Reviews For Portafilter Podcast for Coffee Professionals and Fanatics

I love coffee and everything about it. From brewing it, to perfecting it, to learning all the ins and outs of the industry. I am fascinated by coffee. Originally I heard about this podcast from a different podcast. Instantly fell in love when I listened to the episode with Peter Guiliano. The content is great, I learned so much. But coffee is one of my "escapes" from the drama of current politics and when the hosts of his podcast talk so much about current politics, it bothers me. I just can't stand it. To be honest it's not even WHAT they are saying politically, it's just the fact they are talking about it at all in the podcast. So, that's why I gave this a two star review. Get rid of the political garbage. We as listeners get enough of that already in our lives already.
I'm a barista in Vermont and portafilter podcast has been a great resource. Coffee professionals are few and far between in Vermont. PF provides me with the opportunity to stay connected to the latest developments in the coffee industry and information that's relevant/helpful for me as a barista. PF is also really entertaining and frequently hilarious. One of the best coffee podcasts out there. Do yourself a favor and tune in.
Thanks guys, Very even-handed, informative and really funny. I love the tongue-in-cheek commentary, without picking on industry names too much. At least we all know you jest with love & respect.
I am glad they are back. Knowing their busy schedules, I truly appreciate that they are sharing their know-hows in specialty coffee with us. Though I had to switch to In My Mug or CoffeeGeek Podcasts when my children were around, LOL, seriously I am learning a lot. Keep up the good work! Party on Nick! Party on Mark! :-)
Funny, informative and really chock full of awesomeness please keep 'em coming.
you guys rock... big shout out from nyc.
I am an industry professional -- a coffee roaster and retailer. I am, for the most part, on my little coffee island constantly attending to business. Portafilter has become one of my strongest connections to the industry, more so than some of the publications because I can listen any time -- when driving, running, etc. Nick and Jay's approach to discussing the industry is informative and intriguing. I am totally addicted...