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I'm going to review my own show as if I'm just a listener from back in the beginning. Here goes: "I've been listening to this one for awhile and it's good to see that they are getting things going again. Joe and Jimmy seem to have many a connection with A LOT of comic book pros resulting in great interviews w/ some comic book legends and up and comers! Always informative and often very funny. Keep it up, guys!" Wow! I've convinced myself. I'm going to listen every week! :) And for those whom dont like the sound quality...sorry kids! Really. But hey, it's free and I do it because I love it. If someone wants to provide professional equipment/editing/etc...please do and we'll be as awesome as those other podcasts!
I've listened to CNI for a couple months and, although I usually like the content, I can't deal with the audio quality. It's way too difficult to consistently hear what is being said because it is way too quiet or the volume fluctuates too much.
Jimmy is a truly amazing pop-culture journalist. Always entertaining, fun, and a blast to listen to. I never go out of my way to rate podcasts, but this is a truly exceptional show. If you dig comics, movies, and geeky TV, you will love CNI.
I'm not giving this glowing review because Jimmy Aquino has threatened me with bodily harm. No, not at all! One day, it came to me that I hadn't given a show I have listened to for many years a proper review. Well, here it is: I love Comic News Insider! It's unlike most comics podcasts I listen to, because it is very theatrical. You wont find another podcast that will break out into song, or play Christmas albums, that's for sure. Although other podcasts have their technical ducks in a row (right, Jimmy?) Jimmy and his cadre of talented pals have many podcasts beat when it comes to energy and exuberance. Oh, and also name dropping. Looots o' name dropping!
Decent show with lots of information on a regular basis. I agree with other rating; would like to see more Indie news and reviews.
Are there two parts? I didn't see it. Otherwise a good podcast. Really good stuff. Been following your interviews with Emerson since he first appeared on "Lost" six years ago. Interesting to note the changes. Will you post the rest somewhere?
This is one of the best comic podcasts going right now. It covers both the mainstream stuff and indie comics as well as staying on top of the current pop culture trends. The show is truly entertaining with some great guest hosts.
First, the positive: Comic News Insider has been around for years and established itself both in the fan and professional community. Jimmy often reviews a mixture of both mainstream and below the radar books, as well as random geek culture tv shows, movies, etc. I wouldn't know about the McNuggetini if not for him! Though best with an equally funny and engaging co-host (and there's been a carousel of co-hosts lately; some good, some not-so-much), Jimmy is a good host. Unfortunately, the show has been suffering a lot lately (months) from audio-related issues. First, an easy fix: Please stop sipping/"Ahh"-ing into the mic. Also, the music cues sound like someone is playing them off a phone or voice-recorder into a microphone, they're very tinny. When using a laptop microphone, it picks up the room's ambience, sometimes a good thing (ie, "We're at San Diego Con and podcasting from our hotel room!"), and sometimes bad ("Someone's knocking on my apartment door, be right back."). I think the real microphones sound better. Lastly, the intro's outdated, since Joe Gonzalez hasn't been a regular co-host for the MONTHS that I've been listening. Jimmy has promised to be updating and fixing some of these issues, and I look forward to it being a 4-star show once again!
Could be good if they talked about comics (and that means indie comics, Japanese comics, European comics, not just DC/Marvel) instead of talking about what they eat, who's birthday it is, who's getting engaged, etc. We. Don't. Care. Talking about yourself is only interesting to yourself and maybe your 3 friends.
Long time listener, Long time fan, Long time geek! As a self-proclaimed screenwriter, martial artist, comic book enthusiast and avid reader/watcher of all things scifi/fantasy/and comic booky I've always enjoyed your excellent podcast, informative news and reviews and startling array of special guests such as Nathan Fillion, Benjamin Linus of Lost, and Garth Ennis. But I must say you guys reached new heights of awesome with Guest Star Deirdre Lorenz!! A beautiful young woman who is also a talented filmmaker, and is into comics/science fiction/ and fantasy? A rare and unexpected treat! FIVE STARS!!! THANKS!! :)
Joe and Jimmy always put on a fun and informative show. You know about what they are up to while still keeping the main focus on their love for all things geek.
Love the show! I originally started listening because of your podcasts with Michael Emerson. (Saw him as Oscar Wilde and am a big Lost fangirl) I stopped reading comics and graphic novels for a few years and now I started picking up some of the more recent titles mentioned on your show. Love the interviews, the reviews and your top 3. Thanks so much for the funny show. Keep up the great work!
I stumbled across Comic News Insider when I wanted to find out more about today’s comic books after more than a decade’s hiatus from collecting. After listening to a couple shows “just to test it out,” I was hooked. It’s definitely about the comic-book industry (large publishers and independents), but as the tagline says, they also discuss animation, science fiction and pop culture. And the term “pop culture” covers a huge range of topics. Joe and Jimmy are really plugged in – they have contacts across many fields (music, theater, film, television, art, Web and print) and pass the inside info on to their listeners. It doesn’t hurt that besides their many reviews, the hosts also provide interviews with the producers and portrayers of many of today’s most popular print, Web and broadcast entertainment. Joe and Jimmy make it fun. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe!
