Reviews For Venture Voice – interviews with entrepreneurs

Venture Voice was the first podcast about startups I listened too back in 2006. It inspired me to go the entrepreneurial route. I still remember the interviews with founders of Yelp, Grasshopper... even @Jason now after 10 years the podcast returned. Thank you @gregory
I’m glad this podcast is back in action! It’s one of my original favorites - super real interviews with entrepreneurs. Recommended!
Greg’s thoughtful, longform interviews give a deeper understanding of the people behind big innovations. Back when podcasts were on iPods, Venture Voice introduced me to the startup world. VV’s return is just what 2020 needed!
I met Greg in the early days of Venture Voice and have since seen how he has grown as an entrepreneur. Interested to see what the next decade will bring. In the meantime, I will be listening avidly.
Greg’s early interviews on Venture Voice inspired me to want to work with him and believe in his entrepreneurial vision. The latest episode with Mark Cuban is newsworthy, insightful and helpful. Am excited for future episodes!!
Greg Galant was doing podcasts a decade before it became a thing. Venture Voice and were two of my favorite podcasts from 2005-2007. I listened to Greg interview some of the most interesting entrepreneurs and investors before there was a tech scene in NYC. He’s a pioneer and 10 years later, Venture Voice continues to stand out for the quality of the conversations as well as the quality of the podcast itself. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, venture capital, and angel investing - check out Venture Voice!
I am a huge fan of the venture voice podcast. This was probably the first podcast I ever really got into, way back when Greg started. It is an incredible, longform, deep insight into so many interesting entrepreneurs. I have listened to every single episode start to finish. Greg is genuine and authentic. This podcast is excellent and highly recommended to anyone interested in business/start ups/entrepreneurship.


By muthu
I like the way the questions were targetted for fresh entrepreuners. Good folks were picked.
So inspirational and intriguing. Seriously one of the best I've found on iTunes. Keep it up and thanks for the free education :)
This is a superb show for web entrepreneurs, very professionaly made and it gives a great insight into the mind of some succesful biz leaders. I have to say I loved the show with CD Baby's founder Derek Sivers.
The guests are great but Gregory's ability to guide the interview while staying out of the way is top-notch. He asks the pertinent questions that an entrepreneur would want to know. Thanks for the quality podcast. The only problem is how do I get the first 35 episodes.
At first listen, Mr. Galant does not sound impressive as he interviews his guests. But don't be fooled, Mr. Galant has a very effective technique in eliciting real information from his guests. He searches for detail - exact numbers, real reasons and motivations - does not settle for the same worn-out platitudes that other Entreprenueurs tend to give.
Keep them coming. Insightful. Neat people. Great listening!
I approached this podcast cautiously because there is a lot of stuff out there that is frankly just boring... but Greg does an excellent job at finding charismatic guests and engaging them in a way that keeps me hooked. I find myself looking forward to your next interview - I know I'll learn something. Great work Greg!
If you have ever wanted to know what makes some really successful people in business tick, here is your chance. No nonsense show with great content and a varierty of industries covered.
I will listen to more episodes to see if this podcast is any good (saw some nice reviews, that's how I got started!), but don't waste your time over #44. Aside from the VERY POOR sound quality, I thought the content was not that relevant, and diluted in a lot of blablabla and jokes, laughs, that are really not necessary. My time is scarce, if I want humorous talks, I know where to find them. I needed info about how entrepreneurs deal with marketing & sales for their business. Sorry but I did not get much of that. Too few tips out of it, that would have easily fit in a 5-minute episode instead of the half hour, and I did not relate to the speakers at all. Bottomline: This episode did not deliver.
I've just finished listening to the last 5 or 6 podcasts & I love it. You find interesting entrpenuers and both get them to & give them time to tell their entire story. It's fresh air compared to the sound-bit driven programs. Keep going!. ltk
Excellent interviews. Gregory Galant is so good at keeping the conversation focused and getting the most relevant information out of his interviewees. Venture Voice is informative, aspiring and entertaining all at once.
I have to agree with other reviewers when I say that there are few podcasts that are worth investing an hour on. I hope that good reviews for this podcast sends a message to others that this is the kind of inspiring content we bought our iPods for. Keep up the great work.
Greg Galant's webcast is smart, interesting and inspiring. Greg is smart, but asks very simple open-ended questions. This allows his guests to really think and talk and talk. It is like you are at a good party and the guy your talking to is actually interesting. Great insight from people who have tried, failed, succeeded, tried again. You will learn a lot. It will get you juiced about starting your own business. Best PodCast on the iTunes.
Greg Galant weaves a tale that'll interest not only entrepreneurs, business people, and investors - but also anyone who's curious about what goes on behind the scenes of new businesses. This show has great content, interesting guests, and high production values.
I've really enjoyed many of these podcasts and especially appreciate the insight into "Web 2.0" companies like 37signals. Keep it up.