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The host Steve brings interviews and reviews to the listener. The interviews are usually with experts of a particular region of wilderness, or with people who have had unique experiences in the wilderness. He also gives reviews of equipment along with guest reviewers. If you are at all interested in getting away from the crowd, this is a great podcast to give you good ideas. R U Listening?
It's great to have a show focused on wilderness and outdoor issues. The show seems professionally produced and the topics are pertinent and varied.
There's the WildeBeat and there's everybody else. Steve brings a radio documentarian's approach to his podcast -- interviewing authorities and eliciting first-person accounts on all the major issues affecting people who love to hike and camp. If you adore the outdoors and have 10 or so minutes to spare, this is a can't-miss 'cast.
This show has evolved into a wonderful glance at parks, hikes, and the culture that surrounds the out of doors in California. Steve does a great job rounding up people within the parks and districts to provide their professional perspective on such things as hiking responsibly with your pet, packing out your solid waste in over used areas, and protecting the places we love so they continue to be around in the future. A worthwhile Podcast lasting 10 minutes or less for people interested in the wilderness areas of California.
I've really appreciated this travelcast. It's got personal touches and inspiration without talking about things beyond the reach of the casual weekender. Keep it up!
Steve, the quality of your shows are wonderful. The content is great... If you like the outdoors than subscribe to this podcast. Thanks Steve
Make sure you get caught up on The WidleBeat. The show has informative interviews that are done very well, and the whole program is full of useful information. Highly recommended! bg - You Are The Guest Podcast
This podcast is well produced and provides good info for hiking and camping. The interviews are well done and add to the shows. This is a series you should listen to before going into the great outdoors.
This is a very professionaly done podcast, regarding wilderness recreation. They are very informative, light and fun. I look forward to every episode.