Reviews For Bloodthirsty Vegetarians

I didn't give it a bad rating for a few reasons: 1. It is well produced. The sound quality is good enough that I don't hear any of the tinniness that I often hear with podcasts on the cruddy iPod headphones. 2. When they do get started, they let the other person finish his thought without overmuch interruption. It's good to have a flow. Other than that, I wasn't too pleased. I found it much like listening to the more gossipy of the frat boys back in college. They were fun to hang out with, and always amusing when a group of friends would get together, but not really something I would be interested in if I didn't listen for a long time.
Don't let the name fool you, it's not a cooking show. John and Rich are two vegetarians with some strong opinions that occasionally bleed into the conversation. That's just what the show is, a friendly conversation over a good bottle of wine. Topics range from politics to religion to food choices for veggies, but there's usually a movie review or two, punctuated by some independent music. Check them out if you're interested in community, rational thought, civil liberties, and discourse.