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Great podcast about cigars. I appreciate the fact that Bob, Dale and Liz stay on cigar related topics and don't stray excessively to politics, etc.
Great show. Enjoy it every week. Terrific information on a variety of cigars and cigar accessories. Great guests and fantastic presentation. If you love cigars then this is "Must Listen!"
Bob and Dale are the best! They give so much info on cigars . No bull like another cigar broadcaster. I wish they has a T.V show too. I won a Palio cutter a couple of years ago. They broadened my cigar knowledge so much .I have been listening for a couple of years now. One of the best podcasts out there !
I've tried listening to other cigar related podcasts and immediately unsubscribed either due to amaturish hackieness or the repeated locker room humor. DWCR is the real deal. These gentlemen don't pull any punches. If you want honest and informed reviews of cigars, and industry news this is the place. I listen live almost every Friday light on the website. Then re-listen to the podcast in my car to and from work, or while I'm sitting and enjoyoing a cigar and libation. Keep up the good work guys. Congratulations on show 365. May you have many more.
I look forward to hearing not only about cigars but also Bob and Dales week. Lots of cigar knowledge being passed in a fun and entertaining way.
Bob, Dale, Liz what can I say other than thanks. You guys put on the best cigarcast out there hands down. I have been listening since day one and my how you guys have grown. While deployed I have occupied many the long flights with your interesting banter and Bobs ever present rat holes. Keep it up. Looking forward to number 365.
This podcast is an excellent resource for eucation on cigars. It is well thought out, educational and entertaining. I haven't missed downloading/listening to an episode in over 2 years.. GREAT job guys, keep it up!!
I always thought that philosophy was boring and only for liberal arts majors who had no chance of getting a real job so they continued to go to school into their mid-forties. I was so wrong! Bob and Dale have made philosophy come alive for me. Their discussions are lively and their reasoning is brilliant. Allow them to open your mind. The possibilities are endless.
Extremely informative, always fun and entertaining. And beside it being 100% free, there's Always a show every week without fail. Great podcast by great people.
Well produced, informative and consistently updated podcast. Good for enthusiasts of all experience levels. If u only listen to one weekly cigar podcast, this should be it.
I wait every week for my next dose of cigar wisdom from a couple of regular Joe's who really do know their stuff, but leave the pretentiousness (is that a word) at the door. Join the family and the chat room each week with Bob, Dale, and Liz...oh and that architect guy, who pops in once a month,with the wordy descriptions that make little sense to anyone outside of Chicago. Anyway, if you like cigars or just have questions about them...tune in and enjoy this podcast!
In my opinion, this is the only cigar podcast worth listening to. There are other decent ones out there but not with the variety of guests and topics that Dogwatch has. I learned all about cigars from these guys so I've always smoked quality sticks (That I could afford). These guys won't steer you wrong.
Thank you, Bob and Dale, for the excellent job you do with your podcasts. You always entertain us with your insights and common sense! I highly recommend your podcasts to all of my friends.
DogWatch Cigar Radio is full of fantastic cigar related topics for a longtime smoker or the newbie. The hosts are knowledgeable on what is going on in the industry and maintain contact/relationships with many large and micro cigar companies. I definitely recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to learn about cigars.


By ghefla
Excellent podcast. Check it out if you haven't already done so.
Been listening to DWCR podcasts for about 3 years, I enjoy hearing about boutique cigars from guys that love cigars. Sure sometimes the audio quality is lacking but overall I've been able to listen and enjoy with few problems. Keep it up guys i enjoy your honesty when you just don't like a cigar and laugh when you get stumped by the what's my band cigar!
DWSR needs needs some work. Bob blabs on about nothing about 50-75% of the show or is totally distracted by the chat room. He rarely talks in length about the cigar at hand and when he does has little add. His wife's segment is horrible, sound quality is rank and the interview weak. Dale is the strong half of this partnership. His reviews are detailed and his list of recent smokes are always interesting. Its sad that Dale has to waste so much time keeping Bob on topic. Sound quality overall is very bad with guest sections even worse. The guests are almost always good but its hard to get past the poor sound or the sounds of the guests lighting or clipping cigars on their end of the mic. The sad truth is this is the best cigar podcast out. Wish they would cut the monkey business and tighten it up.
I recently downloaded the iphone app to be able to listen to the show. So far I have to say I really like the show, but my only complaint would be that they are hard to hear. But the call ins will scare the hell outof me because the volume changes so drastically. Fix the volume issues guys, and you will have a perfect show.
