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Mikey, Balls, I'm sorry I meant Bells and Becky are my three new BFF's when I ride the stationary bike at 24 hour Fitness, because the one with wheels is dangerous! I could fall off and break a hip. They are funny and keep my mind off peddling that stupid bike. The fact that people in Fresno can actually work a computer is amazing enough, but record a funny podcast, even more so. I give them five stars and an unused box of adult diapers, to use when they get to be my age. Thanks guys, Angry Old Man Podcast loves you!
I hated this show the first 2-3 times I listened to it. I didn't get it. But then, I started to wonder: I wonder what bells is doing right now. I started trying to find Mikey on Facebook. What's happening to me? I want to be these people's friend. Why? I don't get their jokes. I've never been to Fresno. That's when I realized that it isn't THEIR fault. It's mine. I just need to challenge myself a little more. Just cause I don't know anything about Fresno or beer or really anything they ever talk about, doesn't mean I can't rent a room in their house. Roomies? Call me. Seriously. I've learned so much from you but I'm never going to take that final leap until we are one.
Craft Beer, Star Wars, local music and Fresno? That's some strange ERRR bold content for a podcast. Thanks for sitting through till the drink end.
I love Dorktown and you will too!!! Warning: After listening you may want to pack up your craft beer and head out to Fresno.
Without out a doubt the best Fresno podcast in the world.......
I love listening to Dorktown. It is on my list of "must listen to within 48 hours" podcasts. The hosts are funny, think on their feet, and talk about subjects that speak to local Fresno events that could are also semi-accessable to non-residents of "the Know." Go listen and subscribe!
Fifty cents for ranch, screw you Me-n-eds! FOR SHAME!
It's crass but funny. If you love Fresno and have a sense of humor you should listen to Dorktown Podcast.
The only podcast in Fresno to almost reach episode 100. Listeners have so much important history they can catch up on, using this podcast. Thanks y'all.
mikey and bells crack me up. mainly because it seems like bells really hates the podcast. okay, maybe he doesn't, these guys are good. and, they've been at it forever. i really love the or game. i especially love it that mikey screws up the sound about once an episode.


By tthor71
what a waste of my time! don't bother
I love the show, even thoug the guys are never quite sober. Its great see love for the Valley. I even get a kick out my mustache calling in. Keep it up guys. Go Dogs!