Great show as usual!!! Cant wait to hear more interviews from SDCC. Next time maybe Wondercon in the Bay Area?????
CNI is the best and only podcast I listen to whilst falling off the treadmill at the Gym. Joe and Jimmy sure know how to make a guy fall over in hysterics and get up with a severely dislocated finger. Keep up the great work as I still have 7 good fingers and two thumbs to go. But in all seriousness a great comic book podcast.
Joe and Jimmy make my tummy feel good. I recently got caught up on about 50 episodes and now I find myself in CNI withdrawl! Joe and Jimmy are the beer and pretzels of Comic Podcasting! Huzzah!
Imagine I was Jeff Goldblum and it's the film "Independence Day" and I am trying to save the world. Now, imagine that film actually having a good script and good acting and still being very entertaining without having "stuff blowin' up" and finally imagine me telling you that the only way to save the world is listening to a podcast. That is how I would describe CNI. Bottom line, if you don't listen to this podcast and if you don't send positive feedback on itunes and if you don't tell your friends that this is THE BEST comic book podcast around then the Terminators win. Seriously, I spoke to James Cameron and he said so. He also told me that in the future John Connor is a big fan of CNI. CNI: Listen to it....our future depends on it.
The Laurel and Hardy of comic and entertainment news. They have the inside connections and bring you great interviews with celebrities of comics and entertainment along with great reviews. They truely have a passion for what they are podcasting and are worth the download. Keep them coming.
This show is amazing! As a thirteen-year-old, theatre-loving girl from Louisiana, this show is a breath of fresh air. Joe and Jimmy are hilarious, and if you love to be entertained, you'll love this podcast. P.S. Joe and Jimmy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for having Kristin Chenoweth on your made my world by doing that. I hope you got your birthday shout-out! Kristin is my idol, and you two go so well with her. I'll keep my fingers crossed for that duet!
I have been listening to CNI for a year. They are the first comic podcast that I've listened to. I enjoy the witty reviews and interviews. Brilliant is what I say!! Keep it up.
CNI is the best comic/pop culture podcast out there. They cover everything from Spiderman to LilFormers with equal passion. The segments & interviews are great. Jimmy & Joe should be dubbed the Kings of comic book podcasts. If you are going to NY Comic Con be sure to check them out in the Podcast ARENA cause I know I will.
Great show every week full of news, reviews, and other good stuff. Stop reading this stupid review and just download it already.
I just found your podcast at random and downloaded it to give it a try. I was very happy with it! Great job guys and HAPPY BIRTHDAY
I only listened to one (the Kristin Chenoweth episode), but don't get offended, because I'm not that into comics. But THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for interviewing Kristin. She's one of my favorite actresses and I absolutely adore her. I didn't know how she got started before this podcast, and I'm only a little jealous that you guys got to talk to her. I give it four stars because I really haven't listened to it past the interview. But it's good. Keep it up. By the way, she DID come out with a Christmas CD. I trust that you have it. If you don't, you should buy it. And she didn't thank Jimmy, I'm sorry to say.
These guys are so good they demand a cult-like following Its this century's Jonestown.
If you want to know about what's going on in the worlds of Comic books, Animation, Sci Fi, Tech, Television - pretty much all things Geeky you MUST listen to CNI. Jimmy Aquino and Joe Gonzalez are two great guys and they keep the dialouge fun and informative. They're also two of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.
Comic News Insider is the ET {entertainment tonight} of the Comic World. Every show keeps you up to date with some pop culture news and reviews. Grab your Budweiser Chelada and enjoy!
It was kind of a trip to be listening to your podcast and to hear my review mentioned. Sorry about putting it in the wrong place before. As a big Doctor Who fan I really enjoyed your review of the comic, you remaine a very fun and informitve show, your show and TELEVISION ZOMBIES have become my must listen shows keep up the great work and I'll keep listening...and um yeah I'm a dude...scratch that I am THE DUDE. T-dog
I prefer Joe and Jimmy over a wheel of cheese for my comics and pop-culture news and reviews because cheese makes my tummy hurt.
My buddy Michael tied me to a chair covered my with gas and threatend to cut my ear off. My only recourse was to either listen to "Stuck in the Middle With You" or "Comic News Insider" I thought of reaching for my zippo and ending it all, but chose to try "Comic News Insider." Well I still have my ear and there was no trip to the burn ward and I've learned "Comic News Insider" kicks balls!
Joe and Jimmy put on a very entertaining show.CNI is great it always has the most interesting comic items and comic personalities on the show.


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What a podcast! My favorite feature is "Save the kitten." At some point in each podcast, Jimmy and Joe give that week's secret codeword, and listeners can go to the CNI website to enter the codeword. If at least twelve listeners enter it correctly in any given week, Jimmy doesn't kill a kitten during the following week's broadcast. What a brilliant way to bring listeners coming back week after week!
This a great show for all your comics' reviews, news, gossip, discussion, and interviews. The cheesecake recipe from last week was amazing. Jimmy and Joe not only make comics a better place. Nay, I say they make the world and all existence a better place. They're fun and funny, and I find myeself attracted to them in a way that's not threatening to my hetero creds. And they've helped my relationship with Jesus. Thanks, guys.