I discovered Dogwatch a few months ago, and since that time I have gone back and listened to almost every available podcast. I look forward to downloading the new episode as soon as it is available each weekend. I have learned so much from Bob and Dale, even though, at times I do not agree with some of the cigar reviews. But, that's part of the joy of cigar banter. I like the tasteful way they give time to their sponsors. The passion and honesty conveyed about their sponsors is refreshing, and has convinced me to spend money with companies like Palio and Black Dog over the past couple weeks. Keep up the good work guys. I make it a point to tell all my cigar friends about the show. The only thing that would make the show better is if it expanded to 3 hours or maybe twice a week. I wish I could give you 6 stars!
Look forward to this show every week. Great info. Best cigar podcast by far. Keep up the great work!
Love these guys! Always entertaining, always informative, always a treat to listen to every week! Keep it up
Great info and banter. These guys have an entertaining show that I always must listen to. Been listening for several months now.


By Chubno
This is the best cigar pod cast. Great information, interviews and at times Bob and Dale can even make me laugh. Keep up the great work!
Bob and Dale are the best. DWCR informs and makes you laugh. Calm Dale is a great foil for Bob's somewhat prickley personality. Together they provide great cigar reviews, interesting interviews and wonderful banter. Get it!
Bob and Dale make a great duo on this lively, informative podcast. If they'd quit spending half the show talking about how amazing their sponsors are, it would be just about perfect. The cigar reviews are detailed and nuanced. The interviews with cigar makers are great. But seriously, guys, when it comes to sponsor promos, less is more. (Really, it sounds terribly disingenuous, especially the endless Black Dog Coffee blather. And the more you say "Oh, I'm not just saying they're great because they're a sponsor; I really mean it," the more it sounds like you don't really mean it.) Keep up the great info, guys. But please cut down on the needlessly lengthy anecdotes about how much you love your Black Dog Coffee in the morning.
Both host's are great. The information is always interesting and smoking with Bob and Dale is a joy. A Common Sense cigar show. The Best of the Best!
This show provides great info about the cigar kingdom. I've saved money by what I've learned about storing cigars (episode 211) and I'm learning how to get value and great flavor for my money. Lots of cigar reviews!! Bob and Dale have a passion for cigars and they communicate it an entertaining/informative manner.
Great podcasts. I agree that the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. Dale's voice is muffled and at lower volume than Bob's. At times this can be so distracting as to take away from the enjoyment of the podacast.
I love Bob and Dale! They do a fantastic job of reviewing many great cigars as well as keeping you up to date on recent cigar news. And occasionally comment on other current events, etc. And they do this by being very genuine and make you feel at home with the show. I look forward to many more of your podcasts and if any of you love cigars this is the podcast for you.
Bob and Dale are great! These guys are a lot of fun to listen to. If you're new or maybe not so new to cigars these guys have a lot of usefull information.
Early evening with a good stogie, a nice single malt and listening to DogWatch.
This is the best cigar podcast, I listen via mp3 player @ work and I wish I could burn one with them, Thanks for the education
By far the best cigar podcast out there. Listening to Dale and Bob like smoking with a couple of old friends. By the way, they have long since overcome the audio problems they had early on. Download and enjoy.
The DWSC has been a fave of mine for a while now. It always feels like hanging out with some good friends, simply enjoying the company, savoring some fine stogies and BSing long into the night. The DWSC crew are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their cigars and it shows with every podcast. Light 'em up and stop on by. They'll make room for ya.
There are multiple cigar podcasts, and I have listened to them all. This is the best cigarcast out there. These guys talk about really interesting topics, from how to develop your palate and get all the complex flavors from a cigar, to choosing and sampling different types of cigars, and great, in-depth reviews (i.e., they don't just say "It was good!" They describe all aspects, from appearance to construction to burn to ash to taste, etc.). Both hosts have excellent radio voices, and it's a very relaxed cast, great to light up and listen to. Didn't note any audio problems, so I'm not sure what the other comment is about. Definitely give these guys a listen.
I started out listening to the DWSC about 5 months ago. In the beginning Bob and Dale were a bit ruff around the edges, which is to be expected. However, for the past 2 months or so the guys have really hit their groove. Very informative, relaxing and funny at the same time. I always look forward to grabbing my Ipod and a cigar on Sunday afternoons to smoke along with the show. To any cigar lovers out there, The Dogwatch Social Club is a must listen! Keep up the good work fellas!!
Nice job so far. Is there any way you can level out the volume of the voices? They are all at drastically different volumes (hosts, call-ins, interviews, etc.). I listen in my car, and I am constantly adjusting my volume so I can hear everybody. And the compression artifacts on some voices make it even more difficult to hear. Good luck with the Podcast! JK
I started listening to this podcast about a few months ago. What a wealth of information! If its cigar news, they've probably covered it. Well-informed, entertaining, and an all around great podcast. Two thumbs way up for the Dog Watch Social Club.