at a consumer electronics retail store selling home theater equipment, and I listen to this podcast religiously to keep myself up to date and informed so I can better serve my customers. This is an outstanding podcast and I highly encourage you to subscribe if you care at all about staying up to date on this industry! Doug
These guys lost a lot of credibility in the avs forums after they dismissed both HD DVD and Blu Ray. Both formats make current HDTV's look spectacular, especially HD DVD. Their unwillingness to become early adopters like the rest of us true HD fans makes them seem like they are not really into HDTV.
This is without a doubt one of my favorite, can't-miss podcasts. It's extremely informative, entertaining, and inspired me to create my own podcast. Congrats to Ara and Braden on their success and for all of their hard work in creating a fantastic podcast. Rick Such Inside MusiCast


Really great podcast. Very informative. Fun hosts!