Reviews For The Frat Pack Tribute: Saluting Hollywood's Comedy Clique

This is a great podcast for anyone who likes anchorman, wedding crashers, blades of glory, or old school. Anyway, love this podcast, it's one of the best around
These guys really know their movies. The show is a lot of fun to listen to.
This podcast is really fun to listen to. I've always been a fan of the frat pack but these guys take it to a new level. It's made me even more of a fan! One of my favorites!
This is an essential supplement to anyone owning Frat Pack films. All the latest news, plus music and soundbytes relating to the groups latest films make this one of the most entertaining movie podcasts I've ever heard. Not just limiting itself to the films these actors make, it also covers the various topics also relating, such as news regarding NBC's The Office, the music of Tenacious D, and the careers of Frat Pack-related actors such as Paul Rudd & Seth Rogen. Again, this is a must-listen for fans of films such as Anchorman, Old School, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Wedding Crashers, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny and Zoolander.
Throughout the decade, there have been many funny comedians that have rocked our world. The ones that have made us laugh the most are the Frat Pack. These guys will make you laugh harder and have more fun on both the small and big screen. So join now and tune into this podcast for the time of your life.
Been listening for a while now and just wanted to post a review saying that I love the show. One of the best niche, homemade podcast around. Keep up the good work kevin. The fratpack train is leaving the station!
The Frat Pack movies are some of my favorites and now we have a podcast (which is great) to learn more about the frat pack's upcoming movie's, any new news, and tracks you canot even here in itunes.
if you are a fan of the frat pack guys you will love this podcast and if you are not you probably will be after you listen to a few episodes...great podcast...kevin does and awesome job. Jeff
The Frat Pack Tribute, is a valuable addition to the podcasting mix. Kevin is an evangelist of the potential of podcasting as a medium, and along with Will, Ben, Vince, Owen, Steve, Luke and Jack, is a voice of comedy greatness. Production values are high at The Frat Pack Tribute Podcast, as you might expect. The segment intros are well-produced, and Kevin has comfortable speaking and a polished delivery. Transitions between segments are smooth and well-handled. Kevin sometimes take us for a bit of a ramble, but not enough to ever leave a crasher behind. For the best collection of Hollywood's comedy clique, look no further but the Frat Pack Tribute!
The Frat Pack is the best thing going in Hollywood right now. I enjoy each new podcast, which is well put together and hosted with enthusiam and dry wit by Kevin. With the number of movies that are supposed to be coming out in the future staring the Frat Pack members, I think Kevin is gonna be busy for quite awhile. Keep up the great work!
Over the years i seemed to like the movies with these actors in it, but now, thanks to this podcast i love em'! Their movies are hilarious. This podcast has news and talk about this awesome allstar-team of comedy, audio clips from movies/tv, and some wicked awesome music! Subscribe now!
If you love the Frat Pack this one has it all. Music, commentary, news, rumors, and lots of fun. The show is starting to incorporate other hosts, which is an improvement. This is such a great example of a niche subject with a podcast devoted to it.