Reviews For Pulse of the Planet Podcast with Jim Metzner | Science | Nature | Environment | Technology

These are soulful stories that have a warmth and color that helps exercise a healthy imagination. Progressive thinking that most people young and old can enjoy. I have heard people say that if images are the essence of National Geographic then Pulse of the Planet has given sounds of the world a venue to represent. I may need to buy some new reference grade headphones to see how good these moments can sound.
I listen every morning right after my alarm. Love the short explorations of different topics. I learn something new and it gets my brain into gear. Thank you!
This podcast is a gem — you can learn things you never ever would have thought to ponder without hearing this podcast. The subject matter is rich and deep. Exploring the world through sound gives you a new perspective. Kudos to the creators. It’s this kind of content that makes radio great.
Great podcast. Every episode is so interesting and educational. I also enjoy the website. Thanks and keep it up!