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I found you guys from Skywatch tv. Enjoy learning from your show. Keeps me going during my work hours. I could listen to you all day. Thank you 🙏🏾.
Not only are the topics relevant and though provoking, but anyone who features their dog as part of the podcast go to be great hosts.


Smart, eloquent, witty AND biblically based. I could listen to Derek and Sharon all day.
Great companion to VFTB. Also a must listen to show. Great topics. And as always keeping God First
UFO’s Aliens, Prophecy, End Times, Transhumanism, Every important topic is covers by a wonder radio team, Derek and Sharon Gilbert. This show is a must hear.
I love this podcast! It's not only informative, giving one a Biblical handle on current events, but I also find it surprisingly comforting. It's helpful that Derek and Sharon are able to look the dark world in the face and laugh- having joy in the middle of tough situations and perilous times is what Christians are supposed to do, after all!
A good way to keep up with current events.
Awesome show guys! I hope you get 10 million billion listeners who all donate! Great content and comentary !
I've been listening to Derek and Sharon Gilbert for quite a while, and I absolutley love the interaction and information they provide. They are both so knowledgeable and help me understand world views from a christian perspective. Keep it up guys!
Awsome show. Great interviews. One of the forefathers of this genre.
I'm kidding guys, you both have amazing gifts, and I really appreciate the gifts you guys have. Whether it's obscure popculture references, quirky humor, or picking out threads nobody would have connected. You guys do amazing work. Derek and Sharon also are quick to admit when they've over stepped bounds and admit when they are wrong. Not to mention that Derek has that amazing radio voice. PID is great because they delve into the depths of current news headlines, View From the Bunker is equally awesome because Derek does a great job grilling the guests in the hotseat, and they're not afraid to address any topic. Love Derek and Sharon, and you guys are a really close tie with Future Quake as my absolute fav podcast. The only one close to giving them a run for their money is Dante Fortson's Omega Hour, but you guys are still on top with FQ. Keep up the good work, and thanks for all you do. -Frank (aka) Link))
Derrick and Sharon have the best coverage and approach to Christian conspiracy theories. Professional, open minded, humorous and, it may sound funny to say, but level headed. This podcast is well recorded and edited. Chair spring not withstanding:)
Derek and Sharon are Amazing, i listen to them everytime i can, have them on my face book, and rss reader, to be 22, it's important to know whats going on in this world, have been a fan since mytharc radio. If you want to knwo the truth and hear the word, listen to this show.
Thanks, Los Gilberts, for the many enjoyable and informative hours I've spent with you.
After years of listening to Coast to Coast in the dark hours of the night, it was a real treat to find Derek and Sharon Gilbert's podcasts on iTunes. Their interview style is much, much better than George N's or Art Bell's and their list of guests is much more interesting. I equate Coast to Coast AM with The Jerry Springer Show. I only wish PID would get a radio contract to allow them to do this full time. I'd pay just for their interviews with Michael Heiser once a week...
about this podcast. So I won't! :) Listen and learn folks. Sharon and Derek have amazing insights that are truly a blessing in these times.
this is a good podcast very interesting and easy to listen to
This is my favorite podcast. The host couple , Derek and Sharon Gilbert , really make the show fun and lively. I feel like I am sitting in the living room drinking coffee with them , chatting about everything from end time prophecies to global warming. Give the Gilbert's a listen and see for yourself!
I love listening to the conspiracy stuff but too much of it is by people who believe in a 'higher power' and not Jesus Christ. Well, this podcast is what's really happening in this world but from a Christian view. I agree with the previous post. Its like coast to coast am but with a born again host.
I stumbled across PID Radio a month or so ago, and have been addicted since. It's a regular on my iPod now. Derek and Sharon make a very interesting couple. I'd love to hear their dinner conversation! They consistently push the envelope on exposing things you won't hear anywhere else. If you find Art Bell or George Noory interesting and call yourself a Christian, you'll love PID!