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Truly incredible. This man's voice just makes me want to listen, anything he says i would do. it is awesome. i love him, i actually might just love him
I was looking through the podcast listings and I saw this one. At first I was appealed to it because of the simplism of the picture. I have always liked simple things. So, I click on the picture and I download the 10 podcasts available. Halfway into the first podcast, which I think is the lastest one, I thought to myself, "This guy is amazing." He doesn't really stirr too much controversy and his show isn't that humorous but the timbre of his voice and his easy going sort of communacation intruiged me. If you are looking for a lot of laughs, this might not be your podcast (though there have been times where I catch myself laughing out loud) but if you just want something that will entertain you, then this is your podcast. I recommend it to anyone who likes quirkiness.
Cush is very honest and intimate. The podcast sound quality and craftsmanship is professional, but Cush is much more genuine than a professional could be. I love this podcast. He doesn't just ramble about his life; he puts out well thought out shows. He clearly puts a lot of work into this show, both in pre- and post-production. It will make you laugh and may make you cry. Keep up the terrific work Cush.


Cush is very well spoken...a great orator. He has some good things to say about life, those with two good ears had better listen.
Sometimes his attitude gets on my nerves, but wise and pretty damn funny.


By opsiemo
i really did not enjoy this podcast. it wasn't funny. it wasn't thought provoking. it wasn't even mildly amusing. it was pretty well put together, but hearing about how this guys weekend went, or how great everything is going, or how amused he is with himself, really just made me sad and a little bored with everything. i suggest you skip over this one and join a club afterschool instead.
Cush produces the best podcast from the city of Broken Dreams.... If you don't believe me, just ask Cush!
Simply the best podcast out there! Cush is not afraid to speak his mind, even when it is at the expense of the feelings of those listening. If you're weak at heart, this one isn't for you, but if you're open to something new, Cush is well worth listening to!
this guy is full of himself. The music selections are nice. i have subscribed twice on recomendations. each time i have unsubscribed. if you dig the ego thing - subscribe. if not - try out Lance Anderson.
As with some others, I came across Cush from listening to Bitterest Pill. I started off with Name Dropper from his website on the advice of another reviewer and was really struck by the end of episode 15. This is a great podcast that really deserves some more exposure. Give yourself a treat and check out a few episodes...
He's not always right, but he is always entertaining.
Intelligent podcasts take time. If you don't have the time to pay attention; skip this one. Cush will challenge you. You will find that this man is funny, not afraid to have an opinion, and willing to take the time to express his opinion in a thoughtful and well reasoned arguement. I won't always agree with his opinions, but I admire the intelligence that is behind the commentary. I subscribe to a few different podcasts and I often find I don't have the time to give everything a listen, but I'll always give Cush my attention; this is one podcast I find the time for. (There are also some great stories about the music industry and Hollywood here; I don't want to make it sound like NPR; this guy plays some great tunes and as his website states "Cush Rocks.")
Deep and thoughtful, this podcast is full of stories and topics that will challenge you to think about life. It's always clever and a lot of fun at times; plus, the music is great. Highly recommended, especially for young men.
Entertaining, open and honest. Bravo. John
Had to re-review, as the more you listen, the better it becomes.
Why... yes he does thank you! One of the few podcasts that can't come fast enough... thanks for doing what you do, Cush.
Cush can consistantly take something that I feel is hard to put into words and effortlessly package them into a few sentences and all I can say is exactly. Good Job Cush, I look forward to your next podcast
Cush: Things I Say is, in my experience, the most solid podcast available in terms of technical prowess. As a sound engineer and musician, he understands both the importance of quality audio, and thematic use of it to pack an emotional punch. His narrative voice is very specific and is best used to demonstrate prior woes and wisdom of plasticky Hollywood. (Specifically, the "side by side" feature demonstrated the best of his experience.) It seems he has a deep love-hate relationship with his city and his would-be industry, and usually he uses dark humor to illustrate it. The only time that I get tired of listening is when his cynicism crosses over to the land of "my experience must also be your experience." Sometimes his bitterness (against women, particularly) is enough to make me turn off the podcast. Nevertheless, I take his rantings for what they are, and for the most part enjoy what he has to say.
From the hills of Hollywood come life lessons, rants, and some great music. Check this podcast out; it's well worth it! Cush Rocks!
If you have a harsh commute like I do ( I live in Los Angeles ), He's the perfect podcast to listen to. Cush puts everything in perspective, wether you agree with his point of view or not. He keeps his podcast upbeat and is genuinely honest which is why he's one of my favorite podcaster...which I hope will be yours too.
Worthy of podcast of the year. Well structured, presented and produced. The man can just tell it like it is and is not afraid to do so. If you have no sense of irony, humor...or let's face it probably just no sense, you probably won't like it, but then Cush probably doesn't care about that. That's your problem. But for everyone else ,you will love his forthright opinions on life, his life advice and humorous tales. None of his opinions are without foundation and they are always eloquently expressed. Long live the "Anti-anti Guy".

