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First off, I just wanna give kudos where it's due. This guy doesn't get payed anything yet works to help others increase their vocabulary. E for effort. Also, to the people who think the words are too easy- Vocabulary is a very different from person to person. Those words may be easy for you, but a lot of words that are easy to others are ones I personally don't know. Also many words have double or triple meanings and its nice to refresh on some of their lesser known meanings. Here's why i gave only 3 stars: There is not a high enough percentage of time that is spent actually teaching words. I am a busy person. I can tolerate small talk but not if its half of a vocabulary podcast. I'm trying to learn words, not listen to how your show is coming along, or about your life. Also, you're podcast is too short. If you kept the same amount of banter and extended your actual word list to an hour I would give this a 5 star rating. My dream vocabulary podcast: A nonstop listing of vocabulary words with their spelling, definition, and a colloquial example of usage. Just like how you do. If I listened to that every time I use my iphone, I would be a whole lot smarter. Click Yes if you agree with this.
This is the podcast I listen to while driving.
The portion containing the actual vocabulary words is educational, but more often than not the first half (or more) of each episode is spent rambling on unrelated topics.
Starting from episode 99, Lori, a sweet-voiced host from [email protected], joins Ben, and makes learning vocabulary more fun and interesting. Another improvement is that transcripts are provided from episode 99 and on.
If u dont like it dont subscribe. simple as that. I dont like country music but I dont want it to go away because a whole bunch of my peirs like it.


By -D-
A good way to learn new words or get a little refresher!
It was this podcast that turned me on to the whole concept of podcasting. The show is relaxing and easy to listen to, while at the same time providing useful educational content.
This podcast is exactly what it is supposed to be. You take good words, say what they mean and use them in sentences. This podcast will refresh your memory from the days of high school and college when you actually wrote creatively. We need less made up crap like "value-added" or "24/7" and more REAL words in our vocab. ... and yes, it is silly.
Gee. the words in one episodes are... advocate, novel, clendestine... The other reviewer is right. It's quite mediocre and if you graduated from primary school, this podcast won't help you.
Very Vocabulary is a fantastic podcast. It's got a relaxed positive non-professional host that I can identify with easily. I like that the show is short, educational, and unpretentious. Great for native English speakers and Non-native English speakers.