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What a good church! I really wish I wasn't so far away so I could come to the crossing. I'm looking for a good church but I haven't found one yet, so I just listen to this pod cast and I feel like I'm part of the crossing. Keep the podcast coming!
Transforming lives, families, Columbia, Missouri and beyond is the promise my church has delivered on. The sermons are the reason my wife and I visited a second time, and now 12 years later we are still amazed at how much we grow from what we learn every week.


By AVB2804
God is very much at work at The Crossing. I attend here and have for several years. I almost never leave with a dry eye. The sermons always seem to speak directly to me as they do to others. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone.
I currenty go to the crossing, and they give very powerful sermons, very good, I love stening to the sermons on my ipod. I highly recommend them.
I attending The Crossing during my high school days in Columbia, and have ever since missed the teaching of Keith, Shay and Dave. Praise the Lord for Podcasts! Now, being five hours away in Southern Indiana, it is a blessing to still be able to listen to all of The Crossing sermons. The doctrine and teaching of this church is based solely on scripture and the messages are convicting. I recommend this podcast highly.
God's at work here, and it’s clear to me. In times of personal spiritual drought, I've found water at the crossing. It’s accessible and intellectually stimulating; its confrontational and real. The topics apply to my life, and I don't feel like the speakers skate around God's meaning; who can complain about a sermon on each of the deadly sins? I really have to thank the guys at the crossing for putting these on iTunes; its awesome when I leave college for home, and still get to here the messages. I'm just really thankful to God for the spiritual food offered here.