Comics, Scifi, TV, Movies, Buffy, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood, and Pushing Daisies. After listening to the show, I had to ask my Dad if I had two brothers. A fun show that entertains and informs their listeners on the latest news, comics and interesting conversions with Actors, Directors, Writers, and Artists. Keep up the good work, my Brothers from another Mother.
I enjoy listening to the show very much! I think it's incredibly awesome! I love the interviews and the guests, forget the haters!
Don't let the D-bags get you down Jimmy, the Fillion interview was awesome. You guys do an awesome podcast perfect for someone like me who is just getting back into comics. Keep up the good work!
Comic News Insider is one of the best podcasts around. Joe and Jimmy provide a great overview of geek culture with reviews of comic books, movies, tv and more. They have a wonderful chemistry and their comedy is top notch. They also do great interviews with celebrities like Michael Emerson and more. Their podcast is a weekly treat that anyone could love. Thanks Joe and Jimmy!
Before the podcast, there was darkness. I saw the world only in a bleak wash of black-and-white. Not the finished, artsy B&W of Sin City- I'm talking the B&W of a solid-state Zenith TV set belching out a grim and grainy episode of "Car 54, Where are You?" And then came CNI. Now, when I open the door of my apartment, I see everything in Blazing-Berserker Technicolor! I see the world in 2-page compositions that tittilate my senses! Thanks to Joe and Jimmy, I know what a Skrull is!!! I feel ALIVE! SHOCK-TROOPER FOR FULL!!!!!1!!!
When it comes to comic book podcasts, I've tried 'em all, and Comic News Insider ranks as one of the very best. Joe and Jimmy are entertaining and insightful as they discuss comics and pop culture, interview guests, and--from time to time--perform a little sketch comedy! It's a fun mix, so do yourself a favor and check it out.
Great news, great reviews, and great interviews! This podcast is not to be missed.
Being a Jay and Jack listener, the Michael Emerson interviews got me listening, Joe and Jimmy kept me. With awesome interviews both within the world of comics and well beyond it is a must subscribe to anyone remotely interested in comics, movies or tv. Garth Ennis, Alan Moore, Bryan Fuller are just some of the many people I have had the pleasure of hearing. Even when interview free they cover great topics and make for a very entertaining podcast.
I started listening at the suggestion of the other half of "J" quadded (Jay and Jack). Really enjoy the interviews. My only critique is that the show is a little too compressed. Although the content more than makes up for it.
If you like comics-related stuff, this is a great podcast, especially if you're like me and you don't read a lot of mainstream super hero comics. These guys cover it all, from mainstream titles to obscure independents, and they have a good time doing it. I was also converted becoming a big fan of Pushing Daisies by this podcast. Though, I would have to say the best thing they ever did was the Chumble Spuzz interview.
Jimmy and Joe entertain, inform and explain a wide range of pop culture topics. You know its a great podcast when you look forward to hearing it, you enjoy listening to it and you enjoy thinking about it afterwards. Keep up the great job guys!
Joe and Jimmy offer insightful reviews and news on practically everything pop culture related. While their main focus is on comic books they are also leave room for discussion of TV shows and movies...mostly sci-fi but not always. They also have great interviews almost every week ranging from rising stars in the comic medium to actors such as Michael Emerson from ABC's "Lost." I originally downloaded CNI to hear Joe and Jimmy's interviews with Michael Emerson. I didn't really have an interest in graphic novels or comic books. However, since listening every week for the past few months Comic News Insider has led me to great works such as Northlanders, Pax Romana, Fables, and everything Brian K, Vaughan (also a member of the "Lost" team.) Most importantly CNI is both funny and entertaining and makes for one of the fastest hour and half of the week. A ++
I was thinking about giving Joe and Jimmy one star.... Except, unfortunately, the show is ever-so-slightly entertaining, sometimes chocked full of geeky goodness, with bits of comic and movie news thrown in here and there, and occasionally some great interviews with industry guests. It just maybe lives up to it's title. Plus its the one podcast I look forward to adding to my iPod every week to listen to during my commute. So I suppose I have to give them five stars. Oh well!
To the uninformed comic-book, sci-fi, pop culture fan... When you want to have the comic book news that counts... listen to CNI. When you want to hear up to the minute details of your favorite books, shows and movies... listen to CNI. When you want to hear the coolest interviews from some of the most down-to-earth insightful interviewers around like Joe and Jimmy... listen to CNI. When you want to have a very entertaining escape into all things comic-book, sci-fi and pop culture... listen to CNI. Because I do. Every single week and I don't miss a show... because it rulz!!!! If you love comics and don't listen then you are doing yourself a disservice. Jimmy and Joe... please keep up the most awesome work and thank you for the hours of entertainment you have graced me with. I hope to meet you guys at NY Comic-Con. Peace, Klownfist
This is a great comic podcast. It's entertaining and informative. They have great interviews with big name people. But, what I enjoy most is that they talk about such a wide range of comics. Not only do they cover the Big 2, but more importantly they highlight small press books that deserve just as much coverage.