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Reviews For San Francisco History Podcast – Sparkletack

As a new resident of SF, I LOVE listening to this podcast while I walk to work through the rich historic streets, and listen to such an excellent in-depth profound podcast. Richard Miller has done some incredible research and I am so grateful that he shares his love and knowledge of this wonderful city in such a fun, tangible and creative way. Love it!
I enjoy the unique content, but it's all I can do to keep listening through this guy's exaggerated voice affect. I feel like I called Moviefone an am agonizing through the options to get to the info I'm looking for. Relax, slow down, and sound human, dude!
Great podcast!!
I have spent all 19 years of my life in the Bay Area and I am continually learning cool new things about San Francisco. Sparkletack has made it even easier and more fun to learn about the city I love. Great podcast- I am definitely addicted!
You can't go wrong with these if you want some San Francisco history delivered in a cool, knowledgeable and fun manner. From the fog to Emperor Norton, Richard covers it all in his own astute and funky way. The soundtrack in the background is always fun, too.
Great podcast. Amazing as it is you're learning while enjoying the affable voice of Richard Miller. Professional quality. Exceptional experience.
Richard tell the stories you always wondered about, the ones you never thought to wonder about, and gives an accurate account of those you thought you knew about! Each episode is produced with quality others should strive to achieve. Thanks Richard!
I came across this podcast completely by accident, and was surprised to see that it hasn't been noticed by more people, or put on the recommended list by iTunes! It is really interesting, especially the one about the cemetaries in SF and the bodies left under a golf course. How gross! How fascinating!
Great topics, great approach, very good podcasts, but a rather interesting omission: 61 podcasts at this point and not one 'cast touching on the role gay people have played in this city's history!
An intimate look into the history of one of my favorite cities, completely fascinating, researched, and compelling. I got my degree in history and am impressed by the preparation that goes into each show.
This is my favorite podcast. It is true entertainment. Up there with ThisAmericanLife. It is clear that he spends a lot of time researching stories about SF history and culture and he is a great story teller. Love it!!
If you are a history buff and love SF, this is for you!
This is an excellent podcast with great stories from San Francisco's history. I stumbled across these one day on iTunes and am not a dedicated fan.
I'm so happy this podcast is back. It is consistently entertaining and informative. I look at San Francisco differently and find myself going to the city more than I ever did before. Welcome back!!
Having listened to many less than stellar podcasts, I was very happy to stumble upon Sparkletack. For one, it was about one of the coolest cities in the world, San Francisco. Second and even more important, Richard (the caster) has a true passion for the subject matter and conveys it in a Twainian story telling fashion. In fact, Twain himself is a topic. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!
Listening to it keeps me sane at work. Keep up the good work!