By zoner
I think this is my 3rd try to write a review of Cush: Things I Say. As I read the other reviews, I kept thinking "Did I write that...?" and laughing, realizing I had, sort of, and then started over. The show is good. Funny, entertaining and insightful. Some Hollywood insider stuff (I mean that in a nice way, Cush). Name Dropper (parts one and two) is great, but they all are. If you listen to all the shows, and like 'em, you will buy the DVD of My Chauffeur, mainly to get a glimpse of The Wigs, and our humble narrator, back in the day.
Hey Cush, Really like your show and outlook on things. Also, I like how professional the production is. Make more, faster. Thanks.
The time between podcasts...roughly a what I consider to be arduous, long, and somewhat painful. But then the moment arrives when a new Cush: Things I Say appears in my podcast library, and then all becomes right with the world. Every week, Cush sits me down, and sets me straight. His show is insightful, poignant, thought-provoking, and downright, absolutely fantastic. This is the one of the most important podcasts out there. End your search here. This is the last podcast you will ever need.
The Cush podcast is a hinge pin in my weekly feeds. It really is the one I look forward to more than any other. His take on issues have been challenging at times, usually provocative and always fair. He certainly thinks about what he's saying. Please pay attention to the other reviews here. Others have written my thoughts much more clearly than I can. Cush!
Cush's style and charisma are exemplified in one of the best podcasts ever- hands down. I really cannot say enough about his captivating voice, perfectly-executed stories or wistful, witty humor. It cannot be stressed enough the Cush is one of the finest podcasters out there.
I discovered Cush via another podcast that I have long since given up listening to because it simply cannot compare to the cynical wit that is Cush. I look forward to each new episode that is posted and, often times, find myself laughing out loud... typically, during inopportune moments (at work, while driving my car, etc.). If I get fired or wind up in an accident, it's all this man's fault. But at least I'll be laughing.
This is by far my favorite podcast. I got into podcasting shortly after getting my ipod, and I must say that I have only been able to stand 2 for that long period of time. Cush and The Bitterest Pill. This podcast is truely amazing. Cush keeps it real nearly 100% of the time, and gives many life-lessons through his stories. I definately recommend this podcast to anyone looking for some entertainment and insight.
Cush’s Things I Say is the richest podcast I have encountered so far. It has satire and wisdom stitched with a self-knowledge that owns its shadow. Cush is thoughtful—in the fullest sense of the word. In addition, he has great taste in music (and I know this matters to him).
Cush has one of the best podcasts around. From music to satire, it's all great!
Cush has one of the best podcasts on the net. I only wish his show was daily. He plays great music and his thoughts are insightful.
Cush's show isn't for everybody and that's a compliment. We don't need any Jay Leno crap in the podosphere and Cush won't give it to you. He has faults, opinions, struggles, heartache, dreams, and most importantly, a sense of humor. So, If you don't have one, go elsewhere. Otherwise, give him a test ride. You'll know if it's for you. Tim Coyne The Hollywood Podcast
Cush is awesome. I stumbled upon this podcast and have loved it ever since. He says the things we all want to say, but won't. He teaches us things about ourselves through his life stories. I can't wait for new episodes. Consistantly great. The only podcast that haven't and will not unsubscribe to. Cush also led me to my other favorite. "The Bitterest Pill". Both amazing.
I look forward to every episode of Cush:Things I Say. Cush is sometimes ironic, sometimes satirical, funny and always insightful. He has mature content, but he is never gross or puerile. He also finds some great tunes and his Side by Side pieces are dead on target and not to be missed. Any thinking adult will enjoy Cush:TIS. It is a relevent, well produced, polished podcast. Try it.
I find it extremely hard to believe that i'm the first one to comment on this podcast. Cush's podcast is probably the best podcast out there. Ever since podcasts came to iTunes, i've been on the search for something that is just right and this is it. It's smart, inciteful, intelligent. This guy isn't just talking out of his a*@. He's got real thigns to say and he delivers it well. You can tell that his episodes are well thought out and not just thrown together like some of these clowns who think that just saying everything that comes to their minds is awesome. I also love the way he puts music in every episode that i not only have never heard of before, but also always find to fit perfectly in the podcast. Thanks again Cush and keep up the good work.