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These podcasts are excellent for someone who wants to improve conversation Spanish Because, listening and understanding is difficult. Listening to Ben & Marina provide great exposure in that area. Understanding is much easier now.
I have family in Asturias, and visit when I can. Also, I lived in Madrid for a year back in the 80s when I went to Complutense. I love Spain and am always interested in learning more about the country. I was searching for topics on Spain when I came across this podcast. I am enjoying the different episodes, and I really like the perspectives of both Ben and Marina. Keep up the good work.
This is indeed a great podcast. And like others I have looked forward to new episodes. However, things seem to have simply died. Ben and Marina, please bring them back! I am much more compelled to buy your products when podcasts are coming. :) Deseo nada mas que exito para uds. Cuidense!
Que idea mas maravillosa! Los temas tratados son bastante interesantes! This brings back memories of my year abroad at the Universidad Complutense.

By ktnbs
I picked up on this podcast when it first came out and found it very enjoyable. It's been a year since I have listened and I recently took it up again. It is fun getting re-acquainted!


By Xabman
Notes from Spain is a fabulous way to learn about Spain or keep in contact with Spain and Spanish subjects. The topics are always interesting and Ben does a great job of pacing and directing each episode. The interaction between Ben and Marina and their very open discussions (and even polite arguments) are great. They have wonderful insights and their ability to analyze Spain from two points of view, native and foreigner, make each show insightful and entertaining. I used to live in Spain and miss it so much. Ben and Marina are so good that they often make me feel like I am right back there. (I also have to second the previous comment about Marina's voice and accent!)
This is an amazing series that, at times, drops you right into the center or urban Madrid or along the beautiful coast of Spain. Other times, Ben and Marina impart their invaluable knowledge of language, food, and life in Spain. Besides all of this, the two are a delight to listen to. Their chemistry translates well into broadcast.
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Ben has a way of transporting you to Spain with his great understanding of the culture, and Marina has the sexiest accent! If you've never been to Spain, this podcast will take you there! If you have been, it will bring you back.
I love this podcast it brings me back to when I was in Spain and Ben and Marina are just wonderful