Reviews For Raider Nation Podcast - Las Vegas Raiders News and Opinion with Raider Greg

Hello Raider Greg I loved listening your podcast awesome putting as my favorite I’m also a another loyal passionate Raiders fan since 1980 40-Years many more The Real JustinRey Alinea aka TheRealIslandTrojanRaider Go Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiders 🏴‍☠️ RN4Life always take care 😎
I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!!!!! Xoxoxooxo Raider Greg and Raider Randy produce a GREAT show - especially for those of us that are part of the Nation that don't live in East Bay. They voice an unbiased opinion and keep the Nation informed. Keep up the great work!!!!!
My favorite raider podcast by far and am really missing hearing from you Greg. Hope everything’s going ok with ya up there and hopefully we’ll hear from you again soon
Raider Greg n Raider Randy are true fans and professionals when it’s comes to their podcast. Great work
Long time listener and lifetime fan of the Oakland Raiders! Raider Greg and Raider Randy have created the best Raider podcast there is. I used to just look the podcast up online but wanted to show some support so I subscribed and gave you guys your well deserved 5 stars. Keep it up guys and just win baby!
Not to many accurate, down to the point about our Raider’s. Been doing this for years! Enjoy your work, as well as passion. Appreciate your show, excellent work!!


By bballwr
Listened to one show and he said Seth Roberts is consistent and should be in the team and that the raiders traded someone when they were actually a free agent signing, not traded? Very rough
Used to love this podcast but now the weekly episode comes out on Thursday’s, 4 days after the last game was played. I don’t know what happened but might be time to end the show.
I’m tired of the doom and gloom and over reactions from one week to the next. The nail in the coffin is your continuous complaining about losing Marquette King. Get over it, he’s a punter.
The phone or “bone”line of the show with the portion of the song of “Bad to the Bone” is not my stile; however the repot and commentary from Raider Greg is fair, while including the reports and interviews from Greg Papa and former Raider players is great for us that don’t live in California.
Love it!
Love this show! Raider Greg and Raider Randy do a fantastic job. It’s real and not sugar coated which i like. Greg tells it like it is good,bad or ugly. A big plus is you get to hear from raider nation on the bone line. Well done! Never miss an episode.
I found this podcast some time back and after listening for 10 minuets I realized that Raider Greg was the real deal. Living outside of the Bay Area there’s no way to hear from the people “in the know” about what’s really happening with the Raiders. You also got a raw unedited opinion of how things have been going with the organization... THEN there was the Boneline!!! Hearing Raider fans from all over the world give their “expert” analysis of the Raiders team and players was awesome. I listened to all the shows available in the archives and a few weeks later I called in. Raider D from the I.E. is a fan for life!!!
Please keep these going. The only Raiders podcast I look forward to hearing.
Great podcast, for the fans by the fans, family freindly fun to listen to.
Been a LONG time listner and loved the show, I have been a hudge fan untill now. The host Raider Greg decided to use his platform to talk about Jesus and his renewed faith, and not just once or twice but leading off every show with a prayer and than more and more talk about christ throughout the show. Maybe he will drop the religious stuff someday but untill then I personally am done.


