The Doug Wright Show

Reviews For The Doug Wright Show

This is my favorite part of the week. Since moving out of Utah being able to catch up on my favorite KSL programming through podcast is wonderful! My one and ONLY complaint and I hope this corrected because it would be SO EASY!! Please let Doug Wright finish his sign off quote! “And when you go home please remember to hug the ones you love.” Recently, it’s been getting cut off each time. Why? That’s one of the best sign off messages in the history of radio and someone keeps cutting it short. Please?
Doug just gets it. Great takes and passion from a guy who’s been around. Doug also has awesome guests with great insight into the political sphere.
Doug Wright is so knowledgeable about Utah, politics, history, EVERYTHING! I love this show!!
Doug tackles relevant topics that impact us all. I don’t miss a day of listening because I know I’ll get all the information I need.
Finally a talk show host who isn't afraid to go against his own party on occasion. Leave it to Doug to call it like he sees it.
Doug Is such a great host! He tells the news fairly, which is a difficult thing to do, and he does it well. Doug often has guests on his show which are some of my favorite episodes. Both local Utah news and national, The Doug Wright Show keeps you well informed.
Doug is the best around for explaining national and Utah news. He's a commonsense moderate, which is exactly what our country needs right now
Very repetitive. Addresses important topics but doesn't have answers or solutions presented. Gets great guests on his show but won't press for answers. Claims he is Republican but I don't buy it.
Basically the title of the review... Doug presents a fair and balanced viewpoint of most issues out there; quite a feat in today's environment. However, while his gift of gab and ability to make connections makes him a great interviewer, his ability to analyze current affairs is shallow at best, particularly when considering non-Utah issues. Combine that with a weird sense of humor, and you get a balanced, boring, and shallow show.
I love the Doug wright show. I especially love the Friday movie show. For some reason ksl has decided not to upload that part of the show anymore.
Doug's shows are extremely repetitive. On top of that, he's more worried about appearing well-connected than actually digging to the bottom of stories, so he plays softball to not offend his guests. If you're looking for unbiased local news, KUER and RadioWest in particular are much better alternatives.
Amazing...simply amazing
This show would receive 5 stars but the host says the same thing over and over. Say it once! Doug also has a Bill Shatner way of speaking that can really annoy me. I do like the topics that he talks about on the air. It's an alright show if you can put up with those things.
Doug Wright talks about the local issues for the state of Utah. Doug Wright is whitty and informative. He often has guests who are involved in the issues, and Doug is not affraid to ask the hard questions. However, every Friday, Doug Wright hosts THE MOVIE SHOW, where he, Steve Sales, and Michael Regan talk about the latest movies out in theatres, and on DVD. Doug, Steve, and Michael give their reviews, and have a lot of fun. All the professionalism that goes into the show Monday throu Thursday, go out the window on Friday!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW. Great for News junkies and Utahns