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He shills for the companies that sponser his show. He tries to come across as a down to earth guy who's just like everyone else and it's really irritating. I've listened to his podcast a handful of times and I've never learned anything useful. Instead of telling you how to do various things, he tells you to call contractors or companies that support his show. Be prepared for lots of promotion of radiant barriers, sandblasting of pipes, siding, trex decking, etc. Do your own research on these things before you take the plunge.
I used to love listening to him on KRLD and I'm happy that I get to listen to him again. I would appreciate a small summary of the contents of the podcast instead of just the date and episode number.
This show is great! Tom is as down to earth as a 50 year old guy can be. I used to listen when he was on the radio in San Antonio, he got cut out of the weekend line up. I tried for a while listening on line but it was hit or miss. Finally he got onto iTunes and increased the segment lenght. This show has saved me a ton of money. If you don't need it Tom tells you so as well as why you don't need it. Super good guy! - tgusnik
I love this show but can't listen live, so I chose to podcast. I've subscribed and unsubscribed numerous times because I'm frustrated I can't just listen to one hour of the show uninterrupted. I listen to several other shows' podcasts and they're able to figure this out. You don't have to stop recording at each commercial break. and resubscribing brings up every show back to about 2005!! Great show, unfortunately the podcast isnt user-friendly.
Too bad this show is available only in supersmall chunks. Too much of a pain to download and reassemble. most of us have broadband now. Try uploading the whole show, or at least one hour chunks. I will check back.