By Arohbe
Raider greg has to be the biggest cry baby I’ve ever heard. His voice is annoying and whiny. He’s never played a day of football, so his opinion comes without experience. He spends at least the first five minutes of his newer podcasts praising christ and trying to convince the lister that Raider Nation needs to influence the future by not dropping “f-bombs”. Talking about “leave the autumn wind in the past”…..not likely. Correct me if I’m wrong but the autumn wind IS a Raider. The history and nostalgia that we call Raider Nation is based on that autumn wind, Swaggering boisterously. Not this weak polite podcast. The fact he won’t air fans calls that have curse words is the reason i would not recommend this podcast. We are a certain type of fan, a passionate fan, a villain big and bold. However, i do listen to EVERYTHING Raiders so i will continue to listen to this pansy, that up until he found christ (which i think is a weak persons way into self improvement) didn’t even believe in Derek Carr. He constantly disses our community of broadcasters, just because the Raiders won’t let him into their broadcasting privileges after “5 some years of broadcast”…”i deserve it” Yeah if you did they’d invite you, like papa and the brick. Facts are this is an okay podcast where they creator has let his personal beliefs bring the show down. Id bet the top dogs of the Raiders team (including link, romonowski and the likes of people mr raider greg thinks don’t hold a glass of water in a raiders conversation) are just as god fearing but don’t let it interfere with their commentary. So in conclusion just be prepared for lots of sissery mixed into an overall distrust in our team and constant whining. You want an actual professional and respectful Raiders podcast to listen to? Check out jt the brick or 95.7 the games website has a podcast section which has a handful of great opinions and people that actually know the game. Win loose or tie, Riders till I die!
An oldie but goodie, The best fan based Raider podcast on itunes. Original and organicaly based. May our father look over all in need and the RAider nation. One God, One Church.
I love this podcast. Raider Greg is the best. Second to none.
Raider Greg consistently demonstrates his ability to give us facts. He gives the raider nation the "skinny" or hope that we will succeed. He knows about our coaches and players like the back of my hand. I look forward to listening to him each podcast.
Great content and topics and the best way to getting your frustrations out by calling the bone line!!!!!!!
This podcast is terrific. Anyone who is in The Nation should be subscribed to this. Podcast keeps me updated on news that I might not have had time to fish out. And Lord knows very few other channels are trying to feature any Raiders news ever. Host is like your favorite corny uncle. Boneline is therapy. The Autumn Wind is a Raider...
Raider Greg not only save babies from burning houses in real life, he makes an awesome podcast while saving the neigbor's cat from the evil tree. This is the original Raider's podcast and paired with The Finest Hour you get an outstanding overload of Raider news and opinions.
Raider Greg and Raider Randy make the best podcast for the Raider Nation NQA!!!! thanks potna!


Best RAIDERS podcast. Thanks Raider Greg.
Love the podcast. Raider Gregg does a great job.
Raider Greg thank you for your commitment. Not only to our team but to the Raider family. Thank you for being a voice for many of us. This is season #2 as a podcast listener can't complain, top notch insight information from the training camp to game to game coverage. Thank you once again, a loyal Raider fan.
Raider Greg and Raider Randy provide a very informative and entertaining podcast. You can call into the show on the bone line and be part of the show.
JUST WIN BABY! I promise to buy season tickets
Raider Nation must have!
Great podcast guys! I've been a raider fan for 20 years and have lived in illinois all my life! It's nice to be able to hear other raider fans not many around here. You will hear from me on the bone line this year! Thanks guys. Go Raiders!!!!
Love the show! Go Raiders let's get er done this year. Silver n Black RaiderNation!
Love this podcast. Get to hear the Nation from all over the nation. Thanx RaiderGregg and keep up the great work. RaiderNation is proud!
I love it!! Look forward to each new episode....,thanks for the offseason shows...100th review!!
Great podcast and a great host in Raider Greg, keep it up guys!!!! Go Raiders!!!!
Great source to hear other real Raider fans talk about our team. All you haters kept the f&@! Out.
The greatest podcast for the Raider Nation! All of the latest news with a commentary on each item and thoughts from knowledgeable Raider fans.
First time listener! Looking forward to next!
God dam! You need to put that south Oakland song up on iTunes! I need it! And I'm sure more than enough people will buy it!
Thanks for the awesome podcast Raider Randy, look forward every week to hear the nation speak. Raider Lesser and I'm out.
For someone like myself that doesn't live in the Bay area this is the best podcast for true Oakland Raider fan. I live in Welland Ontario Canada 20 mins north of the boarder near Buffalo NY. Every chance I get I spread the word to all RAIDERS fans about this podcast. This is my first year listening and I can't get enough. Just Win Baby!
Hey I'm new to the podcast to the fact that I want to hear the RAIDER Nation news judgment and opinions about the week by week games,..On my search I Heard and liked what I found and plan to stick around the way this is RAIDER (Jason South Central) From L.A I solute all my RAIDER NATION and would like to know How often the podcast is done and where I could call to leave my love to the RAIDER Nation and thoughts for our ORGANIZATION OUR RAIDER LIFE AND NATION
Been listening for years and I demand every Raiser fan listen each week. Trust'll love it! Thanks Raider Greg and Raider Randy for taking the time to give this to us Raider fans
keep it up man,you should change your show name to (CRACKHEAD podcast) because I can't wait for the next hit!!!!!!
Raider Greg shoots it straight!! Top notch!!
This is the only podcast that should matter for Raider Nation..Raider Greg always keeps things intersting,is a great host and is the BIG reason why im always anxiously waiting for the newest podcast every week.